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Over the past two years, Ye Futian had learned all sorts of techniques. There was the White Lustrous Flame, the Rage of the Thunder God, the Sky Freezing Technique, and Absolute Territory. All these were some of the techniques he had managed to learn.

Comparatively, Ye Futian was less knowledgeable about martial arts attacks. He had mainly learned the Nine Heavenly Attacks, which was the strongest martial arts offensive technique there was. He only needed to train and practice as much as he could in order to continuously integrate his own realizations into the technique and use it to its full potential.

The Comet Punch was an offensive technique Ye Futian had developed to complement the body refining techniques he learnt from Sage Douzhan. The power of Martial Will was integrated into the attack. Within the starry sky, each fist shone like a blindingly dazzling comet and shot straight for the gigantic Golden Raven.

The divine bird that Di Gang had summoned as part of his Golden Bird Armor was incomparable in its offensive capabilities, and it continuously tore apart all the comets that rained down upon it. However, the fists seemed to pour down in an endless torrent.

Di Gang raised an eyebrow slightly, then charged forward once more, seeming to turn into a bright streak of light. It didn't matter how powerful or peerless Ye Futian was, any Comet Punch that got in his way would be all shattered.

But then, a giant Life Spirit appeared from behind Ye Futian. It was the Divine Ape, which let out a long deafening roar. As Ye Futian took a step forward, so did the Divine Ape. The sky trembled with their movement, and in the next moment, Ye Futian lifted clenched fists and charged forward. The Divine Ape followed behind him, and instantly, the entire space seemed like it was about to be crushed and annihilated. The magnitude of the punch's power was shocking, seeming almost like an actual comet itself. Di Gang's Golden Raven Armor charged forward to meet the attack, clashing directly with the Comet Punch. With a loud crash, Di Gang was sent flying backward. Di Gang soared through the air before stopping, his body slightly bowed. The entire sky was quite at this very moment, for Di Gang had just been pushed back by Ye Futian.

Countless eyes were on Ye Futian as he stood there, an impressive figure of immense capability. Their hearts thumped as they thought about how Ye Futian had forced Di Gang back. Di Gang was the top cultivator in all of Alchemy City. Even if Ye Futian had broken through to the next plane, he was only still a Grade Three Noble. Yet he had still managed to force Di Gang back with his power.

Di Kai's expression changed as well. He had initially thought that this match was going to simply be one where Ye Futian was crushed. It had not occurred to him at all that Ye Futian could be stronger than he expected.

You Chi watched the battle quietly. After governing Alchemy City for many years, while he specialized in crafting, he also understood that martial arts were the foundation of everything. Now that a disciple from the Holy Zhi Palace had arrived in Alchemy City in top form, even Di Gang would be shaken by their power.

Di Gang lifted his head to look at Ye Futian. His body ramrod straight, he challenged haughtily, "You won't get a second chance from now on." As he spoke, a golden space appeared behind him. That was Di Gang's Life Spirit. Everyone understood the intentions behind Di Gang's speech; he was finally going to treat the battle seriously. Before this, it was obvious that he had been holding back. Di Gang had not expected to be pushed back by a mere Grade Three Noble, forcing him to fight with everything he had.

"You never had a chance right from the start," Ye Futian replied, equally determined. But those were just words, and anyone could brag easily.

A dazzling sun chariot appeared within the golden space. In an instant, scorching, sharp energy filled the space. The chariot seemed to have been built with divine arms, with a sun shining behind it and the Golden Raven perched within the sun.

"Go forth," Di Gang spat, and his Life Spirit let out a terrifying glow. A Martial Will illusion appeared within the space, and the Alchemy Pillars area seemed to be transformed into an ancient battlefield. The sun appeared high up in the sky, and the Golden Raven in the sun let out a long cry. The desolate battlefield contained the power to incinerate everything within it. At the same time, many chariots hurtled towards Ye Futian. Di Gang had created a destructive Martial Will illusion.

As Ye Futian watched Di Gang, three streaks of light appeared. Instantly, the sun and moon hung high up in the sky along with the stars. The sun, moon, and stars had all appeared at the same time, in addition to Ye Futian's Roc spirit. The sight of it all made the hearts of many thump excitedly. Just how many Life Spirits did this guy have?

Li Futu's heart skipped a beat too. Ye Futian had released his Guqin Spirit back when they were at the Alchemy Casino. Could it be that Ye Futian had a Life Spirit possessing all the elemental powers?

Ye Futian saw the endless golden flames charge straight for him, filled with destructive scorching energy. The glow of the sun, moon, and stars behind him bled into each other, and it seemed like a special kind of willpower had been injected into them. Ye Futian instantly became the center of that light, where a pure white fire began to burn. That fire was the White Lustrous Flame. The pure white flames burned throughout the space, and when the golden fire rained down upon it, the white flames even tried to capture the golden flames as energy for itself in order to stop it from reaching Ye Futian.

The chariots hurtled towards Ye Futian in a deadly attack. Lightning crackled around Ye Futian, destroying everything and attacking the chariots wildly, reducing them all to ash. But then, an ultimate chariot came rushing towards Ye Futian, emanating a destructive glow. Di Gang was driving the chariot, and behind him, the light of the sun and the Golden Raven covered Ye Futian and his Douzhan body. Streaks of golden light descended upon him, tearing through all of Ye Futian's defenses and heading straight for him.

The wheels of the chariot seemed to be made out of an extremely sharp ritual implement, making the turning wheels seem like divine blades that tore up everything in its path. Where the chariot passed, there were no signs of life at all.

With such frightening energy descending upon him, though the chariot had not reached Ye Futian yet, he could feel its terrifying destructive power. He dialed up his defenses to the max and threw out a series of punches. Each punch seemed to have a distinct spirit of its own. It resonated with the surroundings to create an incredibly powerful momentum, and in addition to the powerful Martial Will being released at the same time, the resulting energy created seemed almost like that of an Emperor's.

The Divine Ape began to shine with a dazzling glow, and its aura grew even more savage. As the chariot descended upon Ye Futian from the sky, the Divine Ape gathered the energy in the surroundings and with a deafening roar, Comet Punches were sent flying towards it. Comet-like fists filled the air and crashed straight into the approaching chariot. The chariot tore through those fists effortlessly. It was like many stars blowing apart at the same time, and a bright light shone out across the vast space as the chariot continued advancing. However, the fists continued to pelt the chariot in an endless stream before the real fist shadow appeared.

The resulting collision brought about a destructive explosion of energy within the space, with a blinding light which was painful to watch. It was like the sun itself had exploded within the sky. Some nobles in the crowd were even stunned by the sight. They felt a sense of awe at the high-level battle. Even a Grade One Noble could clearly sense how powerful those two were.

The chariot was destroyed, and Di Gang was pushed back once again. He lifted his head to look at Ye Futian. Before the battle, he had arrogantly assumed that no grade three noble would have been able to face off against him. This was not blind faith, but a sure knowledge of his own power. However, this disciple of the Holy Zhi Palace was somewhat baffling to him. Di Gang was not the only one who was caught off-guard. Everyone else had been as well. Even Xu Que and the others only found out how strong Ye Futian truly was today.

"Over the past two years, he has broken through many of the relics at the Holy Zhi Palace, but not once has he participated in a battle," commented Zhong Li, who was also shocked. "Everyone knows he has a special way about figuring out the relics. As such, many of the newcomers from his batch would go to him for advice, and he would always have a personal opinion to answer them with. It's unthinkable that he would be this strong already." He had been one of those who approached Ye Futian for advice. Phoenix had done the same as well. That was why they had come to the Alchemy City with Ye Futian.

"For him to have such a variety of abilities, other than the body refinement techniques and the Douzhan Body, he probably created them himself when he integrated his realizations of the relics into his own powers," Zui Qianchou surmised. Everyone nodded in agreement. Ye Futian had probably created those new areas of will and spells on his own, along with that punching technique which also integrated his starry power.

This level of talent was awe-inspiring. When it came to battle, Ye Futian was probably good enough to go up against Ximen Hanjiang, who was at the top of the Law Rank. The power Di Gang had shown so far was not inferior to Ximen Hanjiang's.

Upon watching this battle, Xiang Zhiqin, Bing Yi from the Mortal World, Yan Jiu and everyone else from the Sword Saint Villa was speechless. They could not believe that Ye Futian had gotten this strong already.

"Di Gang seems to be having quite a hard time." Chu Ji chuckled from where she was among the important individuals on top of the stairs. Di Kai's expression turned slightly ugly, but he felt a rush as well. Ye Futian was stronger than he thought. The energy coming from Ye Futian now didn't feel like a grade three noble's at all. It was even more powerful than that of a top grade noble. However, victory would still be Di Gang's.

"So this is what you're so confident about?" Ye Futian asked Di Gang, staring at him. Everyone's gazes hardened at the dig. Di Gang lifted his head to glare at Ye Futian before he continued, "I've said before that if you were of the same plane as me, you wouldn't even be good enough to be my opponent. Now, it's my turn."

Upon his words, Ye Futian stepped out impressively, standing tall and proud. As he moved, his Douzhan Body moved along with his actual body towards Di Gang. With the release of a spell, the space seemed to freeze over, and an immense pressure bore down onto Di Gang. This energy was way stronger than the will he had experienced previously. The Divine Ape swung a fist forward. The sheer power of this punch sent shockwaves through the sky and headed straight for Di Gang.

Di Gang was still clad in his armor. The Golden Raven appeared with a dazzling light and cried out to the heavens. Its sharp claws tore apart everything in its way as it charged forward. A strange state was instantly born. Within the barren, lifeless battlefield, a Golden Raven screeched amidst flames descending from the sky, and its claws glinted with the magnificent shine of a divine weapon that could rip through anything. 

The two attacks collided, and Di Gang was sent stumbling backward yet again. However, this time, Ye Futian felt cracks appear in the fists of his Douzhan Body. At the same time, the bright light of the Golden Raven burned through the defenses of his Absolute Territory and came for him. Looking up, Ye Futian felt as if the illusion had grown even stronger.

Sage Intent, Ye Futian thought to himself. Di Gang was a top grade noble, just one step away from becoming a Sage. It was not surprising that he had understood Sage Intent at this level.

"He's gotten even stronger." Countless gazes turned towards Di Gang. He stood there proud as a god in the sky. Is he finally going to reveal the best of his abilities? If so, then the battle is probably going to come to an end, everyone thought. Many looked towards Ye Futian, only to see him laugh. "Is this all you've got?"

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