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"Tian Wu." Zhang Shou Yong and Feng Tian Wu stood in confrontation and he had an embarrassed expression. After all, he was bullying the young by challenging Feng Tian Wu.

"Big Brother Zhang, you don't have to worry. Feel free to fight with your full strength." Zhang Shou Yong was a good friend of Duan Ling Tian's and on account of Duan Ling Tian, Feng Tian Wu had taken Zhang Shou Yong to be a friend of hers as well, so she treated him with courtesy.

"Alright!" Zhang Shou Yong nodded, and his expression became slightly serious and he didn't dare be careless.

Even though he was a second level Void Interpretation Stage martial artist that had comprehended second level Intermediate Earth Concept, yet the strength Feng Tian Wu revealed earlier wasn't inferior to him.

It was even to the extent Feng Tian Wu's strength might be slightly stronger than him.

"Tian Wu, watch out!" Zhang Shou Yong shouted out explosively as he struck out swiftly by raising up his wine gourd and smashing it out.

The wine gourd floated in midair and was covered in a layer of material Earth Concept before it descended down onto Feng Tian Wu like a mountain pressing down onto her.


An enormous bang shook the heavens, and a terrifying explosion shook the ear drums of everyone present.

At the same time, phenomenon of the heavens and the earth arose suddenly in the sky above Zhang Shou Yong and condensed into 81 lifelike ancient horned dragon silhouettes that coiled down from the sky.

Zhang Shou Yong's wine gourd descended with a crash, and even if the wine gourd that contained the strength of 81 ancient horned dragons smashed onto a mount, the mountain would probably be shattered into pieces.

Yet now, the wine gourd was smashing down onto Feng Tian Wu, and one it struck its target, even ten Feng Tian Wu's might not be able to survive.

For a time, many people couldn't help but break out in cold sweat for Feng Tian Wu.

Duan Ling Tian lightly smiled as he watched this scene, and he seemed to not be worried in the slightest.


Feng Tian Wu's expression remained unchanged when facing Zhang Shou Yong's wine gourd that smashed down towards her, and a whip appeared out of thin air in her hand. It was precisely the grade three spirit whip Duan Ling Tian had refined for her.

Subsequently, Feng Tian Wu's entire body seemed to have transformed into a ball of flames that shot into the sky.

She actually charged towards the wine gourd that was plunging down!

Feng Tian Wu's figure flashed like a strand of flames as a layer of material flames swiftly coiled on the grade three spirit whip in her hand, and then she abruptly swung it out towards the wine gourd.


The whip tore through the sky like a python swinging its tail, and it contained an extremely terrifying strength as it fiercely descended onto the wine gourd.


An enormous bang sounded out and tore through the sky, causing the airflow in the sky to flash and emit howls of the wind.

Subsequently, under the gazes of everyone present, the material Earth Concept at the bottom of the wine gourd was actually split open by this whip, and its speed of descent slowed down.


Feng Tian Wu's hand shook, and the grade three spirit whip was swiftly retracted.


In the next moment, the grade three spirit whip that was retracted was swung out fiercely once more, and it was like a flaming serpent that shot out swiftly.


Another enormous bang sounded out. This time, the wine gourd was actually blasted flying, and the material Earth Concept on its surface shattered completely.

"AH!" Zhang Shou Yong who moved the wine gourd with Origin Energy instantly suffered a backlash from his Origin Energy, causing his face to pale as he spat out a mouthful of blood that was like an arrow of blood.

"Fourth… Fourth level Intermediate Fire Concept!" As he looked at the entire 20 more extra ancient horned dragon silhouettes in the sky above Feng Tian Wu, Zhang Shou Yong raised his hand to put away the wine gourd while he laughed bitterly.

If he knew of Feng Tian Wu's true strength earlier, he would absolutely not overestimate his ability and challenge Feng Tian Wu.

His cultivation and spirit weapon were similar in strength to Feng Tian Wu. He originally thought their Concepts were similar as well, and this was the reason he challenged Feng Tian Wu.

Never had he imagined that not only was Feng Tian Wu's Concept far stronger than him, it was even to the extent of being stronger by an entire 20 ancient horned dragons!

This gap was like a chasm that was impossible to surmount.

"I admit defeat." Zhang Shou Yong spoke out slightly bitterly.

"Big Brother Zhang, it was a good fight." Feng Tian Wu smiled lightly before returning to Duan Ling Tian's side.

"When Feng Tian Wu fought earlier, the phenomenon of the heavens and the earth hadn't condensed into form yet… This time, the phenomenon of the heavens and the earth had finally condensed into form, but never had I imagined that she has actually comprehended fourth level Intermediate Fire Concept!"

"At the mere age of 25, her cultivation is at the second level of the Void Interpretation Stage, and she has comprehended fourth level Intermediate Concept. Feng Tian Wu is simply a monster!"

"Has a monster like this ever appeared in the history of the ten Dynasties?'

"Not to mention the ten Dynasties, a monster like her is probably extremely rare even in the Foreign Lands… It's only because she was born in the Darkhan Dynasty, and god knows how terrifying she would be if she was born in the Foreign Lands."

For a time, the entire sky above the combat arena was in a complete uproar, and Feng Tian Wu had become the center of attention.

Such natural talent and comprehension ability could be called heaven defying!

"She has actually comprehended fourth level Fire Concept?!" Ye Ling's pupils constricted. Now even she didn't dare say she could defeat Feng Tian Wu for sure.

"Tian Wu, when… When did you comprehend fourth level Intermediate Fire Concept?" After Feng Tian Wu returned, Feng Wu Dao looked at her and with a dumbstruck expression.

On the other hand, the nearby Saber 5 and Sword 13 weren't any much better. Even though they knew that Feng Tian Wu was a possessor of the Fire Spirit Body, and besides possessing a shocking natural talent in the Martial Dao, she also possessed unique comprehension towards Fire Concept.

Yet never had they imagined that Feng Tian Wu had actually comprehended fourth level Intermediate Fire Concept, and this level of comprehension ability had already left her natural talent far behind.

"I comprehended it in the Illusory Crypt yesterday," said Feng Tian Wu.

"Ling Tian, you knew already?" Feng Wu Dao noticed that Duan Ling Tian's expression was calm since the beginning until the end, and he faintly realized this.

Duan Ling Tian nodded with a light smile.

Feng Wu Dao sighed when he saw this. "They say that women side with their husbands, looks like it really is so… You haven't even been married off. If you have been married off, then I, this father of yours, will be unnecessary."

"Father, what're you talking about? It was Big Brother Duan that perceived it himself, it wasn't me who told him." At the same time that Feng Tian Wu was slightly speechless, her beautiful face was tainted with a wisp of bright red and seemed like a shy bud that was about to bloom.

"Continue." Ning Can's voice descended from the heavens and caused the attention of everyone to move from Feng Tian Wu.

Zhang Shou Yong had failed in his challenge.

Presently, only Su Li who was the possessor of the number 12 token and the possessor of the number 13 token that remained, and so long as they succeeded in their challenge, they would be able to ranked in the top ten.

Su Li flew out, and his gaze locked onto the possessor of the number 10 token, the Dartang Dynasty's Li Ji, at the first possible moment.

"I challenge the possessor of the number 10 token!" Su Li challenged.

Instantly, Li Ji flew out to stand in confrontation with Su Li, and then he revealed an expression of disdain. "A mere second level Void Interpretation Stage martial artist like you isn't a match for me."

"We'll only know after I try." Su Li spoke with a calm expression as a grade three spirit sword appeared out of thin air in his hand, and then a peerlessly sharp aura rose on the sword. It was Sword Concept.

"Second level of the Void Interpretation Stage and second level Intermediate Sword Concept. Your strength isn't bad… But unfortunately, my cultivation is a level higher than you, so I'm bound to surpass you!" Li Ji spoke with narrowed eyes, and his words contained thorough understanding of Su Li's strength.

But in next to no time, his eyes narrowed and then abruptly stared wide open as he revealed an expression of disbelief, and it was as if he'd seem something that caused shock in him.

At this moment, 40 ancient horned dragon silhouettes had appeared out of thin air above Su Li.

This was under the precondition that Su Li hadn't utilized Origin Energy, and he'd revealed the strength contained in his Sword Concept.

"Third level Intermediate Sword Concept… You just comprehended it?" Li Ji gasped and asked with slight astonishment.

"Make a move." Su Li spoke indifferently as the three foot long blade in his hand shook and Origin Energy poured into it.

Instantly, the phenomenon of the heavens and the earth in the sky underwent a change.

Another 30 ancient horned dragon silhouettes appeared at the side of the 40 ancient horned dragon silhouettes, and then another 20 ancient horned dragon silhouettes appeared.

90 ancient horned dragon silhouettes accumulated strength while waiting to be deployed at any time to fight alongside Su Li.

"Hmph! You think you're a match for me with just that?" Li Ji laughed with ridicule, and then grunted coldly. "Even if my Concept is inferior to yours, but my cultivation surpasses you, and coupled with the amplification of a grade three spirit weapon, my strength still far surpasses yours!"

As soon as he finished speaking, a seven foot long spear appeared in Li Ji's hand, and Origin Energy flashed on the speak before transforming into a layer of material Earth Concept.


The phenomenon of the heavens and the earth arose abruptly in the sky.

30 ancient horned dragon silhouettes appeared first, and then another 40 ancient horned dragon silhouettes appeared before another 27 ancient horned dragon silhouettes condensed into form.

Li Ji had a cultivation at the third level of the Void Interpretation Stage, had comprehended second level Intermediate Earth Concept, and possessed a grade three spirit spear. His entire strength was comparable to the strength of 97 ancient horned dragons!

Compared to Su Li, he was stronger by seven ancient horned dragon's worth of strength.

All of this didn't stop there, and with a strand of light azure colored energy appearing on the seven foot long speak in Li Ji's hand, another three ancient horned dragon silhouettes appeared in the sky above him.

Third level Elementary Wind Concept!

The strongest strength Li Ji possessed at this moment was comparable to the strength of 100 ancient horned dragons!

"I'll let you know that a difference of the strength of 10 ancient horned dragons is sufficient to allow me to completely crush you!" Li Ji shouted out with a light voice as he flew out, and the seven foot long speak in his hand flashed out like a wyrm leaving its lair and approached menacingly while giving rise to waves of ear piercing explosions of the air.


The heavens shook everywhere the spear pointed at.

When this spear flashed out, it seemed to be even be able to pierce a hole through the sky, let alone a person's body.

"Is the strength of 100 ancient horned dragons very strong?" Su Li moved up unhurriedly to intercept the strike, and his hands clenched his sword tightly as he abruptly raised it above his head.

Instantly, the Origin Energy on Su Li's body skyrocketed and enveloped him and his sword, and he seemed to have transformed into an enormous sword that was accumulating strength while waiting to strike out.

After the enormous sword appeared, a tremendous change occurred suddenly on the outward appearance of the milky white Origin Energy.

In the blink of an eye, it transformed into rippling green waves that pulsated ceaselessly.

"Material Water Concept! Su Li has actually been concealing his strength since the beginning?" Duan Ling Tian's gaze raised as he revealed an astonished expression.


Practically at the exact same time, Su Li and his sword formed into an aqua blue colored enormous sword that soared across the sky and pierced out swiftly towards Li Ji.

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