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4275 Feng Qing Yang

The sky had already returned to its originally peaceful state, but many people were still in shock after listening to the sudden announcement by the supreme powerhouse regarding the change on the Realm Battlefield.

“I-I just heard the voice of a supreme powerhouse!”

“I didn’t expect to hear the voice of a supreme powerhouse! My eldest brother decided against entering the Realm Battlefield with me. He’ll be so envious when he finds out about this!”

“It’s a supreme powerhouse! I didn’t expect to hear the voice of a supreme powerhouse in my lifetime!”

“The voice is really melodious even though it belongs to a man!”

Many people were excited, and many people gloated over this matter.

This was not surprising. After all, most people and their elders had never met a supreme powerhouse before. Supreme powerhouses were legends to them even if they knew about the existence of supreme powerhouses. After all, in their minds, supreme powerhouses were beyond their reach. As such, it was only natural that they were excited about hearing the voice of a supreme powerhouse after they recovered from their shock and disbelief.

On the contrary, there was a small group of people who were very calm. These people had either experienced this before or were from prime supreme-rank forces. Prime supreme-rank forces had the protection of supreme powerhouses, after all. Even if the supreme powerhouses were mysterious, they would sometimes appear in their respective prime supreme-rank forces. However, in prime supreme-rank forces, only a few outstanding ones had met with supreme powerhouses.

In one chaotic region.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Countless sword rays rained down like raging dragons from the sky, causing mountains to crumble.

“No!” a young man cried out tremblingly in despair as he looked at the green figure in the distance with an expression of disbelief on his face.

A green-clad young man stood with his hands on his back, looking like the god of sword as sword rays surrounded him.

“How’s this possible? How can a mere intermediate Emperor of Gods kill a rudimentary Supreme God?!”

The despairing young man felt like he was going crazy. He had entered the chaotic region along with an elder to protect him. He had been excited when he found someone with the same cultivation base as him and bravely attacked the other party since he had the protection of his elder. If he was able to kill his opponent, he would be able to break through and become an advanced Emperor of Gods. However, contrary to his expectations, his opponent said he was no match for him and even asked his elder, who was a rudimentary Supreme God, to make a move instead. One had to know that his elder was a rather powerful rudimentary Supreme God. Most shockingly, his opponent managed to kill his elder even though his elder did not hold back when attacking.


A huge figure rose appeared in the air before it collapsed to the ground, indicating the death of a rudimentary Supreme God.

The death of a rudimentary Supreme God was not shocking. What was shocking was that an intermediate Emperor of Gods killed a rudimentary Supreme God.

‘Moreover, he’s just an intermediate Emperor of Gods, but he has comprehended the law to the extent where it can manifest a phenomenon that shines for a million miles! H-he… Is he the reincarnation of a supreme powerhouse?’ the young man wondered inwardly as he recalled the supreme powerhouse who had spoken earlier.

Alas, this would be the young man’s final thoughts. A terrifying sword ray shot out and pierced his body before exploding into tens of thousands of sword rays, turning him into a mist of blood in the sky.

Following that, the sword rays around the green-clad young man vanished, and a sword returned to his body. He looked into the distance and murmured to himself, ‘The advanced version of the chaotic region… I should be able to become an advanced Emperor of Gods through it… Little Tian should be in the Profound Energy Land’s chaotic region. I’m afraid we’ll only be able to meet when the chaotic regions merge.’

The green-clad young man was none other than Feng Qing Yang; Duan Ling Tian’s master, and the former Celestial Emperor of the Solitary Destructive Heaven.

After leaving the Solitary Destructive Heaven, Feng Qing Yang traveled alone. In the beginning, he wandered aimlessly and went with the flow. However, one day, an item he obtained from the legacy of a supreme powerhouse began to shine brightly before leading him to a place. The place had been visited by a supreme god in the past, and it was a realm that did not exist in any Realm of Gods. The only way to enter that place was to break through the spatial barrier. With Feng Qing Yang’s strength, it was impossible for him to tear the spatial barrier. However, with the item left behind by a supreme powerhouse, he easily tore through space and entered the independent realm.

After a while, Feng Qing Yang discovered that he seemed to have entered a supreme powerhouse’s home. It was unlike the temporary cultivation ground he had found in the Asura Hell or that place which a supreme powerhouse hastily left behind his legacy before his death. This independent realm held many things that were beneficial to Feng Qing Yang, and unsurprisingly, they helped him raise his cultivation base into the realm of an intermediate Emperor of Gods and stabilize his cultivation base. Not only that, but he was also able to comprehend his law of time to the point where it could manifest the phenomenon that shone for a million miles. His comprehension of the law of time had now far surpassed his law of destruction, which used to be his strongest law. The reason his law of time improved tremendously was due to the Supreme Powerhouse Divinity he found that belonged to a supreme powerhouse who comprehended the law of time.

It was also at this time, Feng Qing Yang discovered that the supreme powerhouse, whose legacy he inherited, had become a supreme powerhouse through this exact Supreme Powerhouse Divinity. In other words, the Supreme Powerhouse Divinity belonged to the master of the supreme powerhouse whose legacy he inherited.

The Supreme Powerhouse had two owners and had existed for a long time. As such, Feng Qing Yang’s speed of comprehending the law of time doubled. In addition, his Sword Dao also accelerated his speed of comprehension. He recently had a breakthrough in his Sword Dao and had begun to integrate with his law of time. Based on the scrolls he found in the supreme powerhouse’s home, only powerful supreme powerhouses were capable of this. Even the supreme powerhouse whose legacy he inherited did not manage to achieve this. However, he, an intermediate Emperor of Gods, was capable of this feat; which many supreme powerhouses dreamed about, thanks to his Sword Dao. In other words, his integration of the Sword Dao and the law of time further boosted the speed of his comprehension.

Not counting supreme powerhouses, Feng Qing Yang’s comprehension of the Sword Dao was one of the most profound among those who comprehended the Four Daos of Heaven and Earth. Once Feng Qing Yang fully comprehended the Sword Dao to the limit, he would be able to start a higher path that did not rely much on the laws.

Earlier, when Feng Qing Yang killed the rudimentary Supreme God who had stabilized his cultivation base, he had used the rudimentary technique from the integration of his Sword Dao and the law of time. With this technique, he was able to kill his opponent with just one strike!

‘Little Tian is really my lucky star…’ Feng Qing Yang thought to himself with a sigh.

Although Feng Qing Yang’s cultivation journey had always been relatively smooth, his speed was nowhere near what it was now. When he was about 10,000 years old, his achievements were extraordinary despite not attaining godhood yet. However, after Duan Ling Tian’s enemy from the Divine Offering Land forced him to escape to the Asura Hell; one of the seven deadliest places in the Devata Realms, his life went through an earth-shattering change. In the Asura Hell, he found a supreme powerhouse’s legacy and attained godhood. In the end, after leaving the Devata Realm, he even found the supreme powerhouse’s home, which held an even greater fortuitous encounter.

‘The Divine Offering Land’s Yun clan wouldn’t have targeted me if I had no connections to Little Tian. If so, I wouldn’t have gone to the Asura Hell. One of my greatest blessings in this life is to have Little Tian as my direct disciple. Moreover, it was him; who found my legacy in the past, resulting in him becoming my disciple,’ Feng Qing Yang thought to himself after sighing emotionally. Whenever he recalled this matter, he could not help but feel that everything was destined from the very beginning.