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Chapter 7: Will You Allow Me the Chance?

“Would you like it better if I pretend to have some sort of amnesia or that I truly have one?”

Ji Nanfeng stared deeply into her eyes.  He saw stars etched in her pupils. The eyes are the window to the soul, right? If true, he wondered what she saw when she looked deep into his.  Do his eyes tell her that he wanted her desperately?

Would you like it better if I’m pretending to have amnesia or that I truly have one?

Mo Lixin repeated his voice in her head. Did she wish for it to be the former or the latter? Maybe the latter… even if this desire of hers is selfish, she hoped it to be true… her heart wanted it to be true… because… then… it’d be easier to admit…

“I… I don’t know!” She dared not speak the truth.

Ji Nanfeng laughed. He leaned forward and cupped her face in his hands. As he looked at her, all thought of was how to undress her cautious heart.

Mo Lixin… you look beautiful… could I… fall in love with you in this lifetime? 

Will you allow me the chance…?

He circled his thumbs around her cheek and ran his fingers down her hair.

“Mo Lixin, no matter what happened in the past or the memories I’ve forgotten, know that you’ll always be the one in my heart. You don’t have to do anything. Just wait for me…”

I’m here. I’m with you. I will stay with you. My heart remembers you. It won’t go away.

Mo Lixin’s heart jumped. The affection he showed her, it felt nice… comfortable. It seemed like her desolate and caged heart broke free and bloomed a vast sea of flowers.

If this is reality, then let it remain like this… if it’s a dream, she hoped she’d never wake up.

Though it was March, the winter dreamland roamed throughout the city. The bare winter tree was covered in frost while the puerile snow fell lightly.

Layers of frosty snow tapped the glass window.

Mo Lixin wiped the glass clean and looked at the outside view. Slowly, she was lost in her world.

Ji Nanfeng looked at her while she gazed at the outside. A smile slowly curved on his lips. Looking at her, he thought of the many sweet things he’d like to show her.

I love you, Mo Lixin.

… … …

Ji Nanfeng looked at their home. It felt like a dream. This was their home. A sweet home, but he soon remembered how cold and barren it would be for Mo Lixin. He recalled how he only returned three or four times in the past.

Ji Nanfeng sighed.

“You’re back so quick! I was going to pick you up but I thought it better to wait here. Nanfeng, it’s good that you’re well.” The figure of a beautiful woman in her late age stepped foot out of a luxury-made vehicle.

“Mother!” Mo Lixin called out.

This elegant woman was Ji Nanfeng’s mother, Wei Xiulan, a world-famous violinist.

“Lixin, did you suffer any injuries?” Wei Xiulan asked, voice hinting a touch of worries. Her eyes roamed about and searched her body for signs of injuries. Relieved, she breathed deeply. “Really, something like this… why did you not call to let us know? How worried we were! Your Uncle Liu had to inform us of the accident, but why did the hotel burn down in a sea of fire?”

Uncle Liu was the chief surgeon where Ji Nanfeng had been hospitalized.

“I’m fine… just…” Mo Lixin trailed off. She found herself unable to utter the second half of the sentence. “Just that…”

Wei Xiulan tilted her head. “What’s wrong? Did something happen?”

“Mother, I’ve lost a year’s worth of memory!” Ji Nanfeng

“Amnesia?! You don’t remember anything for more than a year?!” Wei Xiulan exclaimed, but she hurriedly thought of something. “Ah, forget it. Just remember, be good!”

Well, this is good too. In that case, my son will not remember Duan Anran and he and Lixin will maintain a good relationship.

Though Wei Xiulan donned a face full of worries, her heart was a mess of happiness.

“…..” Ji Nanfeng did not know what to say.

Mother, you sure are happy…

“What is this about amnesia?” A hoarse voice said.

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