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Chapter 16.2: 16.2
Lin Jiu suddenly realized that the Red Lotus was spinning faster and faster in her consciousness . Ethereal threads of red were introduced into her consciousness and were devoured by the Lotus like nourishment…

From afar, she heard shouting .



Mu Rong Chun and Liu Qing Yin took care of the rest of the demons and rushed over to the red array .

Liu Qing Yin was so anxious that she immediately launched a Full Moon Clear Light . Another round moon exploded on the crimson formation, yet it was untouched like it was an illusion, not harmed in the slightest .

Mu Rong Chun’s face sank . “This is…pure intention!”

Liu Qing Yin drew in a breath of cold air . “An attack that only targets the primordial spirit?! When Master fought the Demon Lord, his primordial spirit was severely injured! Ji Yuan is taking advantage of that! What do we do!”

She didn’t hesitate to crash towards the array .

Mu Rong Chun didn’t have the time to grab her and could only watch as Liu Qing Yin flung herself to the outermost red line . Then, it was like she was stuck in a muddy swamp and unable to move in the slightest .

Her face instantly turned pale as pained grunts escaped from between her teeth .

Mu Rong Chun wanted to yank her back, but as soon as his fingers touched Liu Qing Yin, he felt countless cold needles of ice pierce straight into the depths of his soul . Even though he was determined, he also subconsciously loosened his grip on Liu Qing Yin’s hand .

Mu Rong Chun wiped his forehead and raised his fingers to summon an evergreen jade spirit vine . Enduring the pain in his skull, he yanked Liu Qing Yin back .

She was faring far worse than him .

He had almost lost his mind in pain just by touching the array through her body, so how much worse was it for Liu Qing Yin who rushed headfirst into it?

The immense pain had temporarily blinded her and caused her to bite her lip so hard that it gushed blood .

Trembling and struggling, she stood up and continued to pounce towards the crimson array .

Behind the flickering crimson light was her beloved! Just touching it a little outside hurt to that extent, so how must it feel to endure it inside!

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“Senior Brother,” Liu Qing Yin gritted through her teeth . “This array can’t actually stop anyone! It just hurts too much and caused me to retreat . You, send me in!”

Mu Rong Chun’s pupils shrank and he shouted, “Do you want to die?! If you force yourself in, you’ll die of pain! Trust Master, both of them will break through successfully!”

Hearing that was even more unbearable for Liu Qing Yin . “Just him alone was bad enough! And he now has to protect that Lin Jiu as well! With his temperament, he certainly would not have left her behind…That is just how he is! Senior Brother, this will be the first time that I ask for your help, so just help me! Send me in there! If you do not agree, I’ll have to get down on my knees and beg you!”

Mu Rong Chun blinked his eyes . He looked up to the heavens and sighed . “Alright . ”

The anxiety he felt in his heart right now was actually no less than what Liu Qing Yin was feeling . He knew full well that Master Wei Liang’s primordial spirit was severely damaged after the battle with the Demon Lord . It simply could not be healed in a matter of days . Ji Yuan had intentionally prepared this powerful formation to deal with him . Whether or not his Master would be able to make it out was not certain yet!

Mu Rong Chun made up his mind .

“Junior Sister . Use the Waning Moon Style and I will push you in . ”

Liu Qing Yin was slightly confused, but she didn’t have the time to think about it . Following his words, she turned around and sent out a single target move with great lethality .

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Then she saw Mu Rong Chun’s vines climb along Liu Qing Yin’s waning moon . With a shake of his sword, the spirit vine tensed . Using the waning moon as a bow and the spirit vine as a string, and with his body as an arrow, he shot himself straight towards the crimson array!

Liu Qing Yin covered her cherry-red lips so as not to let out a scream .

Mu Rong Chun used that irresistible force to break through the crimson array and fell straight through the illusory array .

“Senior Brother—” Liu Qing Yin shouted at his figure with a cry . “No!”

Mu Rong Chun could no longer hear Liu Qing Yin’s voice .

After passing through the red formation, he was in so much pain that he lost consciousness . Everything in front of him slow down . He couldn’t even tell if it was a red or green light flashing in front of his eyes .

This Pure Intent only appeared in legends . Simply put, it was a tug-of-war between the primordial spirits of both sides without the use of any spiritual energy or strength of both sides .

Even though demonic cultivators cultivated intent, the strength of their primordial spirit actually wasn’t that great . They need only rely on spiritual energy to increase the effects of their attacks . However, as long as they used spiritual energy, it would be grasped by other cultivators . For a demonic cultivator, this was a problem without a solution .

Unless they could cultivate pure intent .

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The Ji Yuan in front of him had comprehended such a masterstroke that made the other cultivators pale at the sight of it .

Even though Mu Rong Chun had his feet on the ground, his entire body was muddled and dazed as if he was still floating in the air .

When the pain got to the extremes, he could no longer recognize the pain . All he could feel was the endless damage being done to him through all the buzzing in his mind .

“Can’t…let…Ji Yuan…hurt…anyone…I…won’t die…with regret…”

Just as Mu Rong Chun had forgotten everything, the entire world suddenly went quiet when he decided to self-destruct his primordial spirit to wound Ji Yuan .

A disgruntled female voice rang out in front of him in a crisp and clear voice . “Don’t mess around!”

Mu Rong Chun strained to gather his sight .

Amidst the dazzling red, a fair and beautiful woman appeared before him like the Goddess of the Nine Heavens descending .

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