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Chapter 1009: 1009

All three cars drove slowly out of the garage and into an empty racing course .

 Jiang Xiuyuan yelled “Begin!”, marking the start of the race .



 Before Mo Ning could start her engine, Yan Sinian and Jiang Xiuyuan had already sped down the road .

 She was confused .

 Were the two of them doing this for real?

 Mo Ning stepped on the accelerator to catch up and found that her new ride was as powerful as she imagined it to be .

 The car had an impressive horsepower that translated into amazing speed . More importantly, she did not feel the slightest lag when she made a turn .

 Mo Ning was pleased . Then, she turned her attention to the two cars in front of her .

 What unfolded next brought a chill down her spine!

 Yan Sinian drifted and scraped the back of his car against the Lamborghini, scraping off a big chunk of yellow paint with it!

 The Lambo shook unsteadily .

 However, it did not take long before Jiang Xiuyuan drifted in reciprocal fashion and scraped against the Ferrari as well .

 The two cars rammed into each other and bounced a few meters back .

 In less than three minutes, the two polished sedans were marred by scratches .

 Nevertheless, the two drivers were not finished yet . They continued down the racetrack and tried to outsmart each other .

 Mo Ning frowned .

 This was no ordinary race . It was more like a death race!

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 As the two luxury cars slammed into each other again, Mo Ning’s eyes narrowed as she accelerated to catch up .

 Before they could go for another round of pounding, she inserted her car between theirs, rolled down her window, and shouted, “Yan Sinian, Jiang Xiuyuan, what are you doing? Do you guys have a deathwish? Stop this!”

 Since they were all driving so fast, her words drifted with the wind .

 She made an emergency brake .

 Both men did the same .

 The three cars came to a halt . Mo Ning looked at the two of them and felt a little exhausted .

 “You can continue this yourself, I’m leaving!”

 After that, she went back into her car and drove away at normal speed .

 Yan Sinian and Jiang Xiuyuan did not try to follow her . Instead, they studied each other intently .

 In the end, Jiang Xiuyuan broke the silence .

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 “Yan Sinian, let me remind you that this is Z Country . You should be more careful in your actions around her . ”


 Is that a threat or a warning?

 Instead of being offended, Yan Sinian smiled .

 It had been a long time since anyone spoke to him that arrogantly .

 Even if Jiang Xiuyuan was the leader of the criminal force in Z Country, he was nothing more than an ant under his boot .

 He had faced far more formidable opponents in the past .

 All those people had already been sent heavenward to meet their maker, leaving behind their territories to be added into Yan Sinian’s collection .

 “If you continue to provoke me, I will not hesitate to give you a taste of what I am capable of . ”

 Jiang Xiuyuan continued to smile at his adversary . “Do you mean Mo Ning?”

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 Yan Sinian raised an eyebrow noncommittally .

 “If your purpose here in Z Country is purely for your interest in someone, then I have no qualms with that . ”

 That had always been his point of view . So long as the person was not indisputably identified as a threat, he could afford to be generous .

 “Regarding Mo Ning, I do not deny that I am interested in her . However, my interest is solely that and nothing else . ”

 Yan Sinian’s gaze turned softer .

 “Hmm, I see . ”

 He should be glad that he was interested in such a charismatic person .

 Jiang Xiuyuan took out a packet of cigarettes and tossed one to Yan Sinian .

 “I’ll be off then . ”

 “After you . ”

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