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Chapter 1181: If One Wasn’t Fearless, One Couldn’t Be a Mo Blade Soldier

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Chapter 1181 - If One Wasn’t Fearless, One Couldn’t Be a Mo Blade Soldier

The moment the Great Han iron cavalry charged out of the city gates, Han Xin gave the order.

In an instant, the well-trained sword shield soldiers jumped out from behind the cannon formation, forming up an iron defensive war. Amongst them were spearmen and heavy armored sword soldiers.

Standing in front of the sword shield soldiers were two rows of Mo blade soldiers.

Looking out, the Mo blade soldiers were all huge. Their average height was over 1.8 meters, and their muscles were bulging. They wore heavy iron armor, and their heads were covered with an iron helmet, only revealing their cold eyes.

Talking about the Mo blade soldiers, they were a presence that all cavalry cowered in fear toward when they hear the name.

Mo blade was a special blade used by the Tang cavalry, and it was developed from the West Han horse killing sword while using the metallurgy skills of the Hanlu Mo blade and the Liuchao long knife. The Mo blade was really sharp, and it was good for hacking down, mainly used to kill cavalry. The strategy was similar to anti-tank weapons in modern war.

After the Gaia update, the personal strength of the soldiers rose. Merging together with soldiers from the Leopard Legion Corps that had been through hundreds of wars, they gave out a menacing aura before they even moved out.

The rise of the combat strength of soldiers helped welcome a revolution for their weapons and equipment too.

For example, the Mo blade soldiers. Although they were cavalry, they needed a certain level of flexibility. While holding the Mo blade that was a heavy weapon, they still needed wear heavy weapon and not let it affect their fighting.

This was something that could not be fulfilled in history.

Hence, once the 6th system update ended, Ouyang Shuo instructed the Combat Logistics Department to complete a new round of equipment change, and just the gold for specific areas reached 10 million.

Once one’s combat strength rose, those who could only wear light armor could now wear heavy armor. Archers, who previously could only wear leather armor, could now wear Suozi armor or other light armor.

The defensive ability of the soldiers experienced a large increase.

Apart from that, weapons like the spear, Tang blade, heavy sword, and the like all welcomed a new update. Weight was added to them to greatly increase their killing strength.

Even to say that the Combat Logistics Department even custom-made equipment for sergeants and above. Their weapons were not limited to knives. Swords, spears, heavy hammers, and more all could be custom made.

Along with Great Xia’s steelmaking technology improving, the damage of these weapons was something to dream of in ancient times, even being able to compare to God Weapons.

In the Great Xia Army, such items slowly became common equipment.

These were the aftereffects of the dynasty’s economy and industrialization seeping into the army. For the Southeast Asia battlefield to go so smoothly for the Great Xia army, their weapons and equipment advantage was one of the reasons.

Once the sword shield soldiers moved forward, the archers wearing Suozi armor followed suit, getting ready to fire. Around them were sword shield soldiers protecting them.

The cavalry forces on both wings were also ready to go.

At the back of the formation was an even larger scale reserve force that could enter to reinforce the frontlines at any moment. Moreover, further away at the camp and around the formations were sentry forces.

The goal was to prevent sneak attacks.

With the camp as the center, in a 30 mile radius, many scouting forces and sentries were arranged. Any movement around would be picked up and spread back to the command headquarters.

This greatly reduced the risk of them being sneak attacked.

The granaries at the sides of the camp were the focus of defense. Even the Great Xia soldiers themselves could not get close without orders. If not, they would be killed without hesitation.

Between the granary and Great Jin was a snaking grain route where 16 checkpoints were set up for the grain forces and the soldiers guarding the grain to rest.

Apart from that, within the entire Zhongyuan Province, cavalry forces went back and forth, with regiments as a unit to gather up grain and laborers to send the grain toward the camp.

The Battle of Luoyang looked like a simple siege, but under Han Xin, it became an all-round war. All the resources that could be used were used, and all accidents that could happen were guarded against.

What seemed like being overly careful was in truth the way that a God General should act.

To move and coordinate so many units while not panicking did not only test the standard of the commander. Without years of experience, it was impossible for one to reach such a level.

Hence, in terms of arranging formations, Han Xin would not give the enemy any chance. The entire formation surrounded the cannons, having suitable attack and defense while being adaptable to many changes.

Once the Great Han cavalry crossed the city protection river, the Mo blade and sword shield soldiers were all in formation. The archers were also in place, arming their bows and awaiting orders.

The cavalries at the two wings were hollering as their war horses kicked the dirt on the ground restlessly.


The moment the Great Han cavalry entered the range, the archer commander gave the order to fire. In an instant, a rain of arrows was tossed into the air like fireworks, forming a beautiful arc as it landed down.

As the arrow rain fell, the Great Han cavalry immediately collapsed.

At the crucial moment, the strength of the Great Han cavalry was undeniable. Facing a predictable attack, they did not even blink, using their shields to block the arrows while keeping their speed.

When Han Xin saw that, a complicated expression filled his face.

After two rounds of arrow fire, the Great Han cavalry had charged to the front of the formation. Like a flood or like a raging beast, they screamed as they used the spears in their hands and the hooves of the war horse to charge right at the Mo blade soldiers.


The Mo blade soldiers at the frontline did not even blink their eyes. Hearing the order, hundreds of long Mo blades sliced down in an orderly manner. Like how the offices executed people, they acted without any hesitation.

The blade light flashed, and blood splattered all over. Like a slaughterhouse, either the horse legs were cut, or the war horse was chopped into two. Some of the more vicious ones even chopped both the men and the horse.

The scene was really gory.

Great Xia had such a phrase, “If one was not a fearless men, one would not dare to become a Mo blade soldier.”

Each and every Mo blade soldier was not only filled with courage, but they had been through hundreds of battles. Blood thirsty and crazy, they loved to fight in the most direct and gory manner to take down their enemy.

Even elite troops like the Great Han iron cavalry fell under the blades of the Mo blade soldiers.

In less than 10 minutes, 500 to 600 Great Han iron cavalry troops fell on the battlefield. More crucially, this wave of killing by the Mo blade soldiers had shocked the enemy while raising their own morale, delaying the enemy’s attack tempo.

To the cavalry, once their tempo was messed up, their charge effect would be greatly reduced.

Seeing their strike succeed, the Mo blade soldiers did not choose to fight head on. They looked cumbersome, but in truth, they were nimble like monkeys, going around the warhorses and retreating toward the two sides, leaving them to the sword shield soldiers.

They used their iron shields to block the horse hooves of the enemy war horses.

This was a battle between the sword and the shield.

The Great Han cavalry was undoubtedly worthy of its name. After being stunned by the Mo Knife soldiers, their courage did not lessen at all. Facing the Great Xia iron fortress of heavy armored sword shield soldiers, they showed no fear and launched a series of death charges. In less than an hour, they broke through three defensive lines and were about to reach the front of the cannons.

If the Great Han iron cavalry were able to get close to the cannons, the results would be catastrophic.

When Wei Qing saw that, a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth, “These kids did not let me down.”

Throughout the entire world, it was rare for any cavalry to be able to fight with the Great Xia Mo blade soldiers. Additionally, those who could break through the defensive lines of both the Mo blade soldiers and sword shield soldiers was even rarer.

The Great Han iron cavalry deserved their fame.

However, at this very moment, the Great Xia cavalry at the two wings finally moved.

With the heavy armored cavalry as the vanguard and the light armored cavalry as the cover, they were like two sharp knives stabbing right into the stomach of the Great Han iron cavalry, cutting them into two.

A battle between cavalry was like one showing off one’s spear skills, and the light from the metal shone brightly.

This was a battle between the strongest cavalry forces, and it was also the most blood boiling scene in cold weapons warfare.

It was beautiful but also really cruel.

The Great Han cavalry were cut right at the waist, and the vanguards that had broken through the defensive line were stopped by the sword shield soldiers and unable to proceed another step. Those at the back were cleaned up mercilessly by the light armored cavalry.

10 thousand Great Han cavalry, under the successive attacks of the Great Xia army, suffered heavy casualties but only achieved minimal results.

Even if there were a few who fortunately broke through the defensive line and arrived in front of the cannons, they were easily taken care of by the archers at the back, unable to cause any damage to the cannons.

When Wei Qing who stood on the city wall saw that, although his face was still calm, he could not help but tighten his fists. The Great Han iron cavalry was the pride of Great Han, but they could not shake the Great Xia Army a single bit.

Even in the battle between cavalry, the Great Han Cavalry’s trump card force was actually at a disadvantage.

This pride was being smashed by the enemy.


Wei Qing knew that in front of such an enemy who could resolve all attacks, a sneak attack would not work. If they dragged on, it would only increase the casualties, and the enemy might even grab a chance.

In terms of making decisive decisions, Wei Qing was not worse than Han Xin.

‘Dong! Dong! Dong!’

The drum beats signaling retreat sounded out, and the remnant Great Han iron cavalry did not hesitate, Making a huge arc, they killed their way out of the encirclement and left the battlefield like a wave at low tide.

Throughout the entire process, the shooting of the P2 Type Cannons did not stop.

Great Han’s harassment tactic ended in complete failure. Wei Qing was also really decisive. He did not employ probing attacks anymore. Instead, he immediately ordered them to strengthen the defensive works of the city to force the enemy to storm a heavily fortified point.

For the following two days, the cannon explosions outside of Luoyang City filled the ear.

Within the city, it was a busy sight.

The civilians were gathered up by the soldiers, either dismantling their houses, blocking streets, or digging moats to make Luoyang City into a super camp in a short amount of time.

What was placed in front of the Great Xia army was not some easy road to victory.

7th month, 17th day, night, ‘Honglong!’

Along with a heaven piercing boom, the impregnable Luoyang City north wall suddenly collapsed, wrapping up large amounts of dust and smoke and covering a hundred meters in front of it with zero visibility.

The dust was like a giant mushroom, rising up into the sky and catching everyone’s eye.

Luoyang City had fallen!

The Great Xia soldiers outside cheered while those inside were terrified.

When Wei Qing who was checking on the interior defenses heard the noise, his footsteps paused for a while before he continued. One could not notice much from his face, but his footsteps had gotten evidently quicker.

“The cruelest battle is finally here!”

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