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Chapter 98 - Street Battle Ape Rat!




“Wind Track: Flash Steps!” Zhang Xiaohou quickly attracted the attention of the Colossal-eyed Ape Rat whose mouth was covered with blood. Using the second level of Wind Track, Zhang Xiaohou’s figure nimbly passed through the chaotically parked cars. Whenever the Colossal-eyed Ape Rat wanted to slice open Zhang Xiaohou’s chest with his claws, he always ended up hitting the stream of air left behind by Zhang Xiaohou.

“Monkey, be careful, there’s another one!” Mo Fan already climbed on top of the bus. With one glance, he saw the figure with fierce fur arching its body as it hid itself behind the advertisement board by the bus stop.

Zhang Xiaohou was moving in high speed as a large rat with fierce teeth was tenaciously pursuing him, how could he have the time to even consider the position of the other Colossal-eyed Ape Rat?

Mo Fan had used the Beast-seeking powder to find the unexpectedly sly Colossal-eyed Ape Rat.

These Magical Beasts had always lived in an environment where the strong ate the weak. Their methods were much more savage than the humans who had been living safely in the city. Magicians who had not truly gone through hunting beasts would also get killed like Zhang Yinglu. Even being a Wind Magician, she did not know that she needed to have her Wind Track on at all times.

“Look, its neck is stretching.” Zhoumin hastily said to Mo Fan as she saw the Colossal-eyed Ape Rat that was behind the public transportations advertisement board.

As Mo Fan saw this, he began to curse to himself.

Colossal-eyed Ape Rat’s abilities were not just mere biting and scratching, its most dreadful attack was the scarlet red beam that was shot from its eyes. That was a frightening power that was capable of penetrating a person’s body.

At this moment, the Colossal-eyed Ape Rat’s gaze was precisely locked onto Zhang Xiaohou.

“Dazzle, Blind!”Just when Mo Fan was getting extremely anxious, Xue Musheng yelled out as he carried an awe-inspiring power in his voice.

Suddenly, a milky white light ball emerged in front of the Colossal-eyed Ape Rat that was stretching its neck, and emitted a bright radiance.

This radiance was extremely fierce, the paint on the advertisement looked as though it was being melted by the heat of the light. The students inside the buses hastily closed their eyes, yet they were still able to feel the burn from the fierce light.

The dazzling light exploded in front of the Colossal-eyed Ape Rat, the fierce light was like the edge of swords as it entered the widened eye of the Colossal-eyed Ape Rat. You could see the Rat’s cornea began to burn, furthermore, it spread to the entire eyesocket of the rat!

The Colossal-eyed Ape Rat who was ready to use its scarlet red light beam was burned blind by the light. It let out sounds of grief as it crashed into everything in its surroundings.

At this this time, Zhang Xiaohou finally realized there was one more Colossal-eyed Ape Rat located by the bus stop’s advertisement board. He quickly changed his position, and shook off the monster that was chasing him before returning to everyone.

“Mr. Xue, thank you!” Zhang Xiaohou panted.

This dazzling light directly blinded a Colossal-eyed Ape Rat that was a threat to everyone. As for the remaining rat, when they all had time to link their Star Paths, then this animal would no longer be able to hurt them!

The first one to take action was Mo Fan. He was the one who finished his Star Path the fastest amongst them, and his third level Fire Magic could be said as not giving the Colossal-eyed Ape Rat any time to hide. An indignant rupturing flame grandly exploded in front of the Colossal-eyed Ape Rat that had killed Zhang Yinglu.

Beep beep beep beep~

As it exploded, it instantly triggered the ear-piercing alarms of the cars. Numerous car windows were shattered beneath Mo Fan’s Fire Burst: Rupture.

The Colossal-eyed Ape Rat was sent flying into the iron roll-up door of a milk tea store from the explosion. The fur on its body was burned to crisp, its flesh were split, you could see the shattered pieces of windows were stabbed into its flesh and muscles.

Xue Musheng turned his head around and studied the fire-hurling Mo Fan who had hurt the Colossal-eyed Ape Rat. Pleasant astonishment flashed in his eyes.

 It truly deserved to be called the third level of Fire Burst. Its power had actually caused a Magical Beast to have difficulties getting back up. As long as this Vanguard Squad had a powerful student like Mo Fan, then they probably wouldn’t get completely wiped out.

“That freaking animal, I will skin it!” Wang Sanpang and Zhang Xiaohou appeared exceptionally angry.

Just a few minutes before, that animal had bitten their female classmate to death. In just a few more days, she would have entered the beautiful Magic University; however, she ended up being killed by this kind of ugly thing. Just who would be able to suppress the anger from the depths of their heart in this kind of situation?

“Don’t go, it hasn’t died yet!” Mo Fan immediately berated them in a loud voice.

Just as Wang Sanpang was going to take revenge for Zhang Yinglu, the Colossal-eyed Ape Rat who looked as though it was about to die suddenly jumped up, its killing incisors snapping toward Wang Sanpang.

Wang Sanpang’s complexion changed, and he subconsciously rolled to the side.

The sharp incisor bit down, and bit off a bloody chunk from Wang Sanpang’s shoulder. As everyone saw this, they couldn’t help but gasp.

“Animal, go die!” Under the rage of Xu Zhaoting, the Lightning traces swirling around his body were like a lightning whip as they lashed toward the incredibly sly Colossal-eyed Ape Rat.

Lightning Strike: Mad Whip’s might could be considered quite ferocious. It mutilated the Colossal-eyed Ape Rat further, and adding in the repeated electric arcs running through its body caused it to unable to budge, all it could do was lay on the ground and squeal in pain.

Wang Sanpang frantically crawled back to the bus, the blood flowed out from his shoulder. His face was deathly pale and filled with fear.

Xu Zhaoting, Zhoumin, and Zhang Shuhua continued to bombard the Colossal-eyed Ape Rat with magic, smashing it into pieces.

This time, the Colossal-eyed Ape Rat could not be any more dead. However, everyone’s faces didn’t have a single sign of loosening up.

So this was a genuine Magical Beast??

It only took them a second to kill people, even a speck of carelessness would send a Magician’s life to the underworld!

“It’s… It’s good that you reminded us, or else Wang Sanpang would have ended up like Zhang Yinglu,” Xu Zhaoting said to Mo Fan in shock.

Xue Musheng nodded repeatedly. Even he didn’t imagine that the Vanguard Squad he had formed with the strongest students would have someone dying and wounded on their first encounter with a Magical Beast.

“Mo Fan, you seem to have some deep understanding of Magical Beast’s characters. Why don’t you take command of the squad, me and He Yu will be responsible for defense. He Yu… saying these kind of things in this kind of situation is excessive, but you saw with your own eyes how Zhang Yinglu was killed. This is not the time to squat on the floor trembling and crying for the lives of the passed ones. Either way, could you please cast your Water defensive spell when the next Magical Beast attacks any of us, or else the remaining nine of us may not be able to survive until the Safety Shelter… and the four thousand or so people following behind us would also lose their direction from this point on.” Xue Musheng walked over to He Yu, who was so scared that her consciousness was distracted as he spoke quietly and sincerely.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I really am sorry. I….I am unable to finish the Star Path…” He Yu’s face was filled with teardrops. She was really afraid, she was afraid that she would end up like Zhang Yinglu.

“Do your best. As long as you are able to cast a Water Barrier, then that would mean you are able to save our lives. I believe you can do it,” Xue Musheng said.

Translator: Tofu

Editor: RED

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