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Chapter 96 - Vanguard Squad




“Students, come with me. Wind Magicians, go to the front and find us a path!” Xue Musheng hastily yelled out.

The students closest to the window began to frantically escape to the corridor. However, there were a large number of students from other classes in the corridor, they crowded around the place as they all lost their rationality while shrieking.

Shrieking, cries, and the yells of the teachers had resounded throughout the entire corridor. It was a situation where it was difficult for even teachers to control.1

Mo Fan was still standing in the corridor, cautiously watching those students who were frightened to death. His eyes displayed a bit of grief.

They were just like a group of wild deer. As soon as a deer was frightened by a wolf, it would begin run away. Once all of the other deer saw this, they would also frantically try to escape. In reality, there was only one wolf, and as long as the deer stood united and raised their horns, a few more wild wolves would not necessarily be their match.

This fear was contagious, even Mo Fan’s former world was similar in this sense. Otherwise, how could so many shocking stampedes happen?

The people in the classroom were all so scared that most of them took a step back, the skills they were taught on daily basis had all disappeared in this moment.

“Lightning Strike, Mad Whip!”

A chant was resounded from the classroom. Mo Fan turned his head around and saw Xu Zhaoting had made his move in anger. Traces of ferocious Lightning emerged from the air.

The traces of Lightning frantically whipped toward the One-eyed Magic Wolf under the control of Xu Zhaoting. Although the accuracy was somewhat lacking, there was still some lightning traces that hit the One-eyed Magic Wolf.

The Lightning Arc pierced through and surged in turns. Every time it swept past the One-eyed Magic Wolf, it caused it to let out low howls of pain. The flesh of its body began to twitch beneath the might of the Mad Whip.

“Hmph, just an One-eyed Magic Wolf scared them all into dogs, a group of cowards!” Xu Zhaoting swept his gaze past the people who were lagging behind those who ran away, his gaze full of disdain.

“That’s right, we have so many people, why are we still scared of just a few One-eyed Magic Wolves?” Wang Sanpang also stood up.

Just as he finished speaking, Wang Sanpang used a short period of three seconds to finish his Earth Ripple spell.

His pair of fat hands smacked onto the floor of the classroom, in an instant, a ripple circulated from the classroom all the way down to the cement campus grounds. The paralyzed One-eyed Magic Wolf was ferociously bumped into the other basketball hoop under the quick movements of Earth Ripple.

Zhoumin could be considered to have some courage, she quickly finished her Fire Star Path and a ball of Fire Burst emerged in her grasp.

Taking advantage of the One-eyed Magic Wolf having fallen down, Zhoumin’s Fire Burst quickly streaked across the flagpole of the school as it accurately hit the One-eyed Magic Wolf that was being pressed beneath the basketball pole.

Fire Burst: Burning Bone’s might was naturally powerful. In an instant, it burned the backboard into ashes. The One-eyed Magic Wolf began to constantly howl under the fire as it rolled around the campus grounds.

Soon enough, another few Magicians with different elements began to cast their spells from different locations. Judging by the level of their spells, it was clear that it was some Practical Teachers who cast them. Under their cooperation, they quickly turned the rash One-eyed Magic Wolf into a scorched carcass!

Seeing the One-eyed Magic Wolf being quickly disposed of, Mo Fan slightly let out a sigh of relief. It seems like not all of the people in school were a group of losers.

“Come over here,” Xue Musheng said to the seemingly calm students who remained in the classroom.

Xu Zhaoting, Zhao Kunsan, Mu Bai, Zhoumin; these were the people who were able to directly face Magical Beasts back in Practicals. It had been a year since then, their fear toward Magical Beasts was no longer as deep as before.

All of them came over. They didn’t know why Xue Musheng had suddenly made them stay behind.

“Originally, this kind of responsibility should be carried by the teachers. However, there are sightings of large numbers of One-eyed Magic Wolves in the back mountains, and the strength of our teachers is limited. Now, we have no choice but to draw support from the strengths of you students,” Xue Musheng said with a seriousness that no one had seen before.

“Teacher, let’s not waste too much time in this kind of time. If you have something to say, hurry up and spill it.” Wang Sanpang couldn’t help but speak up.

“We need a Vanguard Squad. I’m afraid the Vanguard Squad will mainly be comprised of students.

“The Vanguard Squad will be separated from the Main Group, practically independent. Furthermore, they have to walk ahead of the Main Group.

“The nearly two thousand people from our school will follow the path opened by the Vanguard Squad. Your group has the strongest combat prowess amongst our entire school, you are definitely not inferior to any teacher. Thus, we hope you can form a Vanguard Squad that can show everyone the way to the Safety Shelters,” Xue Musheng said.

As this was said, all of these students turned silent. For a few moments, they were unable to unable to process this plan.

The truth is, they themselves didn’t know if they were able to fight against Magical Beasts after they separated themselves from the main group. Having them become the Vanguard Squad, the risk was indeed quite big.

“This decision is up to yourselves, we won’t force you. If you aren’t willing, then I will go and find other students. We will just be delayed for a bit longer and the danger will be a bit larger… This Vanguard Squad will be led by me, please give me your response as soon as possible, alright?” Xue Musheng said.

“Mrs. Xue, I’ll join.” Zhoumin had no hesitation, she took the initiative and joined the Vanguard Squad first.

“I will also join.” Xu Zhaoting also didn’t ponder over it too much.

Wang Sanpang and Xu Zhaoting were good friends. Since Xu Zhaoting have already joined, he could only join with a bitter face.

Xue Musheng slightly nodded. With a Lightning Magician here, the Squad’s combat prowess would be one level higher. They should be able to successfully arrive at the Safety Shelters.

“I will also join.”

Mu Bai and his henchman Zhao Kunsan glanced at each other, and then finally chose to join.

Following this, an Earth element student with an exceptionally good grade also joined.

Zhang Xiaohou however left his gaze on Mo Fan, it seemed as though he was processing this plan.

“Brother Fan, are we following the main group or are we choosing the Vanguard Squad?” Zhang Xiaohou asked.

“Let’s join the Vanguard,” Mo Fan replied.

“I didn’t know that Brother Fan was also a man with high principles.” Zhang Xiaohou was really able to find joy in sorrows. He was still able to make a joke in this kind of situation.

“Going with the main group is even more dangerous,” Mo Fan said indifferently.

“Why?” Zhang Xiaohou asked, puzzled.

The main group had at least seventeen hundred people. With that kind of colossal number, even if they were to suffer the attacks of a group of Magical Beasts, they still wouldn’t be in much danger. After all, the seventeen hundred people were practically Magicians.

“You saw what just happened. With the appearance of a single One-eyed Magic Wolf, the entire floor panicked. That is the instinct of weaklings; not only are they transmitting fear to each other, they are also able to magnify the fear infinitely. Thus, the Main Group’s battle prowess will be limited. If I’m not wrong, then just a hundred Magical Beasts will completely wipe out the main group. With such a large group of people walking, that is equivalent to easily attracting a group of Magical Beasts, or even higher level Magical Beasts. I don’t want to be associated with a large group of sheep. When their time comes, whether they live or die is not something they are in control of,” Mo Fan whispered to Zhang Xiaohou.

Translator: Tofu

Editor: RED

1. (Ed. Note: I will note that this is a typical beginning to a horror movie. Students acting like idiots, and adults who can’t do anything.)

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