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Chapter 95 - Attacks on Campus




The Safety Area was established by a collaboration of the Magic Association and Hunter’s Union. There were Magicians and shelters for protection in there. It was roughly three kilometers from the mountain where Mo Fan was currently located. However, Mo Fan knew that he couldn’t rely on his own strength to safely go through three kilometers of the city that were already crowded with numerous Magical Beasts.

“Although they don’t have enough experience, they are still Magicians. I have to retreat to the Safety Area with them,” Mo Fan said to himself.

If he was to encounter a Magical Beast, Mo Fan could simultaneously use Lightning and Fire elements. Although he couldn’t completely kill it, it wouldn’t kill him, either. However, from how he saw it from his high location, it was clear that the One-eyed Magic Wolves weren’t fighting by themselves. As long as two One-eyed Magic Wolves appeared, then Mo Fan would be unable to do anything.

No matter what, let’s first join with the students of the school. The power of a single person is too insignificant in this calamity, unless you are able to reach the same realm of Head Instructor, Zhankong.

Mo Fan quickly hurried toward Tian Lan Magic High. At the bottom of this mountain, passing through a few old valleys, was the backdoor of Tian Lan Magic High.

What he was happy about was the fact that this part of the city hadn’t been overrun by a large amount of Magical Beasts. The civilians nearby were all either hiding in their basements, or escaping towards the Safety Shelters. The descent of calamity was too sudden, there was too many people who had been woken up from their beautiful dreams. As these people opened their eyes, they sank into the incomparably dreadful reality.

The students were all in school today, putting in efforts for their once in a lifetime Magic High Exams. But they weren’t prepared to face blood spilling battles, yet they had to welcome an unexpected Blood Calamity. The students who pissed their pants seeing Magical Beasts for the first time, just how would they react to a city overrun by Magical Beasts? It was truly difficult to imagine...


“Retreat, you must hurry and retreat. This place is extremely unsafe!” In the office, Xue Musheng slapped the table with a righteous indignation.

Principal Zhu and the other School Directors were not present. The decision-making of the school was in the hands of the Head Disciplinary teacher, Chen Weiliang. However, Chen Weiliang persisted on having the students remain in school and form a defensive safety line with the teachers to resist the invasion of the Magical Beasts.

Xue Musheng didn’t think this was right. Although the numbers of students and teachers were enough, once more Magical Beasts appeared, the school would be unable to protect itself. The truly strong Magicians in Tian Lan Magic High were currently running around in Bo City. The current students and teachers could only rely on themselves.

“Director, director, there are a large number of One-eyed Magic Wolves coming from the back of the mountain. Mr. Lan… was torn into a corpse.” Mr. Zhou’s complexion was deathly white.

The faces of the teachers in the office completely changed.

The truth is, even if they were a mature Magician, they had never encountered a calamity like this. Currently, the Magical Beasts were running amok in the city, they ate and shred anyone they saw. The teachers who didn’t possess the ability to stand off against Magical Beasts were also so scared that their legs began to tremble.

“The school has no shelter. If dozens of Magical Beasts simultaneously appeared, we will definitely suffer a disaster. This is Blood Alert! During Blood Alert, only those who reach a Safety Shelter will have a hope to survive!” Xue Musheng roared hysterically.

Did these teachers turn stupid from teaching Magic? There were records on the Blood Alerts. These records told the later generations that they shouldn’t be relying on their own strength to stand off against the Magical Beasts outside of the Safety Shelters, the survival rate didn’t even reach 30%!

The first and second years students were all on holidays, so they were home. The third-year students were all called to the school for preparation of exams.

Fortunately, the people at school this time were only third-year students. All of these students have gone through the Practicals, and encountered a Magical Beast. Their Magic foundations were very firm; if all of the fifteen hundred students and a hundred or so teachers were to work together, then there was no way they couldn’t reach the Safety Shelters. The Safety Shelters were only three kilometers away from the school!

“Retreat, retreat. All homeroom teachers will lead their own class. All of the teaching teachers are to be divided into their corresponding class based on their average. We must reach the Safety Shelter zone as a team.” Chen Weiliang finally made his decision.

The school had in total seventeen hundred people. If being outside of the Safety Shelter zone during a Blood Alert only gave a 30% survival rate, then that would mean continuing to stay within the school would cost a thousand or more people their lives. How dreadful would that be?

The teacher’s execution during this time could be considered very fast. They quickly walked toward their own classrooms and had all of their students gather on campus grounds, preparing to leave.

Not even five minutes after the decision was made, a Wind Teacher ran back to them while looking dejected and depressed as he told Chen Weiliang, “There’s another forty One-eyed Magic Wolves appearing in the back of the mountain!”

“Retreat, hurry up and retreat. Have the Practical Teachers withstand them no matter what, do not let any of these Magical Beast enter the school!” Chen Weiliang turned pale with fright.

The Wind Teacher’s face was filled with pain.

Fifty or so One-eyed Magic Wolves, and you’re relying on just a few Practical Teachers to delay… How was that even possible?


Xue Musheng hurriedly ran toward his Elite class.

The strength of Elite class was high, the other classes had plenty of students who were still unable to completely cast their magic spells. They said that they have the combat prowess of fifteen hundred Magicians, but the truth was that there were only a few hundred people who were capable of facing Magical Beasts, and that was including those who were unable to cast Magic when faced against Magical Beasts.

(Ed. Note: In other words, they’re padding their own numbers and lying to themselves about how much they can fight.)

Just when he was about to enter the class, Xue Musheng crashed into a very familiar student,  and was overjoyed over the unexpected good fortune. “Mo Fan, how come it’s you?!”

“I escaped here from the Underground Holy Spring’s cell, and the school just happens to be close. Let’s hurry and evacuate to the Safety Shelters, or else there will be more people dying. From the tone of the Vice Guard Captain of the Underground Holy Spring, the scariest part isn’t the invasion of Magical Beasts.” Mo Fan gasped for breath as he answered Xue Musheng.

“I also think that way, we are currently preparing to leave,” Xue Musheng solemnly nodded.

“That’s good, this matter shouldn’t be delayed, let’s quickly leave this place… I just came from Qishan Park, I saw there were numerous of One-eyed Magic Wolves in the back of our mountain. I don’t know where they popped up from.” Mo Fan said.

“Really, in that case we must evacuate even faster!” Xue Musheng was stunned.

From how Mo Fan saw it, the scariest part of the current situation wasn’t as simple as just a thousand Magical Beasts invading Bo City. From Mo Fan’s previous location, he was able to see there were many Magical Beasts who had mysteriously appeared on the grounds. Other than One-eyed Magic Wolves, there were also Colossal-eyed Ape Rats.

This meant that hiding in the underground basements was also not safe. The underground is basically the home of the Colossal-eyed Ape Rats, they would all be dug up and eaten!

“Brother Fan, it turns out to be you! Seeing you here is good,” Zhang Xiaohou looked at Mo Fan as though he was looking at his own relatives, he was so emotional that his eyes nearly turned red.

Recalling when they had encountered a Magical Beast for the first time, many people had lost consciousness from fear.

Today, a large number of Magical Beast were leaving behind corpses and bloodstains in the city which they lived in. There were not many who was able to stay calm, there was already many girls who were crying.

For the students, all of this came too suddenly. It was too scary, and they had no idea on the circumstances regarding their own families.

Seeing the entire class sunken into fear and despair, it made Mo Fan recall the earthquake, tsunami, and storm-like calamities from his former world. In front of natural disaster, humans really were tiny. Even forming a group to fend off Magical Beasts, these people were still helpless.


A howl suddenly came from the basketball court in the back of the mountain. The student who was sitting closest to the window gazed down, feeling an absolute terror as he discovered an One-eyed Magic Wolf had jumped down from the hill. Its vigorous body ferociously stomped on the basketball court.

The entire cement court was deeply crushed, immediately broken to bits. That One-eyed Magic Wolf’s scarlet red eye slowly looked up as it gazed at the delicious students inside the classroom with an incomparable greed.

With their own two eyes, they saw this hungry and greedy wolf, and simultaneous shrieks from girls came from the school building.

“Ma… Ma… Magical Beast!!!” The male student sitting next to the window who was usually diligently studying went completely pale.

Compared to the Spirit Wolf from before, this One-eyed Magic Wolf’s evil tendencies seemed even worse. Looking at it face-to-face caused their entire bodies to go numb.

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