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Chapter 91 - Magical Beasts attacking the City!




The Alerts were divided into different levels. The first level was orange.

Two years ago, Bo City had pulled off an orange alert. Back then, there was precisely a Brilliant Light radiating from the back of the mountain. At that time, there were at least three hundred Magical Beast scattered in the vicinity of the safety boundaries!

Today, two staggered Brilliant Lights were seen, this meant a Blue Alert.

Once this Alert went off, it signified there were hidden threats and a crisis in the city.

The orange alert was quickly solved by Boss Zhankong back then. However, with the appearance of a Blue Alert today, it meant that there were at least a few thousand Magical Beasts roaming the vicinity of the safety boundaries!

Heavens, Bo City hadn’t sounded off a Blue Alert for the last ten years!

A jingling sound rose.

Just when everyone thought this was a joke, the phone in Wan Duanfeng’s pocket began ringing.

The rain poured down onto the faces of the hundreds of Battlemages, revealing stunned expressions. With the exception of the sounds of rain and Commander Wan Duanfeng’s mobile ringtone, the surroundings were very silent.

 Wan Duanfeng fished out his mobile beneath the drifting rain and put it to his ears. “Hello.”

“Commander Wan… we were attacked by a group of beasts, our Light Magician...The Light Magician died, we are unable to continue firing off the Brilliant Lights.” The voice of Squad Captain Zhou Jin was coming over the phone.

Wan Duanfeng felt a chill run through his body, the hand that was holding the phone began to tremble.

“If Bo City is able to survive this disaster, please apologize to Boss Zhankong, and apologize to Pan Lijun.” Zhou Jin’s voice was gloomy and hoarse, carrying reluctance.

Wan Duanfeng’s face was fiercely twitching, his eyes carried a deep sorrow and anger.

Beep Beep Beep

After saying this, he hung up the phone. In the process of the call, Wan Duanfeng was able to hear clamorous roars. The roars sounded as if they were right next to his ears, his heart was palpitating.

Wan Duanfeng put down the phone in his hand with a despairing soul. He tightly closed his eyes, the pouring rain paining him, and it seemed even more swords were stabbing into his heart.

Even though they had hung up the phone, Wan Duanfeng was still able to imagine the next second when the Squad Captain Zhou Jin let out a grieving shriek.

He was dead, he was definitely dead. There was no one who is more clear about that than Wan Duanfeng; a person who was using a phone in that situation was definitely not capable of surviving!

“Sound off the Blood Alert!” Wan Duanfeng took a deep breath. His eyes no longer had traces of sadness, it was replaced by the resolution of a soldier’s hard work.

“Blood… Blood Alert?? You’re not joking with us are you, Captain Wan?!” The Battlemage at his post had a disbelief on his face.

Beneath the curtain of rains, the Battlemages guarding their posts were all dumbstruck. For them, the second level Blue Alert was already a turmoil. As for the Blood Alert...

That was a calamity!

The Blood Alert was the most dreadful calamity. Some people could live their entire lives without seeing a Blood Alert, whereas those who had experienced a Blood Alert might not be able to step out of that shadow for the rest of their lives!

“What are you being distracted for, hurry up and do what I told you to do!” Wan Duanfeng practically roared.

These blockheads. Delaying the sounding of Blood Alert by even a second could cause the death of hundreds of people!


Awuuu! Awuuu!


Suddenly, a series of roars that caused people’s heart to shake came from the back of the mountain. It was as though the back of the mountain had series of lightning bolts hitting it, causing the entire mountain to tremble.

The aftermath of the trembling reached the station, the giant stone barrier in the station also slightly trembled.


In the vast curtain of rain, a fuzzy figure suddenly jumped out. He emerged on top of an erected pine tree’s utmost summit.

Beneath the rain, the proud and aloof creature that resembled a King clearly had the body of a Wolf, yet it was arching its back as it stood there. The three eyes on his fierce skull let out an incomparably vicious red light.

The Magical Beast was overlooking this checkpoint station of the human city from afar. It was… It was like it was looking at penned-up sheep.

“Three… three-eyed… Three-eyed Magic Wolf!!” a young Battlemage to the side shouted with a trembling voice.

As he said this, the Three-eyed Magic Wolf that was proudly standing on top of the pine tree suddenly had shadows scuttling forth at its back. Those shadows occupied the tall trees as they scattered around the Three-eyed Magic Wolf like it was a military officer.

More and more of the shadows appeared. Their red and savage eyes were like stars decorating the dim rain. One glance caused their entire bodies to feel a chill, and their scalps went numb!

“This… this many!”

Multiple packs of One-eyed Magic Wolves began to appear on the hill. They simultaneously raised their heads as they howled toward the sky that was raining down. The entire mountain was covered by their voices.

“They’re calling, they’re continuously calling for their comrades!” A Summoner who had done research into the Beast Language stated, his face completely stunned.

Heavens, that place already had over three hundred One-eyed Magic Wolves. With that many One-eyed Magic Wolves calling out at same time, just how many more Magical Beasts were they calling for?!

At this moment, the Battlemages who guarded the station finally understood why they sounded off the Blood Alert!

The Magical Beasts were attacking!

Multiple groups of Magical Beasts were attacking!

This was a calamity, an unforeseen calamity!

A heavy rain, followed by hundreds and thousands of Magical Beasts who were frantically rushing in!

Bo City had been fighting with the Magic Wolves for many years. It was like the Magic Wolves were no longer able to suppress the thirst in their hearts! They were gathering beneath the commands of higher level Magic Wolves before they frantically attacked the defense line of Bo City!

A dark green tide covered the mountain, formed by numerous One-eyed Magic Wolves.

They were frantically running and howling. The small Snowy Peak Mountain station trembled fiercely.

The eyes of the numerous Magic Wolves were filled with hatred and cruelty toward the humans waiting beneath the heavy rain. They planned on eating all the living people!

Beneath this kind of frightening sound, even the Magicians seemed incredibly small. At this moment, they were coming to fight off the Magical Beasts!

For many of the Battlemages, they would never forget the scene of groups of One-eyed Magic Wolves racing over… oh, it’s unlikely that they would forget it, because there wouldn't be many who would necessarily survive today!

Translator: Tofu

Editor: RED

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