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Chapter 89 - Calm Down, Little Loach Pendant!




The Underground Holy Spring was an enclosed area, built with dark green boulders. Each boulder had a strange Magic Diagram and incantation engraved on its surface.

In any case, Mo Fan was an educated person. He could understand some of the meanings behind the diagrams, and if he wasn’t wrong then these must be Advanced level protective-type Magic spells.

Thus, it was not just some place built with stone. In fact, even if there was an earthquake, it wouldn’t necessarily affect this place in the slightest, a flawless defense in the truest sense.

Originally, Mo Fan thought this Underground Holy Spring was a large bath; he would strip off his clothes and lie in there as he enjoyed all of it. However, after passing through a few erected archways, Mo Fan was amazed to find out that the Underground Holy Spring was only a square-shaped, stone-stepped altar.

The stone altar had four layers. The very bottom one had a small hole that acted as a circuit channel. The clear Holy Spring water that was practically transparent was slowly flowing through the small stone channel.

Mo Fan observed it for a bit and couldn’t find anything special about it. Just when he was about to sit down on the stone step altar and start cultivating according to the instructions of Mu Zhuoyun, suddenly, the Little Loach Pendant on his chest began to emit strange trills.

“What are you getting excited for, acting like you can drink all this!” Mo Fan immediately began to scold it.

The current Little Loach Pendant was a Spirit grade Stardust Magic Tool. Not only was Mo Fan able to maintain Meditation for 14 hours a day, he was also able to obtain the special energy from the Little Loach Pendant that helped nourish his two stardusts. It was precisely why Mo Fan was able to cultivate two elements to the third level within such a short time.

Even in a school with so many people, those who possessed the second level of Primary Magic before they graduated their third year of high school could be considered as impressive. Mo Fan was able to exceed them by a level in a circumstances where he had one more element to cultivate. This was enough to display the capabilities of a Spirit grade Stardust Magic Tool.

“Is it possible that the Little Loach Pendant is able to absorb the Underground Holy Spring’s warm pond?” Mo Fan felt his own pendant’s thirst, his heart couldn’t help but ponder.

The Stardust Magic Tool and Underground Holy Spring should have the same nature, so it should be able to speed up a Magician’s cultivation. The Underground Holy Spring exhibited a colossal amount of energy, so much that it could help Magicians attack the Intermediate realm from the Primary level.

“Should I try? If the Little Loach Pendant really can absorb the energy from this place, then wouldn’t it be able to once more advance to an even higher quality Stardust Magic Tool?” Mo Fan inevitably had some brazen thoughts floating through his head.

The school’s Stardust Magic Tool’s energy was completely absorbed by the Little Loach Pendant, If the special warm pond within the Underground Holy Spring was absorbed, wouldn’t that be equivalent to him carrying around the Underground Holy Spring on his body?

The Underground Holy Spring only opened up once a year. It would only be able to supply one promising Magician with cultivation time. With just that, many people admired it. If...If...

Shit, I can’t!

The Stardust Magic Tool from school was absorbed by the Little Loach Pendant and was turned into garbage. He could only thank Mrs. Tangyue, who had helped him settle the matter.

This time, if he were to absorb the entire Underground Holy Spring, not only would all of the people in Bo City go crazy, he himself would be put on a stake and burned to death!

Carefully meditate, it’s better to not think about this kind of large, illogical matter.

Little Loach Pendant, don’t be so impulsive. I know this thing is a big supplement for you. However, if you were to do that, then your grandfather, I, would be stomped by the people of Bo City. Thus, you cannot just do anything you want. We’ll just quietly seclude ourselves here for seven days, and then pass the exams, enter University, and then subdue monsters and kill demons to save the world, with my left hand wrapping itself around Mu Ningxue, and nestling against Tangyue with my right. When the time comes, we’ll even find you a female pendant…, Mo Fan dreamed inside.

The Little Loach Pendant seemed as though it really understood, as it no longer blindly caused trouble. It returned to obediently laying on Mo Fan’s chest.

Mo Fan took a deep breath.

Shit, is this really a pendant? Why is it acting like a little demon king in the world of players...

After seating himself on the leather mat, Mo Fan was able to feel an energy gathering to him, similar to the nourishment of the pendant, even if he didn’t enter meditation.

The nourishment from the special warm pond was much stronger than Little Loach Pendant. If the Stardust Magic Tools were divided into Common grade and Spirit grade, then the cultivating nourishment which the Underground Holy Spring brought was definitely a first-rate one. It felt like his entire being was getting ready to fly.

His Lightning and Fire Stardusts, who were at a saturated state, began to move. They were like two infants who suddenly touched mother’s milk as they frantically began to suck it in. Every time they sucked, their bodies began to expand a little.

When he first awakened, the two Stardusts were really small. In his entire Spiritual Cosmos, they really seemed like tiny Stardusts, their radiance was rather dark and not clear. Sometimes, they were even hard to find. After cultivating for three years, the Stardusts gradually expanded, their radiance distinct and clear. His entire Stardust looked as though it formed its own territory as it exhibited a mysterious energy. 

At this moment, the two Stardusts had subtle expansions; the change in every hour was about the same as Mo Fan’s bitter cultivating for a whole week!

“This is too good, this experience is almost like cheating!” Mo Fan’s heart was incomparably stirred up.

He never thought that he himself would actually accidentally obtain such an exceptional opportunity for cultivating. It seemed like stealing resources from those wealthy second generations was necessary. Even a dumbass would be able to be an expert who exceeded their peers with a cultivation speed like this.

Resources. There were too many resources that were in the hands of a small number of people. If it wasn’t for him revealing his Dual Elemental ability, then he wouldn’t have gotten his hands on the Underground Holy Spring.

With the nourishment from the Spirit grade Stardust Magic Tool, added with the effects of the Underground Holy Spring, the seven days of cultivation could very possibly allow him to attack the Intermediate Magician level!


A new guard who came not too long ago, Wang Tonglian, inquired of his commanding officer,“Captain Liang Bin, is this Underground Holy spring really that miraculous?” 

“Our Bo City traces back a long time, even earlier than the Age of Qin Kingdoms. The Underground Holy Spring could be said to have survived up until now. Think about it, our Bo City doesn’t have economics, talents, nor development. So why are we a reputable city in the south? It is only because of the existence of the Underground Holy Spring. It could be said that without the Underground Holy Spring, our Bo City would at most be recognized as a village.” Guard Captain Liang Bin answered from his seat on the floor, his face tranquil.

“Dating from the Qin Kingdoms? Doesn’t that mean it has more than two thousand years of history?” the new guard asked, shocked.

“Exactly. As long as you’re not a naturally endowed, foolish, incurable Magician, then cultivating inside there for one hour would be equivalent to cultivating for three days on a normal day.” Liang Bin’s face couldn’t help but reveal some fascination.

“But Captain Liang, there are only a few people in Bo City who have entered Underground Holy Spring,” a guard to the side pointed out.

Liang Bin nodded. He could never forget about the time he had been in there to enjoy it for seven days. To people who thirsted for a greater power, that place felt even better than having a group of beauties assigned to you to ravage for seven days.

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