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Chapter 75 - Variety of Ways

“That’s not necessary. You’re entering University soon, who would be staying in that house? It’s better if Xinxia is at your Little Aunt’s, and us big men have a hard time taking care of her. I give your Little Aunt some money every month… Speaking of which, the card you gave me has about a hundred or so thousand, plus I have around eighty thousand saved from running all over the place, in total there is two hundred thousand. It’s enough to buy a piece of Magical Equipment, right? I heard that thing is extremely important for Magicians,” Mo Jiaxing continued.

“I already have a piece of Magical Equipment!”

“Oh, oh! I almost forget, you had obtained a Magical Tool from Zhankong. Honestly, you’re really giving face to your father. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard the old hunters in the stronghold talk about that matter!” Speaking of this thing, Mo Jiaxing’s face was brimming brilliantly as he just now realized it had already been a year.

“Tomorrow, I will go to Mu Manor to have a Magic Duel with someone called Yu Ang,” Mo Fan  said sincerely to his father.

“I know, I know. I have implored some elders in Mu Family to have Yu Ang go easier on you. Either way, you’re only there to give some luck to his Coming-of-Age Ceremony. Being able display yourself in front of so many powerful and influential people of Bo City is also an extremely rare chance for you. Speaking of which, I wonder how you even thought of this kind of outstanding method back then…  Anyway, don’t offend Master Mu again, he is still unhappy about the thing between you and Mu Ningxue back then. You little brat, so young, yet the pearl of a family almost eloped with you!” Mo Jiaxing said.

Mo Jiaxing didn’t blame Mo Fan for the things that happened in the past.

Mo Fan was too young back then, doing a few stupid things was only normal. Furthermore, the biggest problem didn’t lie in his own son, the problem was the other family was too powerful.

Sigh, if only Mu Ningxue was the daughter of a common family. That way, he’d have gained a daughter-in-law. This little brat didn’t have any redeeming qualities, yet his ability in swindling a lady back when he was a child was outstanding!

This Magic Duel was seen as a incredibly good thing by Mo Jiaxing.

Many other disciples who had better better circumstances than Mo Fan were very eager to appear at this incomparably grand Coming-of-Age Ceremony. Even if they were only there to enhance Yu Ang, it was still a supreme honor. For a fool like Mo Fan, this kind of opportunity was indeed very good... as long as this Mo Fan didn’t have intentions to actually fight for the outcome of the battle. What kind of a background did the other person have? If they were able to be the supporting character, that’d be fine, as well! If Yu Ang really became a great character of Bo City in the future, then they’d at least be able to say “I fought with him once before!”

“Father, I will be able to win!” Mo Fan said sincerely.

“Don’t be too ambitious, I am already very satisfied with the grades you have gotten now.” Mo Jiaxing said as he patted Mo Fan’s shoulder while laughing.

Seeing Mo Jiaxing’s attitude, Mo Fan’s heart was somewhat puzzled.

Why do you guys think I am going there to be someone else’s cannon fodder?


The Mu Family’s invitations were sent ages ago. The entire Mu Manor was already surrounded by their distinguished friends and high class crowds. The employees of Mu Manor were extremely busy, even a stray weed in the flowerbed would cause a huge fuss before they fixed it.

Mu Zhuoyun went overboard for the Coming-of-Age Ceremony this time, making sure everyone in Bo City would know about it.

Mo Fan had wondered in the past  why Mu Zhuoyun had set him to fight against Yu Ang. It seemed like this cunning sly fox had actually planned this whole thing; it was all about adding a little good luck charm to the grand banquet.

Just drinking and eating would have no meaning. Watching the younger generation duel was better. Not only would he be able to deal with a sewer rat like Mo Fan beneath the gazes of everyone, but it would also give his Mu Family some face; what reason would he have to not go through with it?

To be honest, Mo Fan really hadn’t thought that the old scoundrel Mu Zhuoyun would give it such wide publicity.

Perhaps it really was as Principal Zhu and Deng Kai had said; this was a contest between the disciples of an ancestral family and the students from school.

The current Mo Fan was no longer just the student with the best grades at Tian Lan Magic High in name only. There was a chance that even if he hadn’t inconvenienced Master Mu, he still would have ended up battling against the disciple of the ancestral family.

That’s fine, we’ll deal with the new and old grudges at same time!

“Old scoundrel, since you gave it such a wide publicity, then this daddy, I will make you lose face!” Mo Fan stood in front of his old house, as he raised his head to look at the Mu Manor that was decorated with lanterns and colored banners as it lit up splendidly. It brought a cold smile to his face.


On top of the Manor, Mu Zhuoyun suddenly sneezed.

He was currently sitting inside the tea room as he rubbed his mustache, his face was filled with pride as he looked at Mu Ningxue, who had returned a while ago during the summer holidays.

“This Coming-of-Age Ceremony was originally prepared for you. However, your father, I, didn’t think that you were far more outstanding than what we had imagined. This tiny Bo City is no longer something you need to contend for. This Coming-of-Age Ceremony will be given to Yu Ang; he is loyal to our family. In the future, he can become your right-hand when you contest against the disciples of other elemental ancestor families!” Mu Zhuoyun said.

For his daughter, Mu Zhuoyun had actually gone through a lot of trouble.

“Why are you still holding onto him so tightly? Even if you wanted to let Yu Ang obtain the opportunity of the Underground Holy Spring the proper way, you could still have chosen someone else.” Finally, Mu Ningxue couldn’t help but open her mouth.

The him Mu Ningxue was pointing at was naturally Mo Fan.

“That little scoundrel slandered me in front of so many people, how could I possibly forgive him? Doesn’t he think that he’s noble and virtuous, doesn’t he think that he’s amazing? How is it inappropriate of me to give him such an exceptionally good opportunity? I have already arranged it, when the time comes, you just need to sit next to me and watch.” Mu Zhuoyun’s mood immediately changed when this matter was brought up.

Still protecting that kid at this time?

Mu Zhuoyun did not understand. There were so many outstanding disciples from these large ancestral families, yet she didn’t say more than a sentence to them. She just had to care about a poor kid who didn’t know how to admit his mistakes and had no abilities whatsoever.

“Then tell Yu Ang to stop before he goes too far!” Mu Nignxue knew that her father wouldn’t budge a single step on this matter, thus, she also spoke of her own bottom line.

“Don’t worry, I have morals. I only want to let this kid who doesn’t know the difference between heaven and earth to understand that the dignity which I stomped on doesn’t mean anything. Whereas tomorrow, he will understand that being completely defeated beneath the gazes of everyone is truly losing all his face!” Mu Zhuoyun couldn’t help but smile.

Little thing, you want to play with me, Mu Zhuoyun? When I shook the whole of Bo City, you were still inside your mother’s womb!

I, Mu Zhuoyun, have a variety of ways to make you unable to raise your head again within Bo City!

Translator: Tofu

Editor: RED

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