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Chapter 74 - Three Years!

This wasn’t the first time Mo Fan had heard of the Underground Holy Spring. It appeared that the One-eyed Magic Wolf from that time had stolen the energy from the Underground Holy Spring, and it had almost evolved into an even higher rank. From that, it was evident that the Underground Holy Spring was the heavenly treasure of Bo City. Even the Magical Beasts would sneak into the dangerous areas where humans dwelled to steal it.

“Our Bo City naturally has some special resources, they are specially provided for those who are on the verge of entering the Magic Universities... Unfortunately, the Underground Holy Spring is an extremely limited resource. We can only open it up for a single student every once in a while. This student isn’t just simply chosen from a school, but the Magic Clans and Ancestral Families also have to fight for the spot,” Principal Zhu said.

After saying this, Deng Kai couldn’t help but give off a bitter smile, “Principal Zhu, we haven’t had the qualifications to take that spot for many years, I feel like it is always taken by the disciples of the Clans and Families.”

“That’s not strange at all. The Ancestral Families and Clans are able to focus their resources into an outstanding disciple. Additionally, the nurturinig and training which they can obtain is not something our egalitarian school can compete with.” Principal Zhu seemed quite calm;, it appeared he was already indifferent about this matter.

“Mo Fan, the outcome of this battle is not something you need to put any importance on. Having you realize the might of a disciple from an Ancestral Family is also good. In the future, you will be able to stay calmer on the road of cultivation, and work even harder. As for the revenge from the Mu Family, that won’t be something you need to worry about. After you enter a Magic University, they naturally won’t be able to touch you that easily, and if you were to remain in Bo City, then we are still quite willing to continue carrying on nurturing you,” Deng Kai said.

After hearing the two teachers words, Mo Fan felt somewhat moved.

No wonder why Principal Zhu and Deng Kai has such prestige within the hearts of the students and their parents. It seemed like they had always been on the side of the common students. They were willing to protect the common students, even from the Ancestral Families and Clans. These kind of people were hard to find, one had to know that the school directors of many other public schools would try to curry favors with the strong.

“Alright, the competition is the day after tomorrow; adjust your mindset and perform properly. Even if winning against this Yu Ang who has been carefully nurtured by the Mu Family is impossible, the duel this time is still an opportunity for you. It is not an everyday occurrence that you can gather so many important people of Bo City to watch youngsters have a duel.”

“Mhm, even after you enter an University, a Magician’s advancement requires a large amount of resources. If you are to find someone of influence to watch over you before you enter University, and is willing to subsidize you, then it will be much better for you after you enter University. After all, the competition amongst the Magicians in the Universities are even fiercer. If you don’t have anything, then you won’t be a match for those students who have an even stronger power behind them,” Principal Zhu told Mo Fan.

The two teachers didn’t say anything useless. In fact, they were telling Mo Fan the answers to questions that he would encounter in the future. They hoped for Mo Fan to understand that the road of Magicians wasn’t that simple.

Mo Fan once again expressed his thanks to the two teachers.


The time went past very quickly. The Mu Family was in their manor as they wildly beat their gongs and drums.

Mo Fan walked out of the school, he raised his head up at an angle as he couldn’t help but sigh in sorrow. Shit, three years have gone past so fast!

It’s not long before I will have to leave this school gate.

Three years ago, I walked out of middle school. Three years later, I’m on the verge of walking out of this high school.

The school gates had numerous cars parked there today. Most of them were here to pick up their adorable Mage children and return home. The school had given the students ten days of self-cultivation time in order to welcome the Magic High Exams that happened after those ten days.

But before the Magic High Exams, Mo Fan naturally still had his duel.

In fact, he had been waiting far too long for this day to arrive!

He could not forget the high horse attitude which Mu He had displayed when he snatched away their family house, nor his father Mo Jiaxing’s low and petty action that caused Mo Fan’s heart to tighten.

He would definitely not forget Mu Zhuoyun’s conceited attitude from two years ago. A long time ago, he had treated them as a dog as he drove them out; yet, on that day, he threw a bone and called Mo Fan back, expecting him to come. Was he born into this society to be controlled at the very bottom by the guys who tyrannically abused him?

No one should be born to be someone else’s slave, unless they were willing to lick the shoes of their owner!

The him of yesterday was indeed not even worth mentioning, a clown with a mouse as sideshow. Tomorrow, he would enter the gates of the Mu Family and rely on the cultivation which he had bitterly worked on for so many years to defeat the disciple which they had carefully nurtured and let this fool understand what it meant to start a great fire with just a tiny spark!


“Mo Fan, Mo Fan!” a familiar middle aged man yelled toward him.

“Father, how come you’re here?” Mo Fan asked as he lowered his head, astonished.

“I heard that the school is giving you guys a self-study holiday, so I came here to pick you up.” Mo Jiaxing revealed a spotless row of teeth, his face filled with a silly smile.

It felt like he had returned to three years ago when he had walked out from failing the exams. It had also been filled with cars by the gates, and his father, Mo Jiaxing, had been waiting with the crowd, his face sweating.

The difference was that Mo Jiaxing was more tanned and skinny, Mo Fan didn’t even need to ponder to understand that his father had been running all over the place for the family in the past three years.

The other difference was that Mo Fan himself had gone from a student who was lagging behind the others to a Magician who had grasped the Lightning and Fire element!

At the very least, he was worthy to face Mo Jiaxing’s decision to send him to the Magic School without hesitation!

“Father, you don’t need to work so hard. Didn’t I transfer a bit of money over to you?” When Mo Fan saw his father this tanned, he began to feel bad.

“You can keep your money to yourself, a Magician needs a lot of money. I have heard from the old Mages in the stronghold saying that there is something called a Stardust Magic Tool that is able to increase the speed of your cultivation. I’ll see if I can raise some money to buy you one, this way you’ll have something when you enter University, or else what would you have to compete against those other kids from the big cities?” Mo Jiaxing said with a smile.

Mo Fan was momentarily speechless.

Magic had replaced science, yet, Mo Jiaxing was still like a common father, pure and blunt.

“Don’t worry, that thing has already been provided to me by the school. Don’t worry, take that money and go check out houses with little aunt when you have time. You don’t have to buy it, you can just rent one for now,” Mo Fan said.

This year Mo Fan had hunted quite a few beasts, their commission was considerable, from 120-130k RMB.

This money was not enough to buy Magic Equipment, nor Magical Tools, but it was enough to allow his father to rest for a period of time and relieve the pressure of their finances.

The truth is, Mo Fan didn’t know how to tell his father Mo Jiaxing that a Stardust Magical Tool was actually really, really expensive. It’s not something you could afford even if you were to work hard for a few years; this thing was something you couldn’t buy even if you were to work hard for several lifetimes.

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