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Chapter 68 - Protecting the Resident Area



The old banyan tree’s branches were waving wildly, the dead leaves and branches fell to the ground. 

“Yu Ang, quick, use one more layer of Ice Spread!” Guo Caitang immediately realized something as she urgently ordered Yu Ang. 

“I can’t, the aura is too strong, it’s leaving me unable to breathe,” Yu Ang replied weakly. 

Mo Fan also felt the mad beast aura that smashed onto his face like a sea wave, followed by the One-eyed Magic Wolf raising its head to howl at the sky. This ferocious aura continued to splash out like a great wave, causing all the residences on the old street to start trembling. 

“Advancement, this guy has been pressured by us so much that it forcing its own advancement!” 

“After absorbing the energy from Underground Holy Spring, it already possessed the potential to advance. We must stop it. If we let it succeed at its advancement, then even if Yang Zuohe were gets here, he won’t necessarily be able to subdue it!” Xu Dahuang’s face turned extremely ugly. 

After being in the City Hunter Team for so long, it was also Xu Dahuang’s first time encountering a Magical Beast at the advanced stage. 

An advanced stage Magical Beast wasn’t scary at all; the scariest part is a Magical Beast that has successfully evolved. That was not something these Primary Magicians were capable of withstanding! 

Moreover, once it starts to wantonly massacre everything, the people of this area of the city would suffer a devastating attack! 

“This isn’t good, we are unable to stop it. Let’s use the time before it successfully advances to escape from this place,” Li Wenjie said with his face completely pale. 

The speed of a Magical Beast that had successfully advanced was not something Li Wenjie was capable of dealing with, the people here would all die. It wouldn’t even take ten seconds for a One-eyed Magic Wolf who had succeeded at its evolution to kill every single person here! 

“What the hell are you saying? Turn yourself around and see what’s behind your back!” Xu Dahuang said angrily. 

This area was abandoned because of the existence of construction sites, and the banyan street was also at a semi-demolished state. However, after passing through the old banyan street, there was a business district with flashing neon lights. 

Sitting in that place were families of old and young who were watching movies, there were girls who were preparing the presents for Qixi Festival, there were also old couples who were leisurely taking a walk. Resident towers, shops, entertainment centers, plazas...

“Do you think these people are capable of protecting themselves?

“It’s safe to say that if we were to turn around and leave, then the One-eyed Magic Wolf who has completed its advancement will definitely be in need of a large quantity of food. These people are the food!” 

This city did have Magicians who were stronger than their Hunter Team. However, Intermediate level Magicians wouldn’t be maintaining a stage of alert at all times. Even if they were to come here at the fastest speed possible to eliminate the One-eyed Magic Wolf, it definitely did not mean that they would be able to prevent the massacre caused by it within that period of time. 

Just how many humans lives would be lost is something Xu Dahuang did not dare calculate. 

“Although that little scoundrel is extremely annoying, he still has done something incredible today. We were able to discover this One-eyed Magic Wolf that was about to evolve in time; that can be considered as preventing an increasingly large massacre. However, we don’t have to say such disheartening thing, it still hasn’t successfully evolved, thus, we are still able to obstruct it!” Guo Caitang smiled coldly.

Xu Dahuang has already decided to not run. 

To be honest, the spirit of the Captain of the City Hunter Team caused Mo Fan to feel some admiration toward him. 

“Fei Shi, prepare Earth Wave to slow it down. If it breaks away from the Ice Spread, we definitely cannot let it run,” Xu Dahuang ordered. 

Feishi nodded. 

His palm suddenly smacked onto the cement road. In a split second, the surface of the ground suddenly turned into what looked like ripples on a lake. These ripples were moving toward a single direction, forcing the frozen One-eyed Magic Wolf away toward a location more distant from everyone. 

However, the Ice Spread’s effects couldn’t be sustained for much longer.

A churning heat from the Wolf’s body began to force the surrounding frost to melt into water, and caused that water to start boiling. 

“This guy really is evolving, its body and blood vessels are boiling!” Feishi said with an uneasy expression. 

Li Wenjie clenched his teeth, he didn’t know what to do. 

To be honest, once this One-eyed Magic Wolf successfully evolved, none of the people here would be able to survive. No one would be able to stop this monster from entering the flourishing business district. 

Remaining here would be awaiting his own death. 

Furthermore, the signs of this One-eyed Magic Wolf’s advancement were already very evident, why were they still remaining, awaiting death?

“It is about to break through!” Li Wenjie said, cold sweat dripping off her. 

Crap, now it was too late to escape! 

Xu Dahuang, Xiake, Feishi, Guo Caitang, none of them had the intention to leave. 

Mo Fan at this moment was gazing at this One-eyed Magic Wolf, he could clearly see the One-eyed Magic Wolf’s muscles had turned slightly transparent. The veins within the muscles could actually be seen, they were boiling at a high temperature. The blood was quickly flowing through the One-eyed Magic Wolf’s body!

The One-eyed Magic Wolf’s bones were cracking, and bones actually grew directly from the shoulder muscles, becoming a sharp shoulder edge. 

Its backbone that was already at the size of a giant was also currently growing, it pierced through the muscles of its back. Bones that still had wisps of blood glued to them had turned into a thorny ridge on its back. Beneath the cold moonlight, it appeared increasingly dreadful! 

“Fire Burst, Rupture!” 

Xu Dahuang was finally unable to resist. A fireball was condensed within his hand. It carried some resentment as he threw it toward this monster. 


Raging flames loudly exploded in front of the One-eyed Magic Wolf, the fierce tongue of fire immediately engulfed the One-eyed Magic Wolf. The scarlet blaze was shrouding the entire street in choking smoke. 

A heatwave immediately poured over the old street, and the old banyan trees combusted beneath the fierce flames. Furthermore, it began to spread toward the older buildings. 

The residents of these old buildings had already escaped without a trace. After the explosion, the two buildings to the sides had turned into a mess. 

It was a ferocious blast, and presumably, it would be able to cause injuries to the One-eyed Magic Wolf. 

When the intensity of the fire had dissipated, a figure with its body completely draped in flames suddenly flew out from the place that had exploded. As it flew out, it knocked aside everything that was in its way. 

“Captain, be careful!” Feishi yelled out.

Xu Dahuang was completely frozen with shock.

After suffering from his Fire burst, Rupture, this One-eyed Magic Wolf had actually emerged safely! 

“Earth Wave!” Feishi risked his life to use the spell. 

He controlled the surface of the ground and wanted to use the rippling ground to drag the running One-eyed Magic Wolf backwards. Who would’ve thought that the One-eyed Magic Wolf’s speed was too quick, the rippling ground was of no use! 


The burning One-eyed Magic Wolf suddenly jumped, showing its unharmed belly. The claw it had poised to strike turned into a streak of cold light as it cut towards the motionless Xu Dahuang. 

“Water Barrier, Protect!” Xiaoke was still able to complete her Star Path during the calamity, countless strands of water quickly forming a liquid armor as the claw landed on Captain Xu Dahuang’s body. 

The powerful claw ferociously ripped across this water armor. 

A spray of blood spurted out. A long wound emerged on the body of Captain Xu Dahuang, looking as though his chest had been completely ripped open! 

Translator: Tofu

Editor: RED

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