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Chapter 66 - Bone Shield Saving Life        


“Mo Fan… Mo Fan… What do we do, I can’t run anymore.” Zhoumin was still ghost-white pale from fright as she hid behind Mo Fan. 

It was the dead of the night on this old residential street. Due to the abandoned construction site, there weren’t many people living here to begin with. At this moment, the One-eyed Magic Wolf had dashed out of the construction site as it followed the slightly muddy street. From the shadows of the old banyan tree, you could only see another shadow engulfing everything as it passed by. 

“Hurry up and escape with your grandmother, I’ll try to delay this thing!” Mo Fan said to Zhoumin. 

No matter how fast they ran, they still couldn’t run away from a violent, four-limbed One-eyed Magic Wolf. At this time, Mo Fan was once again reminded of how important it was to have a movement spell. 

“How are you going to delay…” Zhoumin asked as her voice trembled. 

“Don’t bullshit so much!” Mo Fan excoriated her. 

Although Zhoumin was also a Fire Mage, her Fire Burst: Scorch was completely useless against this kind of large One-eyed Magic Wolf. The signal device had pointed out that his Hunter team members were in the vicinity, so Mo Fan should be able to hold up until reinforcements came. 

Zhoumin finally stopped wasting time as she hurriedly ran toward one of the houses on the street. 

However, Mo Fan underestimated this stupid girl’s kindness. Not only did she notify her grandmother, she also wanted to notify the older people who also lived on the street. 

 As Mo Fan realized that there were quite a few old people who still lived on the old residential street, his forehead creased. 

If they hadn’t seen through this thing today, then it’s possible that these old people would’ve turned into the One-eyed Magic Wolf’s food. 

It’s here! 

Finally, the One-eyed Magic Wolf caught up and was roughly twenty meters away from Mo Fan. 

The One-eyed Magic Wolf probably didn’t even need a second to cover the twenty meters.

(Ed. Note: Ah, the speed of plot. So swift, yet taking so much time to catch up to those waiting for it…) 

Not to mention, these Magical Beasts were way scarier than what the school described them. The pressure given off by the One-eyed Magic Wolf as it dashed over was about the same as a car. A normal person would just stand there completely dumbstruck. 

“I told you to not chase, yet you still had to freaking chase. Do you think that I’m gonna drop some rare loot after I die?” Mo Fan couldn’t help but  curse as he stared at the One-eyed Magic Wolf that was dashing over. 

Cursing was one thing, but Mo Fan had no intention of standing there waiting to get killed. 

His intent was locked onto the scythe imprint within his Spiritual World; In an instant, a mystical glow from the spirit blossomed from his body. 

In the front of Mo Fan, the mystical glow was quickly drawing a three-dimensional, rhombus formed shield that was a bit taller than a human. 

When the mystical light was at its brightest, the radiance in the front of Mo Fan turned into a dark green bone shield with clear corners. 

Magical Equipment, Bone Scythe Shield!

The Bone Scythe Shield was floating in front of Mo Fan’s head as it was enveloped in the mystical light. It was extremely fast. 

The colossal One-eyed Magic Wolf wasn’t aware of the appearance of the Bone Scythe Shield,  and in its haste to crush Mo Fan into mincemeat was unable to stop in time...


Because the One-eyed Magic Wolf was leaning forward, it hit the Bone Scythe Shield head-on. The Bone Scythe Shield emitted a fierce trembling sound. The One-eyed Magic Wolf who had rammmed into the Bone Scythe Shield with colossal force flew back ten or so meters, and caused Mo Fan, taking cover behind the shield, to be blown away as well. 

After the Bone Scythe Shield had warded off the vicious attack of the One-eyed Magic Wolf, it immediately turned into fragments of lights as it disappeared into thin air. Mo Fan slid along the cement like he was on a skateboard as he was forced back.

His stomach felt awful. 

Mo Fan fought down the urge to puke. Even though the Bone Scythe Shield had warded off the One-eyed Magic Wolf’s strongest attack, Mo Fan still felt like his stomach had been hit by something. 

“What a strong animal!” Mo Fan was secretly astonished. 

The quality of the Bone Scythe Shield could be called pretty good equipment, as being able to block the full strength of a Magical Beast and emerge safe demonstrated. However, when the One-eyed Magic Wolf had charged over, it had still caused some damage to Mo Fan. From that, he could tell that if this power had directly hit his body, it would definitely caused his bones to shatter.

The One-eyed Magic Wolf was lying on the street, its head was bleeding. 

It shook its head as it slowly climbed up in a daze, and then held the area it had hurt with its paw like a human would. 

“It can even stand up from that, is its body made out of iron?” As Mo Fan saw that this One-eyed Magic Wolf hadn’t lost its ability to move, his jaw nearly dropped to the ground. 

Was it that the Magical Beast he had encountered before was too weak, or this One-eyed Magical Wolf was just particularly strong? If it was the Spirit Wolf or that Colossal-eyed Ape Rat who had charged over like that, then their bones would have fallen apart! 

Run, hurry and run! 

Taking advantage of this thing still being dazed, he began to run away without stopping. 

Just running wouldn’t work, it would quickly catch up. Thus, he’ll just give it a Lightning Strike so it will lose its ability to move for a bit! 

At this kind of time, Mo Fan no longer dared to hide his strength. If Zhoumin saw his Lightning element, then she saw it; convincing her to not tell anyone wouldn’t be too hard. 

As he took a deep breath, he eased the pain in his stomach. Mo Fan had already begun to prepare for Control of his Lightning Star Path. 

“Ice Spread, Condense!” 

As Mo Fan had just began taking control of two Lightning stars, a girl’s shout came from afar. 

A cold air quickly covered this old resident street, frost fell down from the ominous sky. 

This frost was formed by command, it quickly gathered on the foot of the One-eyed Magic Wolf, and the surroundings of the One-eyed Magic Wolf condensed into an ice block. 

The ice was able to spread. It grew up the One-eyed Magic Wolf’s strong legs, and in just a few seconds of time, the One-eyed Magic Wolf’s four limbs were covered in ice. 

If the One-eyed Magic Wolf were in perfect condition, then the Ice Spread most likely wouldn’t be able to stop him. However, the One-eyed Magic Wolf was currently in a dazed condition. By the time it was clear-headed, its lower limbs would already be frozen. If it were still able to take a step, then freezing it would be extremely difficult! 

Mo Fan felt a joy as he turned around, seeing a cold-faced girl wearing dark purple jeans with long legs standing at the end of the street. The white Ice Star Path was still on the side of her body emitting a radiance, causing the Ice Maga to look even more beautiful. 

“Caitang!” Mo Fan was overjoyed. 

She didn’t forget that he had saved her life once before with Lightning Strike, and with her timely move this time, he was able to maintain the secret of the Lightning element. 

“Little bastard, how come you are here?” Guo Caitang was suspicious as she looked at Mo Fan. 

This thing Mo Fan, how could Guo Caitang not recognize him? With a group of little kids, they peeked at her taking a bath, how could Guo Caitang ever forget about that matter? It made her hate Mo Fan to the bone. 

If she knew it was him who had attracted an One-eyed Magic Wolf, then Guo Caitang definitely would’ve hesitated when she took action earlier. In theory, a pervert and a Magical Beast should both be the same; in the name of the moon, I will eliminate you!

“I… My girlfriend and I were having a date here. You came just in time.” Mo Fan immediately retreated to a safe distance as he reunited with Zhoumin and her grandma. 

“Hurry and get lost. Our Hunter Team is already in the vicinity,” Guo Caitang said with a rude tone. 

Translator: Tofu

Editor: RED

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