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Chapter 65 - Brother Wolf, We Came in Peace, We Leave in Peace?         


“This place has many vagrants living here. They wouldn’t be integrated into the population statistics recorded by the police. This One-eyed Magic Wolf is so sly. It hides in the abolished construction site and then uses those wanderers that no one takes notice of as food. If I hadn’t found this, then who knows how many people would have become its rations,” Mo Fan coldly snorted. 

Zhoumin was already scared to the point where she couldn’t talk. Originally, she had come here with the attitude of finding the source of the problem, but she didn’t expect to encounter a Magical Beast that ate people. Even if Bo City had nearly a million people, there were people dying everyday. That, however, did not mean that the living people were being eaten by a Magical Beast that hid in a place like this. Dreadful, this whole thing was too dreadful! 

“Speaking of which, Zhoumin, don’t you feel like this One-eyed Magic Wolf is different from the ones our teacher has described?” Mo Fan commented as he looked at the dreadful animal from afar. 

How could Zhoumin possibly have the mood to think about this question? At the moment, she was thinking about how to escape this construction site without being discovered, and then immediately notifying the Hunter’s Union of this scary information. 

“Its physique is at least twice as big as the one our teacher described, this is not your common One-eyed Magic Wolf,” Mo Fan continued. 

Zhoumin almost went crazy. 

Let’s think of a way to escape this place first alright? How can Mo Fan’s courage be at this level! 

Mo Fan himself very quickly realized that Zhoumin was only an arrogant girl in school. When faced with a horror scene such as this, she lost her intent to investigate. 

“You can leave this place first and call the City Hunter Team’s hotline. While you’re at it, have the police move the residents and wanderers of this area away,” Mo Fan said to Zhoumin.

“What about you?” Zhoumin asked. 

“I’ll stay here and watch over it,” Mo Fan replied. 

Zhoumin looked at Mo Fan with a gaze that seemed as though she had seen a monster. 

They were both third year high school students, but why doesn’t this guy have any reaction after seeing this scene? Normal people would be so scared that they’d pee their pants. 

After carefully thinking about it, Zhoumin suddenly realized that this abnormal Mo Fan had killed a Spirit Wolf once before; it seems like Magical Beasts don’t bring out too much fear in him. 

A freak, he’s a freak. 

“I… I already notified them,” Zhoumin whispered, somewhat proud of herself for taking the initiative. 

Mo Fan was confused as he asked without thinking it over, “How did you notify… Oh, shit!” 

Within a heartbeat, Mo Fan realized the trouble he was in. 


Inside the not-so-distant building, the One-eyed Magic Wolf who was busy having its meal slowly turned its head around. The lantern-like eye locked onto the location Zhoumin and Mo Fan were at.

In a split second, the atmosphere froze. 

Despite hiding beneath a brick wall, Mo Fan and Zhoumin could still feel the shivering killing intent released from the savage One-eyed Magic Wolf. 

An evening wind came through, carrying a dense smell of blood as it blew right into the faces of Mo Fan and Zhoumin. 

Zhoumin was completely dumbstruck. She never thought that the One-eyed Magic Wolf would suddenly discover their whereabouts. As her gaze met that single eye, it was as though her entire being was dropped into a dreadful abyss, her body was unable to move. 

“Did your mom not teach you that Magical Beasts have the ability to sense mobile signals!?” Mo Fan grabbed Zhoumin, and with lightning speed, he dashed toward the outside of the construction site.

The creatures in this world had one thing that was out of the norm, which was their ability to sense the signals of magical equipment. So even if you were to send a help text to the City Hunter Team with your phone sounds off, it’d be no different than sending your phone GPS location to the Magical Beast’s brain, exposing you instantly! 


The One-eyed Magic Wolf also realized that its whereabouts were exposed. It readied its body like a bow, and then it became like a coyote who found food as it flew toward Mo Fan and Zhoumin, its speed extremely frightening! 

Fortunately, Mo Fan and Zhoumin were a good distance away from this thing, or else the two of them would have instantly turned into the One-eyed Magic Wolf’s midnight snack. 

Mo Fan ran extremely fast, he was running as he was connecting his Star Path. 

This technique was something he had learned from the few times he had responded to a call with the City Hunter Team. If a Magician stood in his original spot connecting his Star Path like a retard, the Magical Beast could just wantonly throw something at your forehead, and you would lose your life on the spot! 

“Fire Burst, Burning Bones!” 

With one hand, he held Zhoumin’s wrist as he ran; on the other hand, he coagulated a boiling fireball.

As he jumped over the piles of cement bags in front of him, the fireball in his hands was simultaneously thrown toward the One-eyed Magic Wolf that was charging them. 


The swirling speed of the Fire Burst, Burning Bones was extremely fast; in an instant, it ignited the pile of scrap wood. Due to the high temperature, the One-eyed Magic Wolf didn’t dare to charge through it. 

Mo Fan’s Fire Burst naturally wasn’t thrown at the One-eyed Magic Wolf. The nimbleness of One-eyed Magic Wolf was at the same level as the Colossal-eyed Ape Rat. Its sturdy four limbs allowed it to vigorously jump over the ruins while Mo Fan’s skill with his spells hadn’t reached a level where he would be able to accurately hit the One-eyed Magic Wolf. 

The objective of the Burning Bones flames was simple: to form a fire wall to cut off the One-eyed Magic Wolf’s attack route! 


However, the One-eyed Magic Wolf’s agility had far exceeded Mo Fan’s imagination. The One-eyed Magic Wolf’s back legs ferociously stomped the ground, and it suddenly jumped up. It had actually directly jumped over the raging Burning Bones flames. 

Boom! The One-eyed Magic Wolf landed heavily, raising a cloud of dust. 

Its eye once again locked onto the escaping Mo Fan and Zhoumin. The One-eyed Magic Wolf’s back legs stamped ferociously, its body lowered and then become like a charging bullet as it charged after them. The construction wood, sand piles, and handcarts in the way were all sent flying to the sides. 

Mo Fan turned his head around, and was unable to stop himself from cursing. 

This One-eyed Magic Wolf really was abnormal. Let’s not even talk about its speed, its body was actually so sturdy. If he were to get hit by the One-eyed Magic Wolf like this, then Mo Fan would lose his life. It was probably much stronger than any of the other Magical Beasts that he had encountered before. 

Fortunately, Zhoumin and I were a bit far from it before. We’ll be exiting the construction site soon, we should be safer once we’re outside. 

Boom! Boom! Boom! 

The temporary outer walls of the construction site were like foam, directly smashed into pieces by One-eyed Magic Wolf’s body. When Mo Fan and Zhoumin, who had just made it to the old residence area, turned their heads around and realized that the One-eyed Magic Wolf was still chasing them, their entire beings turned completely dumbstruck. 

Freaking One-eyed Magic Wolf, this daddy has already entered his pagoda, yet you still want to be that noisy?

Before, Mo Fan had thought that this One-eyed Magic Wolf had some intelligence, because it was hiding in a construction site no one was at while it ate vagrants. Thus, he deduced that the One-eyed Magic Wolf would not chase them all the way to the old residence street. If it was discovered by people, it would become the objective of a manhunt. Who would’ve thought that the One-eyed Magic Wolf was actually that stupid, it directly chased them out of the construction site. 

Brother Wolf, attacking in the broad daylight would not give you anyone to eat, so you can go and head home. Although it is currently evening and the old residence street doesn’t have many people around, there will still be someone who will see this and report this… Isn’t it better if we all were to just come and leave in peace today, split up after we’ve crossed this corner and none of us will turn their head around? 

Shit, you’re still chasing? If you’re still chasing, then don’t blame me for being impolite!

Translator: Tofu

Editor: RED

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