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Chapter 57 - Danger! Brushing Past the Body


Mo Fan felt as though he was burning with impatience. At this moment, he really wished he had a movement spell so he could quickly arrive at Mingwen Girls Middle School. 

Sitting in the slow taxi, he finally arrived at Aunt Mo Qing’s house.

As he dashed into his aunt’s house, Mo Fan almost crashed into a girl in a wheelchair when he turned a corner. 

“Brother Mo Fan.” Ye Xinxia smiled sweetly, she was astonished and delighted that he was there. 

“Xinxia, you’re okay! You scared the living hell out of me.” As Mo Fan saw Ye Xinxia’s smile, his heart immediately calmed down.

“What’s wrong?”

“Why was your phone turned off when I called you?”

“Payment was due, I wasn’t willing to pay.” Ye Xinxia lowered her head as she answered, feeling embarrassed. 


Alright, the girl only wanted to save a little money. 

Either way, as long as she was okay, it was good. Mo Fan loosened up. 

“Did the Practicals go smoothly?” Ye Xinxia handed a rolled handkerchief to Mo Fan. 

Nowadays, girls who carried a handkerchief were far too few. It’s not that Xinxia was immersed in literature, but it was because carrying one would save money. 

Mo Fan wiped his sweat as he also smelled the fragrance on the handkerchief. Hmm, there’s still that alluring body fragrance. The ones he had stolen before had lost their fragran….eh, I almost exposed my vulgar actions.

“I heard that there are missing girls from your school?” Mo Fan asked. 

“Mhm.” Ye Xinxia nodded several times urgently. “It’s really scary this time, Aunt won’t even let me go to school.”

“Tell me what’s going on.”

“It’s a girl from my next door class, her name is Lin Yuner. The day she disappeared, I was also in the library, she even told me that she was going back to the dormitory. However, after that, I never saw her again. None of the cameras in school saw her leaving the school either.” Ye Xinxia said as she said with a low voice. 

Seeing her turning pale at recalling this, Mo Fan lightly patted her shoulder. 

“In this case, you’re the last person to see her?” Mo Fan asked. 

“Yeah, the police have already asked me numerous times, but that is all I know. However…” Ye Xinxia lowered her head. 

“What’s wrong?” Mo Fan asked. 

“After leaving the library, I smelled something strange. This smell was similar to the rancid odor that was emitted from a certain place within the school cafeteria. However, our library is far from the cafeteria, and at that time, I felt a strange chill. It was like...something was staring at me. I was really scared, so I hurriedly left that place,” Ye Xinxia said. 

Mo Fan’s eyebrows creased. Apparently, she had already been extremely close to danger! 

“Brother Mo Fan, if I didn’t leave that early…” Ye Xinxia was clearly at a loss. 

“Yeah, it’s a good thing that you left early, or else you could possibly have become that missing girl.” Mo Fan was glad inside. 

Ye Xinxia shook her head as she used a voice that only she seemed to be able to hear to blame herself, “I reckon that scary thing’s initial objective was me. Since I hurriedly left the place, it turned its attention toward the person next to me, Li Yuner. I...I should’ve gone to find Lin Yuner and had her leave the school with me.”

As Mo Fan heard Ye Xinxia blaming herself, he was momentarily speechless. 

This brat, just what is she thinking in her head... 

If she hadn’t left early, then it’s possible that there would be two missing people. If the school really had something that shouldn’t be there, then neither of the two girls had the strength to defend themselves. 

“How can this be blamed on you? Even if you were to tell Lin Yuner, she’d just think you’re too paranoid. Your five senses has always been more sharp than others ever since you were young; however, you are unable to move freely. Being able to protect yourself is already an impressive matter,” Mo Fan used a soft voice to comfort her. 

“Brother Mo Fan, do you think Lin Yuner has already…”

“Most likely...Oh, no. Definitely not. I’m now working for the City Hunter Team, we will solve this problem. How could I let my cute Xinxia stay in such a dangerous school!” Mo Fan said as he clapped his chest.

This came from Mo Fan’s heart. 

With such a thing happening within the Mingwen Girls Middle School, even if he wasn’t a part of the City Hunter Team, he’d still rush over. Ye Xinxia had already lost something very important to her growing up. No matter what happened, Mo Fan would not allow his wheelchair-bound sister to suffer even more things. 

She was pure, beautiful and kind. When he was young, he’d often hide in Ye Xinxia’s home after having fights with other kids from the area because he was scared of his dad’s scolding. Ye Xinxia would carefully clean and wrap his cuts and bruises for him. She even lied to them for his sake...

Ever since then, Mo Fan made a vow to himself that he would definitely take good care of her and not allow her to suffer anything. 

“For the next few days, stay home. Wait till I finish dealing with the perpetrator?...” Mo Fan patted Ye Xinxia’s head.

“Mm.” Ye Xinxia nodded her head sweetly. 

After learning that Mo Fan was a Lightning Mage, Ye Xinxia began to feel more safe. Moreover, she could also feel her Brother Fan was currently becoming stronger and stronger. 

He went from a common youth to a Magician, and then became a member of the City Hunter Team! He changed practically every time she saw him! She guessed that during the time she didn’t see him, he had done his very best to improve. 

“Brother Mo Fan, did you get exposed to the sun when you were in practicals?”

“Not at all, why do you ask that?” 

“You’re so black that I could barely recognize you.” 



After leaving his aunt’s home, Mo Fan headed for Mingwen Girls Middle School. 

Shit, a city and a school actually had such a scary thing happening; developing the flowers of this country in this kind of environment. The teachers may be able to endure it, but this uncle won’t! 

The beautiful girls of Mingwen Girls Middle School, do not be flustered, do not be afraid.1 Your prince on a black horse has come to rescue you from this chaos! 


As he kicked the elegant gate of the school open, Mo Fan was feeling ready to enjoy the admiration and attention from thousands of girls in their short, white skirts. Who would’ve thought that as he looked in, the entire campus was completely empty. A few homeless cats on the flowerbed stretched their heads out as they used their disdainful gazes to look at the intruder by the gate; it looked as though they were saying, “Where’d this retard come from, you scared the crap out of this daddy!” 

Oh, ohh. I forgot this is the summer break, the girls aren’t here. 

“En? You got here before me.” Not long after, a girl’s voice came behind him. 

Mo Fan turned around and discovered it was that extremely arrogant Guo Caitang. 

Other than this girl having a plump chest and slender legs, her entire body emitted the temperament of an evil woman.

Translator: Tofu

Editor: RED

1. There's a pun here that was lost in the translation. What was basically happening was that the words for "Do not" in chinese is "Bu Yao", the author made a pun and made it "Mo Yao" with the Mo from Mo Fan. 

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