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Chapter 48 - Lightning and Fire!




Outside of the cavern. In order to relieve the burn from the flames, the Spirit Wolf jumped into the middle of the pond. 

However, for a reason they don’t know, after the dripping wet Spirit Wolf had climbed out of the pond, it looked like its appearance had completely changed. The originally green pupil had turned into scarlet. 

The Spirit Wolf’s wild nature was very hard to tame. Once it receives a strong and fierce stimulation, it could easily go mad. 

In a battlefield, the Spirit Wolf’s madness could indeed bring unusual effects. However, to the students, this would be a disaster! 

The scarlet red pupil was filled with a dreadful, ominous glint. The exceedingly angry Spirit Wolf’s eyes were fixated on Mo Fan; its killint intent turned into a shivering cold energy as it swatted towards Mo Fan. 

Mo Fan’s entire body stood motionless. 

This Spirit Wolf was far stronger and crueler than what he had imagined. 

“M...Monkey!” Mo Fan was barely able to muster up strength to speak. 

Zhang Xiaohou also felt this dreadful killing intent as he frantically linked his Star Path. 

Before, he was unable to complete his Wind Star Path, however, now, he had no other choice but to do so. Or else, Mo Fan would be bitten to death in an instant. 


The Spirit Wolf flew up with its four limbs. Smoke and dust swirled up from its behind. 

This explosive power! 

The transition time between the Spirit Wolf’s immobility to jumping speed was less than a second, the explosive power was exceedingly dreadful. 

“Brother Fan!” 

Within the border between life and death, Zhang Xiaohou firmly grabbed onto the rigid Mo Fan. 

A Wind Trail became Zhang Xiaohou’s speed tunnel. Zhang Xiaohou stole Mo Fan from the Wolf’s mouth in a crucial situation, and continued advancing toward the inner part of the cavern. 


The Spirit Wolf’s tooth bite the air and emitted an ear-piercing collision. 

As he bit into the thin air, it was as though he received a great humiliation. This dreadful creature then once more broke out its astonishing speed as it chased into the cavern. 

Within the cavern was quite a few fainted people. They clumb up with great efforts before they were greeted once more by a mad Spirit Wolf. 

These students were all crashed flying with their blood flying all over. 

“Run, run quickly! Quick!” Mo Fan looked behind him. He could feel that the Spirit Wolf’s speed was a bit faster than Zhang Xiaohou’s Wind Trail, Swift Travel.

“I… I really am trying!” Zhang Xiaohou was dripping with cold sweat, however, he didn’t dare to have any slightest neglect.

The wind was whistling by the ear. Behind them was a tremendou monster Wolf madly pursuing them, even jumping would cause them to slow down at this point. 

“Just to the front, run away after that. I will deal with it!” Mo Fan finally found his destination before he said it with confidence.

“How could I do that, I will not drag Brother Fan down…”

A friend in need is a friend indeed. 

If he can survive this, then Mo Fan would definitely feel moved. 

The problem is, whether he will still be able to survive or not will depend on this god forsaken cavern. 

In the deeper part of the cavern was a spacious cave. The ground was ragged whereas the top was completely covered in stalactite. 

This place have no students, and also no place to run. You could say that this is a dead end. 

Zhang Xiaohou has already done his best. His Wind Trail has already given the two of them enough time fight for their lives. Now, the Spirit Wolf has finally caught up to them, they have no way to escape now. 

“Brother Fan, aren’t we quite mighty? We baited the Spirit Wolf all the way here so the other could run away…” Zhang Xiaohou suddenly said in peace. 

Mo Fan’s back was leaning against the stone wall as he looked toward the Spirit Wolf who had already found them before he scolded with a smile, “Bullshit. I, Mo Fan, would never do something like that.” 


As Mo Fan had said this, sands and stones spurted out of the Spirit Wolf’s mouth as it swirled up the sharp rocks within the cavern before it flew toward the two people. 

Zhang Xiaohou is after all a Wind Mage, his movement speed was slightly faster. 

He initially wanted to dodge, but then he noticed that Mo Fan was definitely not faster than he himself. 

He clenched his teeth, Zhang Xiahou heavily pushed Mo Fan toward the behind of a large rock. 

At this point, it was too late for him to dodge it. His body was instantly hit by the sharp stones, leaving behind a numerous injuries. Several eye-grabbing blood holes appeared! 

“Bastard, you bastard! If something happens to Monkey, I, Mo Fan, will definitely stomp you till you become minced meat!” Mo Fan said in anger. 

The time didn’t allow Mo Fan to check whether Zhang Xiaohou was alive or not. He took advantage of the time the Spirit Wolf was recharging, Mo Fan closed his eyes! 

However, after he opened his eyes once more, Mo Fan’s pupil was actually filled with densely packed, purple lightning! 

Eyes like Lightning, hair like Fire! 

Stars emitting from Mo Fan’s pupils. After the gorgeous, purple stars felt their owners anger, they unified like never before. They all connected into a beautiful, purple path; it was exceedingly dazzling within this dark cavern. 

The Star Path was in the middle, Mo Fan stood proud. 

“Lightning Strike, Python!” 

As he said this, a Lightning trace that looked as though it was a python appeared around Mo Fan’s surrounding. They represented the anger within Mo Fan’s heart. 

He held his arm up high and gripped his hand. From within his hand was a lightning coming out of the finger seams. 

The Lightning Strike, Python turned into a brave and fierce lightning soldiers after receiving the command of Mo Fan. They either whipped out, exploded or tangled! 

One after another, the Lightning Strike hit the Spirit Wolf’s body. It electrified the Spirit Wolf’s muscles making it numb, and hit its skin till it burst open. 


Lightning Strike, the power of it is quite a bit stronger than Fire Burst, Burning Bones. This is also one of the few spells that is able to injure the Spirit Wolf. 

The Spirit Wolf’s fur had already been charred black. You could see the blood madly dripping from its muscles and skin! 

Even if the Spirit Wolf was in pain, it was still unable to move due to the Lightning Strike’s paralysis. The pair of scarlet eyes was still completely fixated on Mo Fan. 

That’s right, this is killing intent! 

This mad summoned Beast has already completely turned into a wild Magical Beast brimming with killing intent. That pair of eyes only have fighting and depise for human lives! 

“Fire Burst, Burning Bones!” 

Mo Fan’s stars linked once more, this time, his pupil turned from purple to a flaming red. 

The Fire stars was connected under his ray of his eyes. It quickly formed into a Star Path that was able to draw the magical powers from Mo Fan’s body! 

Staring at this Spirit Wolf’s eyes, Mo Fan’s heart didn’t feel any fear at this moment. What he felt was anger and an unwavering will. 

The Spirit Wolf’s eyes flashed a trace of despise toward the weak humankind, it was as though it was saying, “So what if you use it one more time. Burning Bones won’t be able to completely kill me. In that second my muscles are no longer numb, I will slice you into two!”

Burning Bones, even though it is exceedingly painful, the Spirit Wolf was still able to endure the Burning Bone’s internal combustion. 

Whether it was the Lightning Strike, Python or if it’s the Fire Burst, Burning Bones, it is still not enough to kill it. Thus, the end result would still be the humans ending up being food for himself. 

“You livestock…” Mo Fan was able to feel the depise coming from the Spirit Wolf’s eyes. 

“Look who’s going to die!” Mo Fan yelled out in anger. The Fire stars turned into a scorching Fireball condensing within Mo Fan’s palm. 

Translator: Tofu

Editor: RED

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