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Chapter 47 - The Spirit Wolf goes out of control


“Def...definitely in the same level.” Wang Sanpang’s upper half of his body was filled with blood as he climbed up from the floor. 

Xu Zhaoting remained on the floor, his current situation was no different from Mu Bai’s. 

On the other side, the other five students were also collapsed on the floor. They were buried beneath the sand and stones, completely unable to use their strength to get up again. 

Whereas the Spirit Wolf, although its body did suffer some damage, the injuries were not enough for him to lose any of his combat prowess. 

This Spirit Wolf’s strength had far surpassed their imaginations. Even if they all calmed themselves, even if they had ten or so people, they are still unable to deal with it. 

“If all the forty people were to join together and cast their spells, then it’s possible that we could’ve won. Bastard, scoundrels, this father will actually die in a place like this.” Wang Sanpang cursed. 

“Mo Fan, your….your Fire Element stronger than mine, quick, make your move!” Zhoumin yelled out from the side. 

The one who can truly damage the Spirit Wolf is Fire Burst and Lightning Strike, However, there are too few fire students. 

“It’s of no use. This isn’t even an One-eyed Magic Wolf!” Mo Fan’s eyes were fixated on this special Magical Beast. 

An One-eyed Magic Wolf only have one eye, this Magical Beast have a pair of verdant eyes. 

Practically every single person had been scared by this Magical Beast, so who would even pay attention to this dreadful creature’s characteristics? 

“Save……” He Yu was crouching there with her face turning extremely pale.

It was very clear that the Spirit Wolf greatly despises those who keeps weeping. After it had blown those students who were able to use Magic, its objective once more became He Yu! 

“Hurry up and run!!” Mo Fan felt a twitch. 

This woman is incurably stupid. Just now, there was numerous of people who was attacking the Spirit Wolf, giving her time to run away. However, she actually did not move a single step away!

This is not good. If this continues, then everyone will die under this Magical Beast. 

We have to get rid of this thing. 

“Monkey, are you able to rush forth? Mo Fan had an idea, he hurriedly asked Zhang Xiaohou who wasn’t too far away. 

Zhang Xiaohou repeatedly nodded his head. 

“Good, I will attract the attention of the Magical Beast. When I do that, you must carry me and run toward the cavern, do you understand?” Mo Fan said to Zhang Xiaohou with a serious tone. 

“Brother Fan, what are you planning on doing?” Zhang Xiaohou asked. 

“Slaughter it!” 

Mo Fan clenched his teeth, he used the pain to calm himself down. 

The Fire elemental stardust turned into a void cosmos space as it swirled around Mo Fan’s body. 

Each of the fire elemental stars finally began to link with each other to become a Magical Star Path under the command of Mo Fan. 

The speed of completing a Star Path for Mo Fan was very quickly. When he connected the sixth star, the most disobedient star, the seventh star, finally acknowledged the enforced command of Mo Fan. 

Completed the Star Path, Magic cast! 

A scorching flame ignited within Mo Fan’s palms. The scarlet flame was overflowing from Mo Fan’s finger seams. 

“Fire Burst, Burning Bones!”

Everything was complete. Mo Fan’s hair was madly fluttering from the airflow. His entire temperament had changed under that flame. 

As the fierce flame was thrown, the Fireball whistled past the air. It flew toward the Spirit Wolf’s massive trunk with an extreme accuracy. 

The Fireball was initially silent. After a bit, it looked as though it was a scarlet colored Vine that was frantically growing. It actually ignited from the Spirit Wolf’s body! The intensity of the flame was far more powerful than the Fire Burst casted by Zhoumin! 

The fierce flames were very bright, and also very ferocious. The Spirit Wolf raised its head and emitted an exceedingly painful howl. 

The Spirit Wolf seemed to be in pain as it kept running around the ground while rolling around as well. Finally, it turned and jumped into the pond. 

The flames from Burning Bones didn’t dissipate due to the water. The horrifying power of the burns probably burned the Spirit Wolf’s viscera into ashes! 

Zhoumin, Zhang Xiaohou, Wang Sanpang and Zhang Yinglu saw this scene and felt completely dumbstruck. 

The disorganized Elite Students who’s outside of the mountain pass were also looking at Mo Fan in disbelief. 

“Brother Fan...your Fire Burst…” Zhang Xiaohou looked at Mo Fan in disbelief. 

The power of Mo Fan’s Fire Burst was far stronger than Zhoumin, even the effects of the flames weren’t the same. 

Zhoumin’s Fire Burst is scorch. After the flames had touched upon the Spirit Wolf’s body, all it did was continue scorching on its body. This kind of scorch would only burn off the layer of the Spirit Wolf’s body, and not truly damage the Spirit Wolf’s muscles and bones. 

Whereas Mo Fan’s Fire Burst looked as though it was ignited from within the Spirit Wolf’s body. The effects of everyone’s magic skill just a while ago didn’t look as effective as Mo Fan’s Fire Burst! 

On the stone platform, the summoner called Bai Yang creased his eyebrow in this moment. 

There is a telepathic link between the summoned beast and the summoner. Bai Yang was able to feel the exceeding pain his Spirit Wolf was suffering, he was very clear on the fact that the Fire Burst used by the student had actually thoroughly damaged the Spirit Beast. 

“Fire Burst, Burning Bones?!” 

At this moment, both the Chief Instructor, Zhankong as well as Mrs. Tangyue revealed an astonished look on their faces! 

Zhankong and Tangyue the two are both Fire element cultivators. How could they not understand the primary skill of Fire element? 

The Fire element’s primary level, Fire burst, is divided into three levels. 

The first level of Fire burst is known as ‘Fire Burst, Scorch’

Fire Burst, Scorch is the lowest form of the Fire Burst. The power it possessed was just a quickly igniting the objective in order to burn them. 

However, the second level of Fire Burst is completely different. 

Fire Burst, Burning Bones, is as the name implies; After the Fireball has hit the enemy, flames of an increasingly high temperature would directly ignite from within the enemy’s body. It is able to burn even the bones to ashes! 

The external burn of the Fire Burst, Scorch is unable to deal a lot of damage to the Spirit Wolf. In one aspect, it was because the students had no idea where to attack, while in a different aspect, the Spirit Wolf’s fur possessed a high resistance capability. 

Whereas Fire Burst, Burning Bones is completely different. The dreadful flames that came from the internal combustion could very well burn the Spirit Wolf’s viscera completely. 

“This student...what’s his name?” Zhankong came back to his senses, his eyes finally revealed traces of praise. 

Being able to achieve the second level of Fire element skill, this student is remarkable! 

“His name is Mo Fan!” Mrs. Tangyue’s face revealed a slight smile. 

This Mo Fan actually did not let me down. In just a short period of a year, he has already risen to the level of Burning Bones! 

The truth is, the earliest Fire Burst skill she showed the students was actually Burning Bones. That was why the effects of the flames at that time were far stronger than the ones the students had seen before. 

“This student, we can give him S!” Zhankong said with satisfaction. 

Instructor Luo Yunbo and Vice Instructor Pan Lijun also nodded their heads. There is barely anyone who can reach this kind of realm within the entire Bo City. 

“Crap!” Suddenly, the summoner called Bai Yang yelled out. 

“What is it?” Chief Instructor, Zhankong asked. 

“After the Spirit Wolf had jumped into the pond, I don’t know why but for some reason, it has suddenly turned wild. It seems… It seems like I can’t control it!” Bai Yang said with a pale face. 

“Disgraceful! Didn’t I tell you to tame this guy’s wild nature?” Zhankong scolded. 

These words from Bai Yang caused Tangyue, Zhang Jianoguo and Chen Weiliang’s faces to turn greatly. 

Out of control??

This Spirit Wolf’s combat prowess is a bit stronger than an One-eyed Magic Wolf. If he were to lose control of it, then there’s no way to know how many students will fall to it!” 

“Quick, go stop it!” 

“Not good, it takes some time for us to get there.” 

“How could you lose control? Crap, it’s over. There’s gonna be people dying!” Chen Weiliang the director of the instructors was terrified. 

The Spirit Wolf was always lenient with his moves. Or else, there’d already be some students dying within the cavern.

Now, they’ve lost control of the Spirit Wolf. It will now truly start its slaughter, there’ll only be a few students who will be able to survive.

“I’m sorry, I...I don’t know why this happened.” The summoner, Bai Yang said. 

“What’s the point of saying that now, quick, go and rescue them!” Zhankong said in rage. 

Translator: Tofu

Editor: RED

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