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South of Xuhui District, the white lights of a tall, luxurious office building were shining upon the silent business district.

There were lots of office buildings here, most of them around twenty floors tall. The one shining with white lights was the only building with forty floors, more than a hundred meters tall.

The top floor of the building was temporarily empty, since no company had moved in yet. The whole floor only had some work tools prepared for the renovation.

It was late and quiet. The building was completely empty. Even the security guard was half-asleep on the first floor, not noticing an eerie figure moving through the greyscale views captured by the surveillance cameras.

The figure was moving quickly. He rapidly disappeared from one camera, before appearing instantly in another.

He seemed to be looking for something, like a misty gust!

He went all the way to the fortieth floor, the empty floor which only had an outer frame.

The floor was not tall, only slightly more than three meters high. The place felt gloomy, as the light from the city was only able to form some shadows in the floor.

Black coat, sharp and icy face, fresh red lips... Nie Dong was standing in front of the windows, staring at the night view of the modern yet tiny city.

Normally, he would be at the North Country Club, enjoying his delicious prey, but it was no longer possible.

He had been kicked out from the family, and become an abandoned vampire.

The reason was simple: the Hunter Union had set their eyes on him!

In other words, the family no longer cared if the Hunter Union had decided to hunt down Nie Dong. They were weak, timid. They were still living with their tails between their legs even when their capabilities significantly surpassed humans and Magicians. Nie Dong had enough of them, and was somehow relieved that he had left the family. At least no one would speak about those irritating rules beside his ears anymore.

A strange wind blew through the empty floor, swiping the back of Nie Dong's head.

Nie Dong grinned and spoke without turning his head around, "So you do have some sensibilities still? Why didn't you continue to wear your disguise in the institute instead? You didn't want to help me when I asked a few days ago, why are you here now?"

A woman was standing behind Nie Dong. She had a slim figure, with disheveled yet still elegant hair.

The figure moved closer, taking one step at a time very lightly...

"Die, asshole!" the girl let out a shrill cry. Her hands turned into white, sinister claws, grabbing at Nie Dong's neck like five daggers.

The claws left a cold aftertrail in the air, and deep wounds on Nie Dong's neck!

Nie Dong did not expect the girl to attack him. Luckily, he had dodged instinctively when he sensed the attack. Otherwise, the claw would have sliced his neck off from his head straight away!

"Are you out of your mind...why is it you!?" Nie Dong held onto his neck and hid aside. Fresh blood poured out from the gaps between his fingers.

In the past, there was no blood when Nie Dong's heart was stabbed by the dagger, but it began to pour out after his neck was cut open. It turned out that their blood was stored in body parts above the shoulders for vampires, especially the head and neck!

Nie Dong initially thought she was the woman from his family, but when he saw a familiar, yet strange face after turning around, he was left in astonishment and slight disbelief.

"Liu...Liu Ru?" Nie Dong blurted out after staring at the infuriated girl for a moment.

"I'm going to kill you!" repeated Liu Ru as if she had lost the ability to talk, trying to unleash all the anger in her heart.

"You've turned into one of the Blood Tribe… impossible, this isn't possible. Without one from the Blood Tribe giving you their blood, you'll only turn into a monster!" Nie Dong protested in astonishment.

Pale face, red lips, and exposed sharp fangs. Her previous delicate, adorable look had turned completely savage, pained, and furious. Her glamorous appearance was beyond recognition, her face filled with all sorts of negative emotions!

It was true that Nie Dong was planning to turn Liu Ru into one of the Blood Tribe. He had a deep-seated lust for the girl, and wanted to turn her into one of them so she could always be his companion.

However, he did not get to finish the Blood Tribe's ritual.

He had murdered the policewoman, as he needed lots of fresh blood to give to Liu Ru for her first meal.

He had only released her blood, which had returned to her body after it was modified by the Blood Diagram, which was only the first step. She would have to inherit the blood of the Blood Tribe, by drinking the blood of someone from the Blood Tribe, to fully evolve into a vampire...

Nie Dong had drunk the middle-aged man's blood after he had awakened from the ritual, and become a vampire. The middle-aged man then became his senior, whom he could never betray!

Nie Dong wanted to supply the blood, which would make him her senior, so she would never be able to betray him. Unfortunately, he was kicked out of the family on the way back, and when he arrived at the North Country Club, someone had already rescued Liu Ru...

-Whose blood did she drink?-

-Why did she become one of the Blood Tribe, instead of a monster?-

Liu Ru launched her attack while Nie Dong was still confused about everything.

She was obviously unable to control her power adeptly yet, as she was purely using brute force.

Her might was so shocking that she basically tore a pillar of the building apart with a swipe.

In addition to that, her speed was incredible. Nie Dong had to rely on his Shadow Element to change his position rapidly to dodge her attacks, yet she still managed to catch up to him!

The strength of a vampire was dependent on the rare blood they acquired, and also on their senior.

Vampires paid great attention to lineage; the stronger the senior was, the stronger their juniors would be.

However, this Liu Ru had only turned into a vampire a day ago, yet her strength and speed had already surpassed everyone in Nie Dong's generation. How was this possible?

Liu Ru caught Nie Dong's coat and slammed him into the hard windows, which began to crack apart.

"Shit!" Nie Dong climbed to his feet with an exceedingly furious expression.

He could not accept that the girl who was supposed to be his servant now had a stronger lineage!

Most importantly, he had totally lost control over Liu Ru! -Whose blood did she drink? Why was her aura slightly different from that of the Blood Tribe?-

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