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After leaving the meeting room, Mo Fan and Tangyue headed straight to the Three Pools Mirroring the Moon.

This time, Tangyue brought an extra black orb with her. Tang Zhong called it the Totem Orb, a special container to keep a Totem Beast in it.

The Totem Orb was extremely spacious inside. It was more than enough to provide the Skyscraping Snake with a temporary habitat.

The Totem Orb was, in fact, a type of Space Container, but most of them were not able to contain a living creature inside. The Totem Orb was modified with plenty of life energy, which was sufficient for the Skyscraping Snake to stay inside it.

If the life energy was depleted, the Totem Beast would be forced to come out from the orb. Otherwise, it would suffocate inside it.

Zhu Meng did not know a thing like the Totem Orb existed in this world. They were organizing people to annihilate the beast, and had most of their surveillance on Tang Zhong and the experts under him. Little did he know, Tang Zhong had already come up with a plan. Tangyue and Mo Fan would use the Totem Orb to move the Skyscraping Snake secretly!

If Zhu Meng was only planning to drive the Black Totem Snake away, things would not be so complicated, but the truth was, he was trying to eliminate the snake once and for all...

There was no way he would allow a beast that had a close bond with the city to live. Maybe it would return with a beast horde someday!

The weeds would have to be uprooted to fully kill them. Tang Zhong knew that Zhu Meng was trying to take advantage of the Totem Beast's ecdysis to kill it!

Therefore, he had to let Tangyue bring the Totem Beast away.

Once the ecdysis finished, Zhu Meng would not dare to touch the Totem Beast even if he were given ten sets of guts.


"Big guy, that Zhu Meng is trying to harm you again. I'll bring you away now, somewhere safe where you can rest up… big guy, can you hear me?" Tangyue jumped to a spot on the Three Pools Mirroring the Moon and called out softly.

Mo Fan was waiting at the island. As a matter of fact, he was still a little bit scared of the Black Totem Snake.

The water began to bubble. The sight of it was enough to tell how enormous the surfacing thing was.

A shocking black shadow slowly surfaced from the silver lake under the illumination of the moonlight. Mo Fan could not believe that the small section of the lake was able to hold such a massive creature.

Could it be that the Three Pools Mirroring the Moon actually had a different space inside it?

The shadow became clearer and slowly rose from the water.

The giant snake head finally appeared. His scaly body was glowing slightly under the moonlight...

Tangyue wore a smile when she saw the Black Totem Snake. She did not show a single hint of fear. She even reached out her hand and fondled the Black Totem Snake's head.

The Black Totem Snake's head was the size of a big house. His flat nostrils were the size of a small cave, while his mouth was even bigger. His long tongue was terrifying enough to make someone wet their pants.

Tangyue was absolutely daring. She even jumped onto the Black Totem Snake's head and started talking to him.

The mature, sexy Miss Tangyue had turned into a cheerful little girl full of energy when the Black Totem Snake appeared.

"He's my student, a disobedient and bad student. His name is Mo Fan." Tangyue stood on the Black Totem Snake's head and pointed in Mo Fan's direction.

The Black Totem Snake turned slightly. His lantern-sized eyes stared right at Mo Fan as his tongue poked out in Mo Fan' direction. Its length was fairly stunning.

"Mo Fan, he seems to remember you!" Tangyue giggled when he saw Mo Fan retreating.

"Sis... nope, Madam, can we please get on with our business," Mo Fan answered with a long face.

"Relax, I have to communicate with him slowly. He's very sensitive during this time. Even I have to spend some time communicating with him," said Tangyue.

"Ok, fine, go on," said Mo Fan.


The moonlight was bright as usual. The blue-silver glow shone upon the sacred lake, resulting in a spectacular scene that night.

Under the moonlight, a glamorous woman was sitting on a giant creature's head, her curly hair slightly disheveled. Her stunning physique was even more attractive under the moonlight. She was speaking softly, like a youth telling their elder about the things that had happened in their daily lives, while the later listened quietly.

The Skyscraping Snake was different from the one that had brought great fear to the people. He was only revealing half of his giant head in front of Tangyue. When Tangyue paused, his lantern eyes would roll upward slightly, as if he were waiting for her to continue the tale...

Mo Fan was astounded by the sight in front of him and could somehow imagine the picture of Tangyue chatting happily with the Skyscraping Snake when she was still little!

Growing up accompanied by such an extraordinary elder would surely drive away the loneliness and fear of a little girl who had lost her father.

"Alright, he agreed," Tangyue yelled at Mo Fan with a peaceful gesture.

"Sister Fahai, please capture the creature at once," prayed Mo Fan.

Tangyue could not hear Mo Fan's mumbling properly. She proceeded to direct the Black Totem Snake into the Totem Orb.

The Totem Orb was already filled with the presence of a Totem Beast, so the Skyscraping Snake did not reject it. However, Mo Fan was fairly interested to see how such a gigantic creature was going to enter the tiny orb...

Speaking of which, the Skyscraping Snake was not as huge as he used to be when they first met. Why was that?

"It shrinks during the ecdysis," explained Tangyue to Mo Fan.

"Oh, so will it turn into a little snake?" he asked, mainly because he was still unable to accept the Skyscraping Snake's unbelievable size. Even the Xuanwu Giant Lizard would be extremely tiny standing in front of the Black Totem Snake, let alone the Centipede!


"I can't even imagine it. Forget it, hurry up and capture him, so we can get the hell out of here," urged Mo Fan.

Huh, so I'm running away with a girl again?

But, seems like it's way more exciting this time, not because he was bringing a woman instead of a little girl, but rather because he was escorting a skyscraping Snake Boss!

Should he change the background music to The Beautiful Scenery of West Lake, or A Day in March?


{TL Note: These are soundtracks from the TV Series "New Legend of Madame White Snake"
The Beautiful Scenery of West Lake:
A Day in March: }

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