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3069 Wrath Of The Sixteen-Winged Angel

No magic organization wanted to be controlled.

They wanted independence and democracy so that they could exercise their sovereignty freely.

The Five Continents Magic Association Alliance hoped it would always be supreme and was not under the control of Holy City.

All the alliances hoped that they were noble, independent, and would no longer be manipulated by any superior existence.

The world was heading toward a transformation that overthrew the dictatorship of Holy City.

Mo Fan, who killed the Parade Angel, was the perfect forerunner!

Lingling looked at Mo Fan, and Mo Fan also looked at her. The two of them could not smile at all.

They did not expect this result.

They had been betrayed by this world and were forced to become victims of this battle.

The Five Continents Magic Association Alliance, Hunter Union, Parthenon Temple, Clan Union, Chambers of Commerce Alliance, and College Union were the ten most authoritative organizations that formed the magic society in the world.

They had long been dissatisfied with Holy City and wanted to leave the control of Holy City.

They had been waiting for an opportunity to declare war on Holy City!

The ten white stones were the declaration of war!

They wanted to tell Holy City they were no longer at their mercy.

Ten white stones meant that they wanted to tell Holy City that they did not want to kill the person Holy City wanted to kill. They would never support what Holy City wanted to do!

Ten white stones meant that the world belonged to them and no longer belonged to Holy City from today onward.

Mo Fan did not think of it, and neither did Lingling.

Even Ye Xinxia, ​​who had been working hard to change the situation for Mo Fan, did not think of it.

Ye Xinxia would never have thought that she would become a tool for the progress of this world, while Mo Fan would become the cannonball that this world used to bombard Holy City!

But once the cannon blasted through an important gap in Holy City, it became cannon fodder!

He had fought with Holy City for so long, but in the end, he was played by this world.

In fact, Holy City did not expect the world to be their real enemy instead of Mo Fan.

That was why Michael got angry and stared at the representatives.

They were indeed just representatives and probably did not know what the result would be. They were here to deliver tactics. Whether they could go back alive depended entirely on the mood of the ruler of Holy City.

Unfortunately, the ruler of Holy City was in a bad mood.

Michael stood in the center of the Holy Judgment Court and looked at everyone present.

A trial against Mo Fan had changed. It was not a trial against Mo Fan, but Holy City.

It meant that the world condemned Holy City!

However, Holy City had a deep foundation and terrifying strength. All the most profound magics were in their hands. Holy City would not jump into the dark abyss and give up this powerful world to the top ten organizations!

“Since all of you voted for these white stones with the determination to die, I won’t let you down,” Michael said suddenly.

“No, no. We didn’t mean to…” Those representatives hurriedly stood up as they wanted to defend themselves.

“Since you are so dissatisfied with Holy City, why use the power we have given you? Give it back!” Michael suddenly laughed. His smile looked weird and terrifying!

He stood in the center of the Holy Judgment Court, and sixteen wings suddenly appeared behind him. The layers of sacred feathers suddenly opened like the most luxurious temple, which made Michael look no different from a god!

It was the Sixteen-Winged Angel!

It represented the most powerful messenger on Earth!

Archangel Michael, however, was considered to be the most frightening demon by representatives of the top ten organizations.

Michael extended his hand, and the representatives instantly flew to the back and slammed into the wall of the Holy Judgment Court. They were nailed on the wall like living specimens.

Their faces began to distort. They tried to struggle but could not move at all. Traces of soul energy came out of their noses, eyes, mouths, and ears. These soul energies flew toward the awe-inspiring Michael’s palm.


The Sixteen-Winged Archangel Michael clenched his hands and crushed the ball-shaped soul energies. Suddenly, a powerful force swept across the Holy Judgment Court and blew everyone to the corner of the Holy Judgment Court. The ground was a mess as debris was everywhere.

Mo Fan did not have any magic power, but he still tried his best to rush to Lingling and hugged Lingling tightly.

The wave of soul energy was like the anger in Michael’s heart. It ruthlessly hit everyone in the Holy Judgment Court. Many well-dressed divine magistrates and law enforcement officers were severely injured.

There were many powerful mages in the Holy Judgment Court. These people, including the representatives, had reached the highest cultivation level. However, they were like a humble mortal in front of Michael and could not resist at all.

Michael did not start the massacre.

He was just angry.

He was angry that these top ten organizations dared to declare war on Holy City.

He took away the magic souls of the representatives and turned them into disabled people, but he did not kill them. He just made them growl on the wall in pain.

The Holy Judgment Court was in a mess. People hid in the corner and watched the Sixteen-Winged Archangel Michael in fear.

“Michael, there is no need to be so angry. We are a holy city, with our heavenly father watching over us. Each of them is like our children. We have given them the most precious things, but they always want to disobey us and take everything away. We can only beat them with willow sticks, but we won’t wipe them out as if they are heretics,” said Ramiel.

Michael’s main target was still the representatives of the top ten organizations. The others were just affected at most.

He still maintained his rationality, but he was obviously furious.

“It’s our fault. We have given them too much, such as this meaningless court trial. We respected the opinions of every public and cared about public opinion. In the end, the people cheered for the acquittal of this devil. We handed over the stones of judgment to the various organizations of this society and listened to their suggestions, but they used them to declare war on us. We give and never expect anything in return, but they think we are cancerous and an obstacle to the progress of this world.” Michael took a deep breath, trying to calm his mood down.

Sixteen angel wings slowly closed and touched the ground. The pure white and sacred feathers slowly spread out.

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