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Chapter 2015: Splitting Up

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“We can’t just keep waiting here, right?” Zhao Manyan spoke up.

“Don’t worry, the Skyridge White Tiger will be back,” Mo Fan said.

“Why are you so sure? It’s not your pet!” Guan Yu pointed out.

“Well, it’s not like we have any other choice.”

Mo Fan was placing his hopes on the Skyridge White Tiger that was worried about its reckless child. In order to save its child, it would definitely invade the dragon’s den that was the eagles’ nest!

Time gradually passed. Frostbite was already happening. Everyone had gathered in a circle. The more they trembled, the more heat they generated, since even the slightest fire would attract the Frosty Ancient Eagles.

Finally, the growl of a tiger, like a gospel from the Heavens, echoed in the mountains. It immediately stirred the dizzy Mages and brought a glimpse of hope into their eyes.

The little cub that was having a pleasant nap in Apas’ arms immediately straightened its ears. It was awake at last.

It stretched its limbs and lifted its head, like it was looking for its parents. However, judging from its indifferent attitude, it was not in a rush. It was planning to play in the eagles’ nest for a while longer.

“Your mother is telling you that dinner is ready,” Mo Fan said.

The white cub purred, sounding almost the same as the eaglets. It explained why the eagles did not notice its existence.

“Our chance is here. The Skyridge White Tiger might end up fighting the Frosty Ancient Eagles. We should take hold of the opportunity to leave this place!” Zhao Kang exclaimed.

“The white tigers are truly the sacred spirits of Tianshan Mountain,” Lu Xiu agreed.

“You seem to have forgotten how we lost three members every night to the demon tiger,” Mo Fan reminded him.

Lu Xiu harrumphed and shut up.

“Everyone, prepare to move. If we don’t get out of here, we’ll be stuck here forever.”

Yassen and the others first went outside to observe the situation, doing a careful job concealing their existence. The Frosty Ancient Eagles did not notice them.

Some time later, Yassen told everyone to leave the cave. The Skyridge White Tiger had indeed lured a lot more Frosty Ancient Eagles away.

The Skyridge White Tiger had obviously gotten on the Frosty Ancient Eagles’ nerves. Was it treating their nest like a karaoke place? It would come and growl at times. They had to take care of the Skyridge White Tiger today!

The eagle nest felt a lot emptier. The Skyridge White Tiger had to be very strong, as the Frosty Ancient Eagles had sent out most of their members to deal with it. The tiny blue dots in the distant sky were the Frosty Ancient Eagles.

The Frosty Ancient Eagles were in charge of the sky of Tianshan Mountain, but the mountains themselves were ruled by the Tianshan Demon Tigers. The Skyridge White Tiger had tried very hard to lure the Frosty Ancient Eagles out of their nest. It had taken the risk of being surrounded by the eagles a few times until it finally broke free of their encirclement.

The Skyridge White Tiger was working so hard, yet its little cub was still so unconcerned. She totally looked like she was still going to play with the eaglets that she had just befriended. Luckily, Mo Fan stopped her.

“Will you only be satisfied when your parents are killed? Come with us now!” Mo Fan dragged the little cub away.

The little cub left with Mo Fan and the others unwillingly. The nest was rather empty after they left the cave, and the remaining male eagles that stayed were not high-level too. The group was able to leave safely with Yassen’s guidance.

“Phew, we are alive!”

“Fresh air!”

Everyone was relieved the moment they left the eagles’ nest. They recalled their comrades who were taken away as fresh meals and shivered in fear.

Was strength or luck the most important factor in conquering Tianshan Mountain? No one knew the answer. Many experts had died along the way!

“Mo Fan, if you found their eggs, why didn’t you steal some of them? The Frosty Ancient Eagles’ eggs are very valuable. If you had taken them all, we could just turn back and live luxuriously for the rest of our lives,” Jiang Yu said.

“You think I didn’t want that? First of all, the layer of ice protecting the eggs was special. It was nearly unbreakable. Second, we didn’t really have time for that. The eagles were checking on the fledgling too,” Mo Fan answered huffily.

“What about the Night Amethyst?” Zhao Manyan asked.

“We looked around quickly, but we didn’t find anything,” Mo Fan said helplessly.

“If so, we’ll have to go deeper. Let’s hope it’s not dangerous,” Nanyu said.


The group did not dare to use any spells to boost their speed that were too obvious. After the countless dangerous situations they had been through along the way, they realized the demon creatures of Tianshan Mountain were very sensitive to the presence of magic. They could pin down a target whenever a Star Pattern or Star Constellation was constructed within a few kilometers of them.

However, the presence of Basic Spells was much weaker.

Mo Fan had the Shadow Element and Earth Element. The Basic Spells of both these Elements were useful for moving around. The other mages were not so lucky. If they had the option to change their Elements, they would have chosen the Wind Element, Earth Element, and Shadow Elements so they could leave this place as quickly as possible!

The group crossed the nest made up of hanging ice. They thought the eagles would only show up in the area where the glaciers were hanging in frozen curtains from above, but to their surprise, the glaciers were everywhere in the Scar of Tianshan Mountain. Some of them were even like upside-down mountains. They were suffocatingly spectacular.

The cries of male eagles suddenly came from behind them.

“They found us!”

“Use higher-level spells!”

“We should split up, don’t let them surround us!” Yassen blurted out.

Quite a number of Frosty Ancient Eagles were guarding the nest. They felt humiliated when they noticed the humans that had gotten past their nest. They immediately chased after the intruders relentlessly.

“This way!” Zhao Kang led his men down a slope.

“Over here!” Bertan used a Wind Spell and disappeared with his men.

“Let’s head up,” Ai Jiangtu pointed.

The alliance quickly parted ways. If they did not run their separate ways, the Frosty Ancient Eagles could easily block their path. If they split up, they might still be able to fight the Frosty Ancient Eagles if they were caught.

However, Mo Fan and his crew were not so lucky. The alliance split into many teams, but a large number of Frosty Ancient Eagles kept following them. His group was struggling to shake the Frosty Ancient Eagles off!

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