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Chapter 141 - Taking Exams with Summoning Element




Time quickly passed by. When you’re busy, time normally goes by in a flash.

From Mo Fan’s perspective, he felt as though he had cultivated for several decades. This kind of dry and dull cultivation only made the time feel even longer, not faster!

Everything in Wuxia novels that spoke of cultivating for several years passing in the blink of an eye was a complete lie. He had now personally experienced this and was bored to death. There were many times where he just wanted to go out and let loose, but he ultimately stopped himself from doing so.

Closing his eyes this time allowed Mo Fan to fully experience the vast sea of learning, and Magic without boundaries. Either way, they were both part of the long and slow road of cultivation.

If you don’t have the willpower, then you won’t be able to do anything!

Either way, Mo Fan had bitterly cultivated throughout this year.

“Come here and have a drumstick. Tomorrow is the great opportunity for you to retake the test! You have to get accepted into a good Magic University… However, I reckon there’ll be many famous universities who will want to recruit you due to your Innate Dual Element,” Mo Jiaxing said as he made a couple of incredible dishes.

“I don’t plan on telling them about my Innate Dual Element,” Mo Fan told his father.

After careful deliberation, Mo Fan decided that he wanted to lay low.

The way the four people of Dongfang Family died so easily was still fresh in Mo Fan’s mind. It made Mo Fan realize that having a good foundation does not mean you are in an invincible position, having a couple of trump cards could never go wrong.

Furthermore, the current Fire and Lightning Elements cultivation basically required him to put effort into drawing their Star Atlas inside himself. The schools weren’t necessarily able to help him.

“Then what do you plan on using for the exams?” Mo Jiaxing said, confused now.

“The Summoning Element.”

“When did you Awaken the Summoning Element?” Mo Jiaxing asked, dumbstruck. Xinxia was looking at Mo Fan while blinking in astonishment.


Mo Fan planned on taking the exams for the Pearl Institute. However, he was only going to use one of the Elements, and he chose the Summoning Element.

If Mo Fan remembered correctly, being able to raise your Stardust to the third level would make you quite outstanding. Mu Zhuoyun even specifically set up a huge feast for that b*tch Yu Ang.

Although he had actually never used a spell from the Summoning Element, he had looked out for information about Pearl Institute. If he told the examiner that the Summoning Element was his first, and display that he had genuinely reached the third level of it, then they would make an exception to recruit him!

More frankly, it would be his grades as well as him being one of the minority Elements that would get him recruited.

The possibility of Awakening a Summoning element on their first Awakening was much lower than the Lightning Element. That’s why they were a minority, such people were nearly non-existent.

There would be one Lightning Element among a thousand people, but there were hundreds of thousands of students taking the exams in this country. With the reputation and popularity of the Pearl Institute being the best university in the country, the Lightning Element was just so-so per their standards… In the whole country, they may just choose one among a thousand, or ten thousand.

The Pearl Institute gave more attention to specific Elements, namely Black Magic’s Curse Element, Dimensional Magic’s Void Element, and the Summoning Element.

Originally, Mo Fan planned on using the Shadow Element, which he was more proficient in, to take the exams. However, the standard of the Pearl Institute was far too high. Even if he did reach the third level of Shadow Element’s Primary Spell, Evading Shadow, he still wouldn’t be guaranteed a spot.

The Magic High Exams were like a huge billowing wave. The entire nation had numerous incredible talents, those with a solid background, and diligent Magicians. Displaying your cultivation and spells were only the very fundamental point of the exams. The most important part was to show an extraordinary skill of yours to impress the examiners.

Mo Fan was not lacking in extraordinary skills, so why did he choose to use Summoning Element for the exams out of all of the skills he had?

First, it was so he could show off on the vast and bright stage called University. Secondly, was the reply he had given to Mo Jiaxing and Xinxia, which was, “Since the Summoning Element would award me more attention at the Pearl Institute, then why would I go through more hard work to take the exams in a different way?”


For other people, the Magic High Exams were the main events of their lives. For Mo Fan, they were only a stepping stone.

Mo Fan didn’t walk the regular examination way. Instead, he chose to take the interview exam instead. This was something that also existed in his former world.

The interview was inside of Pearl Institute. Mo Fan had already displayed the abilities of his Summoning Element. After five of the examiners had asked a couple of in-depth questions regarding Magic Knowledge, they allowed Mo Fan to take the test to see the power of his Stardust.

“SSS, this is considered the lowest criteria for our direct recruitment. However, up until today, you have never used a Summoning spell. This makes our decision somewhat difficult. Although the Summoning Element is said to be one that does not need practicing, the difficult part about it is control of the Summoned Beast.” The Magic Professor with thick glasses carefully sized Mo Fan up.

There were relatively few numbers of Summoning Element users. The biggest question for them was whether they would or would not accept this student.

Although his foundation was solid, he did not have any other outstanding areas. There was no way for him to break through to the Intermediate level in a short period of time.

However, there were quite a decent number of Summoning students applying to their Pearl Institute. They didn’t want to make it look like they weren’t able to fill a dormitory!

“Director Lu, they have their eyes on an outstanding Earth Elemental Magician. His usage of the Earth Ripple shows a great creativity, it was able to create an effect similar to quicksand as it entrapped a test beast,” the male examiner with a tie said.

“In that case, we can only accept one out of the two?” the old professor with glasses said.


“In that case. Student Mo Fan, since you are able to control the seven stars of the Summoning Element, then we will take a look at your first Summoning. We will base who we choose on what kind of creature you Summon.”

Mo Fan thought about it, and he felt like it was only fair.

It just that he had never actually tried the Primary spell of the Summoning Element, Dimensional Summoning.

“We will give you one week to prepare. One week from now, you will come to the training grounds, we will invite the professor of the Summoning Element to evaluate you… Oh right, since it’ll be your first time Summoning, we recommend you use some tools to help you with it. This way, the creature you Summon will be somewhat stronger. We don’t mind if you use any tools to assist you,” the old professor kindly reminded him.

“Okay, thank you teachers.”

After leaving the interview hall, there was a strange expression on Mo Fan’s face.

To be honest, the matter concerning tools for the Summoning Element was something he had never tried to understand. For the past one year, he had put all of his focus into the fundamentals of his cultivation.

If the old professor didn’t remind him that it’d be best if he was to use some tools for his first Summoning, then he would most likely have carelessly done a Summon.

Mo Fan had seen some rough introductions to the process.

The primary spell of the Summoning Element, “Dimensional Summoning”, was the most fluctuating spell amongst all the spells. Furthermore, it mostly relied on one’s luck.

If your luck was good, then you could Summon an incredibly strong creature. Its combat prowess would be even stronger than the Lightning Element.

If your luck was bad, then you could end up Summoning a retarded creature… it wouldn’t even be as intimidating as a dog you had raised yourself!

It just happened that his Summoning this time was his examination for university. Mo Fan was really looking forward to it.

Furthermore, he would definitely have to go find tools to assist him.

Within the Dongfang Oriental Pearl Tower there were Magicians from all across the country with different Elements, there should be someone selling this kind of thing there...

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