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Chapter 0130 - Giant Shadow Spike!




Dark transparent threads tangled around the four Dongfang men. Their faces seemed lifeless, as if their souls was being drained away bit by bit by some sort of evil matter.

The only person who had the ability to resist this was Dongfang Jun. He appeared to be in pain as he furiously shouted “If you kill us, the Dongfang Family will never let you live!!”

“The people from the famous family are really dumb! I’m not even scared of the Trial Guild. Would I be scared of a mere family?” Chao He retorted with a gloomy grin.

Chao He didn’t bother to care for these men whose souls were slowly getting drained away. His focus was on the bottom of the badly cracked reservoir.

In truth, Chao He were also very surprised. This was indeed a water source. How would a Fire Soul Seed appear here? Unless, it was the Hellfire...?

Normally, Hellfire was a fire made from underworld heat that had been quenched for thousands of years. This type of flame as a Fire Soul was pretty docile, so it was quite easy to make it yield and refine for your own use.

This type of Fire Soul Seed was the best pick for many of the Fire Element magicians due to the fact that it was subtle and impressively strong. In an auction, it usually sold for an exorbitant price.

One of these Elemental Soul Seeds prices could reach up hundreds of millions. If you failed to refine it, then you might as well abandon your cultivation!

“Very good. After I refine this Hellfire, I will be able to do whatever I want with my increased power!!” Chao He shouted joyfully.

He still had an insurmountable gap to becoming an Advanced Magician. In normal conditions, his strength wouldn’t increase greatly in a short amount of time. However, with the Hellfire, the power of his Fire Magic would increase remarkably. Let’s see if those Hunter Magicians and the people from the Magic Trials would dare to hunt me!!


As a screeching noise was heard, the cracked and dry water reservoir exploded, a scorched hole appearing in its place.

The location of the hidden Hellfire wasn’t very deep. This kind of Elemental Seed would normally cause a major alteration to its surroundings. When that happened, it hinted that it was laying bare, ready to be discovered.

After the hole exploded, a heatwave from below shot up. The heatwave formed into a pillar of flames, as if it had been freed from its shackles.

Chao He was laughing madly when he saw this majestic pillar of flames.

There really was a Fire Soul Seed!

Judging by the clean, captivating red, he was able to determine that this Hellfire was relatively pure, it was a Rose Flame!

The normal color of flames was scarlet red. That kind of scarlet flame could be called Common grade. Any Magician who had Awakened the Fire Element was capable of controlling that sort of flame.

Blaze was of the Spirit Grade. The heavens produced a special kind of flames with a Spiritual nature, able to call themselves “Blazes”. This kind of Blaze, dyed a captivating rose-red, was named a Rose Blaze. Its scorching heat was much higher than other Fire Soul Seeds. It could be described as simple, yet ferocious!

Taking such a high risk and killing more people for this kind of treasure was indeed worth the trouble!!

Chao He’s entire being began to tremble from excitement. His ecstatic expression was greatly different compared to the four Dongfang Family corpses whose souls had been drained dry.


“You wait here and observe, I’ll head in first,” Tang Yue whispered to Mo Fan.

“You don’t need my help?” Mo Fan pointed at his nose.

“The opponent is a crazy murderer. I only let you come along as an extra layer of protection, not to fight this psycho,” Tangyue replied with a serious tone.

To Tangyue, Mo Fan still was a student. If the other people had seen those four Intermediate Magicians from the Dongfang Family die, that person would be trembling in fear. Tangyue knew that Mo Fan was brave, but that didn’t mean Tangyue would let Mo Fan fight needlessly.

Due to the fact the Magic Trials was currently dealing with the calamity in Bo City, they were unable to dispatch any people. Otherwise, Tangyue wouldn’t have allowed Mo Fan to join a dangerous mission like this.

Mrs. Tangyue had already said so, Mo Fan could only remain motionless and observe...

On the other side, Chao He’s hands were directly touching the Rose Blaze Pillar that had erupted. It was obvious that the captivating red energy was merging with Chao He. He was enjoying the power flowing into him.

After Tangyue waited for a few moments, she finally began to move.

Her beautiful figure was able to smoothly move through the shadows of the trees. In just a few blinks, Tangyue had already appeared behind Chao He.

As Mo Fan watched Tangyue casting her Shadow Magic, he subconsciously held his breath. He thought if he breathed heavier, then the psycho might discover them.

It started with a dark Star Path, which nimbly condensed itself under Mrs. Tangyue’s feet before rapidly constructing a Star Atlas filled with a mysterious dark energy.

After the Star Atlas was completed, Mrs. Tangyue slowly stretched out both of her arms. Her buxom chest impressively condensed a half-hidden giant spike!

The Giant Shadow Spike looked like it contained abundant dark energy. The surrounding shadows began to distort as it was being formed silently.

Even when the Giant Shadow Spike suddenly speared through the area ahead, there was only traces of the shadows rippling, and not a single sound was heard.

Mo Fan watched this Giant Shadow Spike in shock, he couldn’t help but lower his head as it swept past before he realized this Giant Shadow Spike had disappeared from its path. There was only an incredibly fast silhouette that indicated its existence.

This was the Shadow Element’s Intermediate Magic???

Mo Fan was shocked that it had no form and that it was a completely silent skill. How could one possibly defend against this?

The Giant Shadow Spike flew past the woods, abruptly appeared in Chao He’s shadow. The Giant Shadow Spike didn’t assault the physical body of Chao He, but his shadow.

Despite the beautiful pillar of flame that was lighting up the surroundings brightly, Chao He’s shadow was clearly shown. The Giant Shadow Spike shot from Tangyue in the woods accurately speared Chao He’s shadow, just like a person being impaled.

Chao He’s whole body quivered violently, his shadow was nailed down and couldn’t move an inch. His body couldn’t move either, as if his body was physically nailed down.

Tangyue felt more at ease when she saw that Chao He was successfully spiked down.

Giant Shadow Spike was one of the strongest imprisoning spells in Intermediate Magic. It was unable to cause damage to any creature, but it was capable of stopping their movements like a pressure point. It was also able to seal the enemy’s thoughts and render them momentarily unable to cast magic.

The target of the Giant Shadow Spike was the shadow. Even if they were used Magic Equipments or Armor, they still wouldn’t be able to defend against it.

“Another hidden party? This is getting more and more interesting.” Chao He stiffly turned around. It felt like his chest was pierced by an unknown item, making it hard to move.

“Four more lives have died in your arms, and they were all Intermediate Magicians. Not only will you be punished with death, even your soul will be sentenced.” Tangyue walked out from the wood coldly. Her eyes were filled with the rage and dignity of an executor as she glared at Chao He!!

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