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Chapter 125 - Fire Soul

He swindled three Lightning Star Diagram Books and three Fire Star Diagram Books from Mrs. Tangyue’s hands.

Now, Mo Fan possessed a total of seven Intermediate Magic Books, this increased Mo Fan’s confidence a lot.

After all, Primary Magic and Intermediate Magic were incomparable. Just seeing the tyrannical power from back then, and its incredible ferocity...

However, Mrs. Tangyue reminded Mo Fan that although the Star Diagram Books were not rare for her, the vast majority of Magicians who wanted to continue increasing their strength would definitely not excessively use this kind of auxiliary item.

The Star Diagram Books were, after all, an auxiliary. The more he used it, the more difficult it would be for him to control his Stars.

The Stars were supposed to interact with their Magicians. Using the Star Diagram Books was equivalent to having someone else taking care of the Stars, and thus, it would be harder for them to listen to you.

Mrs. Tangyue recommended that Mo Fan stop using these Star Diagram Books after this time. If there was a side effect, then he’d be the one losing out. After all, based on Mo Fan’s current cultivation speed, it seemed like he would most likely reach a higher realm.


After taking the Star Diagram Books, Mo Fan dressed up like a normal backpacker as he began to tail the poor, yet vicious-looking villain.

Mo Fan was actually feeling quite confused, as the person looked relatively handsome and elegant, so why would he do such an evil thing?

After walking into a desolated field, Mo Fan found the man in the round hat standing in place. Furthermore, it looked like he was inspecting something.

This was originally a very large field, and he would occasionally see a few farmers sitting in the shade sighing. Normally, they’d be able to harvest their crops during autumn, but this time, it had dried up for some reason. How could they not feel aggrieved about this?

“Uncle, do you remember when this place began to dry up?” The man in the hat who had walked over to an old farmer, and asked this courteously.

“Around ten days ago, just after  my godforsaken child decided to go upstream to swim. I told him to not swim over there, and now, our crops have ended up absorbing his dirty water… Oh, after they went to the brook, they came back to tell me that the water of the pond had diminished by a lot. There wasn’t enough to even swim. I reckon the water disappeared like magic from that day on,” a farmer with a dirty tank top replied.

“Oh, thank you. I’ll go and take a look,” the man with the hat said.

“Youngster, I advise you to not go. I heard that the place’s temperature was unusually high, it’s like it began to boil up.”

“Don’t worry.“

The man in the hat walked toward the dried riverbed according to the instructions of the old farmer, heading upstream.

At this moment, Mo Fan awkwardly realized if he followed the person into the desolated area, he could easily be found out.

After waiting for a while, Mo Fan ran up to the old farmer who’d had a conversation with the man in the hat.

“So he followed brook upstream…” Mo Fan secretly nodded to himself.

“Something is not right, let’s hurry up and follow him,” the voice of a woman quietly appeared next to him.

Mo Fan was startled, he turned his head around, only to realize it was Mrs. Tangyue!

Dammit, you think having a Shadow spell is amazing? There’s no need to be so scary and appear without notice!

“That person seems like he is also looking for the reason behind the dried-up brook,” Mo Fan said to Mrs. Tangyue.

“Mhm, let’s go. If I’m not mistaken, then there’ll be more and more people gathering in this place,” Mrs. Tangyue replied.

When Mo Fan heard this, he was confused. He felt like this matter wasn’t as simple as Mrs. Tangyue had made it out to be...


After continuing, the water upstream described by the old farmer actually flowed down from the hills. After walking this road, it was clear there was no signs of moisture in this entire brook, and the vegetation surrounding the brook was visibly starting to wither.

“Why does this place look like this? It looks like it has been dried up for a month or two! If it was a drought, then I’m sure the news would’ve reported this when I was on the internet… Crap, this place has no signal. Dammit, of course a rural area doesn’t have anything!” Mo Fan looked down at his phone and couldn’t help but complain.

“This shouldn’t have anything to do with a natural drought, and I’ve never heard of Hangzhou being in a dry season in July. Let’s continue following that person, I’m sure we’ll find the answer soon…” Mrs. Tangyue told him.

Mo Fan nodded. As he was about to open his mouth, Mrs. Tangyue’s jade-like hand suddenly covered his mouth.

Mo Fan widened his eyes in shock, and he didn’t have time to react before Mrs. Tangyue suddenly pulled him to hide in the shadows of a tree next to them.

“Hide your aura!” Mrs. Tangyue exhaled next to Mo Fan’s ears, her breath turning into a captivating smell of the wind.

Happiness came very suddenly, Mo Fan had no time to hide his own aura. He stood there, hiding with Mrs. Tangyue and her incredible body behind the trees.

As the warm wind attacked, the shadows of the trees began dancing. The two people who looked like they were french kissing by the trees began to turn hazy and gradually integrated with the shades of the trees before they completely disappeared.

A strong Dark aura flooded the surroundings. Mo Fan lowered his head and couldn’t see his own body, he had to carefully look to see there was an outline of a person beneath the shadow of the tree. Mrs. Tangyue’s shadow could not be seen, it was like there was no one there. However, the wonderful fragrance, as well as the glossy skin of her body, had all been sampled by Mo Fan. His concentration couldn’t help but waver.

While he was getting used to being inside the shadow, a few footsteps were heard from not too far away. It sounded like there were quite a few people.

Mo Fan retracted his thoughts as he gazed over to the other side of the dried-up brook. A group of people appeared from between the trees, and they seemed to be Hunter Magicians based on their outfits.

Hunter Magicians often worked outside of the safety zones, and they would contend against Magical Beasts. Their equipment was all very exquisite, a glance was all that was needed to recognize what they were.

Mo Fan was confused. Could it be that this matter had been noticed by the government, and they issued a bounty? There were Hunters coming here to take care of it?

“Trust me, this place definitely has a Fire Soul. Those blockheads thought this place had dried up, that is far too funny. You are all very clear on how much a Fire Soul can be sold for. Let’s take this chance when no one has noticed to grab the Fire Soul and then sell it. After that, we’ll be rich!” a man with a cowboy hairstyle at the very front declared.

“Panxiong, you better not mess with us. We had to give up a bounty to come here. If there’s nothing here then... HMPH,” a man with a scarred face shot back.

“In my opinion, there is most likely a Fire Soul here. If it dried up, then this place wouldn’t have shriveled up in such a short time. How does this place even look like Jiangnan? It simply looks like a desert closer to the northwest,” the man with spectacles said.

“Alright, let’s do our best to quickly locate the whereabouts of the Fire Soul.”

“Hahaha, this time we’ll really become rich!”

“Panxiong, we all know you’re a Fire Magician, you better not refine the Fire Soul. Since the rest of us can’t enjoy this thing, then it’s better if we sell it and distribute the profit among us!”


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