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Chapter 122 - Star Trails

In the end, that god-forsaken old professor didn’t tell Mo Fan anything about the requirements of the Special Recruitment.

Mo Fan and his family finally arrived at the placement area address provided by Bo City.

There seemed to be around a thousand or so people in the placement, just enough to fill a small district.

A brief description of the district could be said as “cozy”. The truth was, the construction of it could also be described as sloppy; the height between the floors was relatively short. Living inside those places was like living inside a slightly larger box, restricted to a certain extent.

But according to what Mo Jiaxing said, as long as there was a place to live, then there wouldn’t be any problems. Mo Fan also didn’t have anything to complain about.

After considering Xinxia’s situation, the neighborhood association placed them on the first floor. Originally, Mo Fan thought he’d be able to see the high-rise buildings that were bright like a flourishing blossom. Unexpectedly, the surroundings of this area were even more desolate than freaking Bo City… the post-calamity Bo City!

This was a very rural area of Shanghai. According to the neighbors who had already moved in, it took roughly twenty minutes to get to the subway station via the bus, and then another half an hour to get to the downtown of Shanghai...

That would mean going to Shanghai took an hour, and coming back would also take an hour!

Shit, if it wasn’t for the fact I don’t have money, then I’d have already left! How could I think that the government would assign us to the beautiful city? Instead, they placed us in this place that isn’t half as good as Bo City!

Money, I need to make money. In any case, I am an Intermediate Magician. Making money should be quite easy, and after I get that money, I’ll finally move. No matter where I rent, it’d still be better than this uninhabited rural place of Shanghai, I suspect that there’s probably Magical Beasts appearing in the evening...

Mo Jiaxing didn’t mind. He was very quick to find a job, and he soon returned to his old profession; a chauffeur.

Xinxia didn’t plan on going back to school. There probably weren’t any Magic Schools in this area of Shanghai. The round trip to the city was also very inconvenient. Thus, she decided to homeschool and then participate in the high school exams next year.

The fact is, a Healing Magician was in great demand in hospitals. However, Mo Fan didn’t want Xinxia to enter society this early. For someone in her situation, it’d be better for her to stay in a park with an enchanting scenery.


Mo Jiaxing’s new job started to get busy. Xinxia was self-studying and meditating at home. It was clear that these two had adapted to their new lifestyle.

Mo Fan was also busy. He didn’t have too much money at hand, but preserving his relatively simple lifestyle was not too much of a problem. However, to change his lifestyle into a better one required hundred of thousands of RMB, which was a bit more difficult. Not to mention, Mo Fan planned to use those hundred of thousands of RMB to purchase Star Trails.

Star Trails were very important for Mo Fan, as there were a total of 49 Stars within his magic Nebula.

In the past, Mo Fan only needed to link seven Stars to cast Primary Magic.

However, the difficulty of Intermediate Magic was much higher than Primary Magic.

First, Mo Fan needed to link his Stars into a special Star Path. After linking the Star Paths, it would become a captivating Star Diagram, which would be considered as opening the door to Intermediate Magic, allowing him to cast spells of that level.

For a new Intermediate Magician to connect all of their 49 Stars without a mistake was simply a fairy tale. That was because they were unable to remember the pattern of the Star Diagram, and also because their minds couldn’t handle the duration of high concentration.

Star Trails were a kind of Magic Scroll, their usage similar to the Star Diagram Books given to Mo Fan by Mrs. Tangyue.

The Star Diagram Book was able to directly connect all of the Stars to a certain extent. If you were to compared the two, a Star Diagram would be like a character with numerous strokes, and the Star Trails would be like the different radicals; it was the copybook for the radicals!

(Ed. Note: Chinese characters are made up of radicals!)

New Intermediate Magicians needed to use Star Trails to guide and regulate them, or else they would create an indescribable Star Diagram that couldn’t conduct Magic.

One Star Trail cost 50 thousand RMB.

Mo Fan bought two, one was Fire and the other was Lightning.

In other words, the ten or so thousands of RMB which he had earned back in the Hunter Squad had all been used to purchase this godforsaken Magic copybook.

To excel among their peers as Primary Magicians, the big family clans would expend a lot of money on their children. However, reaching the Intermediate level, it would simply be robbing them of their wealth! A tool for assisting in control of your Stars cost fifty thousand RMB, that was roughly the same price as a cheap car!

In short, there was no money for them to move anytime soon… However, that was fine. He would focus on cultivating in this desolate place!

What method was he going to use to earn money?

Undoubtedly, it would be killing Magical Beasts!

As for killing Magical Beasts, without Intermediate Magic, it would be relatively difficult. Just thinking about that incredibly vicious fist of flames smashing over, Mo Fan’s entire being began to get excited. What Magical Beasts? They might as well become bank notes and enter my pocket!

Furthermore, Mo Fan had yet to cast the Intermediate Magic of Lightning. The Star Diagrams which Mrs. Tangyue had given to him were all of the Fire element. The Intermediate level Fiery Fist was already incredibly tyrannical. I wonder how Lightning element, the strongest of the classic elements, would strike the heavens?

Cultivate, cultivate!

I have to hurry up and cultivate properly. If I don’t cultivate it, then I swear I won’t leave the door!


Mo Fan was incredibly enthusiastic. He didn’t want to waste a single day as he began to meditate in their new apartment.

Meditation was essential. Mo Fan had roughly calculated that he currently had enough magic energy to cast three Intermediate Magic spells before he would feel dizzy. If it wasn’t for Xinxia’s Healing magic, then he most likely would faint after using Fiery Fist.

After Meditating, he would cultivate Control.

His 49 Stars would no longer form a monotonous Star Path, forming a far more complex Star Diagram. Seeing the disobedient and scattered Stars, Mo Fan began to feel a headache. At the same time, he felt like he was incapable of doing this.

“Little Loach, whether I, your father, can remain awesome depends on you… If you don’t help me cultivate, then I will sell you off! The market price for a Stardust Magic Tool is sky high, let alone a Magic Tool like you who has jumped who knows how many grades after swallowing the Underground Holy Spring!”

(Ed. Note: Ah, our Mo Fan. He seems to have forgotten the Pendant is bound to him. Empty threat, unless he kills himself, too.)

After absorbing the Underground Holy Spring, the Little Loach Pendant had jumped who knew how many grades. Currently, Mo Fan had no idea on how to appraise Little Loach Pendant’s grade.

Either way, it was impossible for it to be the same as the tiny little Stardust Magic Tool from before!


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