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Chapter 106 - Kill the Darkwing Wolf!




"I’m not joking, did you think I could safely arrive here while carrying something like that? Carrying the Underground Holy Spring would make me the same as the meat of Tangseng, attracting all kinds of Magical Beasts… But I also did not dare to throw this thing away, in case something big happened. It just happened that I was so scared that I got a little thirsty, so I drank all of it without leaving a behind a tiny drop,” Mo Fan solemnly replied.

After finishing what he was saying, Mo Fan took out the bottle that used to contain the Underground Holy Spring, and threw it to Zhankong.

After Zhankong received the empty bottle, and looked inside as an odd expression appeared on his face.

You… you really freaking drank it?!

Even he, who was a descendant of a great military leader and had a certain amount of authority in the country’s politics, have never taken such a luxury before!

Zhankong took a few steps away in order to not fall over the edge of the tower.

Only after a while was Zhankong able to regain his calm. He helplessly said, “If this was before the Calamity, you’d be burned at the stake, and be treated no different from the Black Vatican… However, I, Mu Zhuoyun, Yang Zuohe, Old Zhu, Deng Kai, and the others were hoping that the Underground Holy Spring wouldn’t fall into the hands of the Black Vatican, and furthermore… It was also going to dry up in the next few years, so we wouldn’t be able to use it many more times, anyway. If there’s none left, then that’s it, being able to save Bo City is the most important thing.”

“I also had that premonition, that’s why I directly drank it. Even if the Black Vatican finds me and opens up my corpse, they will at most find an especially foul-smelling urine.” Mo Fan sneered.

“This kid…” Zhankong shook his head with a smile.

Zhankong didn’t actually care too much about what had happened to the Underground Holy Spring. In fact, he didn’t necessarily believe what Mo Fan had said. However, the Underground Holy Spring that was drying up had brought a disaster upon Bo City, rather than a good fortune. Even if Mo Fan was a sneaky little thief and had actually secretly hid it, then it could be counted as his reward for saving Bo City. After all, him being a student who hadn’t even graduated his third year of high school was able to protect such an important thing, and see through Bai Yang’s betrayal. If it had been anyone else, then the Underground Holy Spring would perhaps have fallen into the hands of the Black Vatican.

If he really drank it, then that’s good. If he hid it, that’s fine as well. It doesn’t matter now.

Since they had confirmed that the Underground Holy Spring hadn’t fallen into the hands of the Black Vatican, and also confirmed that the one they had to face was a Commander-level Darkwing Wolf, then it was time for them to put an end to this calamity!

Commit a crime against people, and I’ll put you on stake for show. Wherever you run, I, Zhankong, will definitely cut your head in twain as a tribute for the decreased souls of Bo City!

“Heed my order!” Zhankong’s gaze was like lightning as he suddenly shouted out loudly.

The motionless Intermediate Magicians to the side suddenly put on their battle faces, a stern feeling instantly pervaded the whistling wind.

“Kill the Darkwing Wolf, no rest until death!” Zhankong yelled out once more, his voice was filled with killing intent.

“Kill the Darkwing Wolf, no rest until death!”

“Kill the Darkwing Wolf, no rest until death!”


The nine people under Zhankong’s direct command simultaneously answered with a vigorous fervor. Mo Fan was unable to sense a shred of fear in their voices; all there was, was a mission, and the courage of the men of the Army!

After the steel-like voices had dispersed in the wind, Army Chief Zhankong took a step forward. His azure Military windbreaker was blown high.

Fall, Chief Zhankong fell off from the watchtower just like that. Before Mo Fan was able to recover from the shock, white wings emerged in his line of sight...

Wind Wings!!

This was Mo Fan’s second time seeing Wind Wings, the shock in his heart was not any less than the last time.

In the dusky weather, and the bloodstained city, between the heavens and the city, a shadow that was carried by the Wind Wings was free and untamed.

In front of this kind of disaster, everyone seemed exceptionally miniscule… except for him, the man who had Wind Wings.

He dares to say he is going to kill the Darkwing Wolf!

He dares to say that he will protect the city!

Huuuuu~~ The wind from his wings was directly blown over.

After Zhankong flew away, the nine people under his direct command also jumped down. Soon after, Mo Fan saw nine great white eagle-like birds carrying the officers flying toward the Silver Trade Tower in the gray sky.

Those were Heavenly Eagles, only allocated to high-ranked Military Officers, and the symbol of the Army.

As Chief Zhankong flew by himself with the Wind Wings, and the nine Heavenly Eagles soared through the skies with the nine Military Officers, a thunderous shout rose from the protectors within the Safety Shelters.

The Calamity would finally come to an end!

In the days of a Blood Alert, the role of humans was to be food, and run away, weak and scared. However, that did not mean that humans were extremely weak, and were poultry who were confined to the city!

Within the ranks of humans, there was a certain kind of people. They were known as Magicians!

Their mission was to use the power that was given to them by nature to battle against the invasions of the Magical Beasts!


Ruthlessly slaughter Magical Beasts!


Within the Safety Shelters, there was an youth, his body tanned a dark brown.

He helplessly sat amongst the group of protected people, perplexed and mediocre.

However, he raised his head to see the shadows above the city, saw the nine eagles streaking across the sky, heard the loud shouts of all the Battlemages within the Safety Shelters. It was just like beating military drums… all their eyes were thoroughly drawn toward the scene, their pupils expanding.

Ever since the moment He Yu died, his eyes had never regained their senses, until now. Now his eyes felt like they were simply combusting!

His heart was surging like the beating of the drums, following the ten streaks that were flying toward the Darkwing Wolf. He had found the place where he belonged.

“If you knew that the weak boy that you sacrificed yourself to save is able to become a Battlemage that can watch over the city, and use his own powers to save millions of beautiful girls like you, then the you in the heaven will be smiling in gratification, right?...”

The weak boy gripped his fist; he already knew where he should go, and what he should be doing in the future.


Mo Fan walked down from the watchtower, and after arriving at the very bottom, he happened to see the female instructor, Pan Lijun.

In the past, Pan Lijun had a stiff face. Today, it looked like she held a grief that had been there for a long time. It seemed like the her who used to be very well-trained was somewhat weak at the moment.

“A scouting squad member took a risk to bring back news. Many caverns outside of the Safety Shelters have a distinct traces of being dug out,” Pan Lijun solemnly said to the headband-wearing man next to her.

“So that means the sudden appearance of all these Magical Beasts in Bo City is mostly because the many tunnels outside of Bo City lead to the water tunnels beneath it. The Magical Beasts used those tunnels to walk past our Safety Shelters to directly enter Bo City?” headband man solemnly asked.

“Yes, our top priority is to find a few Magical Beast caverns and have those tunnels directly filled and destroyed, or else Bo City will have unending amount of Magical Beasts appearing. It’s just, we currently are not sure on where those tunnels that leads to Bo City lie.” Pan Lijun was at her wit’s end at this moment.

The attack of the Magical Beasts was too sudden, and the entire City had gone into chaos. Finding a Magical Beast entry point in a large city like this was definitely not an easy matter.

As he heard these two discussing this, Mo Fan’s thoughts suddenly flashed.

Cave, water tunnel, sewers… This meant that there was a creature specialized in digging causing mischief!

Colossal-eyed Ape Rat!

In his year with the Hunter Squad, Mo Fan and the squad members had killed a large number of Colossal-eyed Ape Rats within Bo City.

At this moment, he finally understood why there were so many Colossal-eyed Ape Rats going rampant in Bo City for the past year!

Heavens, they were the signs of this disaster to Bo City!

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