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Chapter 102 - Sudden Traitor!




“Looking for me?” Mo Fan said, feeling increasingly puzzled.

“Oh, you don’t know? It’s like this. This calamity was caused by the Black Vatican. Not only did they lure the Darkwing Wolf over, they are planning on luring over even more Commander level Magical Beasts with use of the Underground Holy Spring to completely eradicate Bo City,” Bai Yang said to Mo Fan gravely.

“So it was the Black Vatican, those things that can’t even be called animals!” Xue Musheng said, indignant at the injustice.

“Vice-Captain Lin Yuxin should’ve handed the Underground Holy Spring to you, right?” Bai Yang continued.

Mo Fan didn’t reply, he was just looking at Instructor Bai Yang.

Bai Yang looked at Mo Fan up and down, he was wondering whether this thing had been properly protected before he continued, “Give the Underground Holy Spring to me. I’ll immediately deliver it to Boss Zhankong. This thing is extremely important, if it lands on the hands of the Black Vatican, then our Bo City is finished.”

Everyone’s gaze also landed on Mo Fan. They had never thought that Mo Fan was actually guarding such an important thing.

“Mo Fan, so you were actually secretly protecting the Underground Holy Spring. Fortunately, we have met up with Instructor Bai. Give the Underground Holy Spring to him, and we should also hurry to the Safety Shelters,” Xue Musheng said.

Bai Yang was so excited that he took a few steps forward, he practically wanted to snatch the Underground Holy Spring from Mo Fan’s hands. Unfortunately, he didn’t see where the Underground Holy Spring was .

Mo Fan attentively watched Bai Yang and said, “It is also very safe with me, it’s better if I personally give it to Boss Zhankong, please hurry and guide us on the way, Instructor Bai Yang.”

Bai Yang was clearly stunned, followed by his face filled with a smile, “That makes sense…”

It was clear that Bai Yang hadn’t finished talking, he slightly stopped. The warm smile he had on his face instantly froze, his gaze suddenly displayed an ominous glint. His face actually seemed somewhat twisted.

“Then, you can go and die!” Bai Yang coldly said.

As his voice faded, the incredibly meek Spirit Wolf suddenly took a big stride toward Mo Fan. Its sharp claws were raised, it was actually going to slam right into Mo Fan.

As this unexpected thing happened, everyone was completely dumbstruck.

“Mo Fan!” Zhoumin cried out in alarm, yet she could only helplessly watch as the Spirit Wolf’s heavy claw was about to seize Mo Fan’s life.

“Instructor Bai, what are you doing!?” Xue Musheng shouted loudly.

Bai Yang completely ignored him. His Spirit Wolf didn’t have the slightest intention of being lenient.

Not a single student would be able to survive from an attack from this distance.


As the claws slammed down, it seemed to carry the anger of Bai Yang within it. After all, his previous Spirit Wolf was killed by Mo Fan, and now he finally had the opportunity to take revenge for that.

Naturally, taking revenge was just one part of it. The Underground Holy Spring was the more important reason. If he give it to the Red Cloaked Deacons, then this Bo City would also...

How...How is this possible!?

Bai Yang was expecting the boy’s blood to dye his entire body. However, a solid Bone Scythe Shield was erected right in front of Mo Fan. The Spirit Wolf’s claws slammed onto the Bone Scythe Shield, causing both Mo Fan and the shield to be struck flying without claiming his life!

Bone Scythe Shield! Bai Yang clearly remembered this was something given to Mo Fan by Zhankong. The question was, how did this kid have the time to prepare? He shouldn’t have had the time to activate his Magic Equipment when suddenly attacked at this distance, unless he was already suspicious about Bai Yang’s identity!

After the Bone Scythe Shield had blocked a heavy claw strike, it turned into numerous bone splinters as it dispersed into nothing. Mo Fan, who was knocked ten or so meters away, also stabilized his body.

Raising his head, Mo Fan’s face was stern. The heaving of his chest displayed his current rage.

As expected, this Instructor Bai Yang did have a problem.

“F***king sh**!” Mo Fan spat as he ruthlessly cursed.

“Hahaha, who would’ve thought? I can’t help but be curious as to why you are suspicious about me. I’m your instructor, after all.” Bai Yang began to madly laugh. The gentle and attractive appearance from before had now turned into a twisted lunatic, no longer having the admirable light which caused infatuated the young women!

At this kind of time, how could Mo Fan be in the mood of explaining to this spy of Black Vatican about this kind of stuff.

His gaze swept past his companions who were standing to the sides as he hastily shouted to them, “Be careful, this guy’s summoned beasts are not alone…”

Instructor Bai Yang’s face immediately sank, an ominous glint in his eyes flashed.

On the other side of the bridge, two slowly wiggling shadows quickly flew out. Their particularly sharp, long, and narrow forelimbs were like two sickles chopping toward Zhang Xiaohou and He Yu that were closest to them!

Bai Yang’s sudden betrayal came too quickly. The others were unable to react, much less to speak of being mindful of the two creatures that had jumped out from the two sides of the bridge.

With a ghastly monkey face and an abnormal human body, its body was completely black. It looked as though it was wearing some kind of tight leather clothing. Extremely ugly, this was precisely the symbol of Black Vatican, a Dark Beast Monster!

Mo Fan saw one of the Dark Beast Monsters was jumping toward Zhang Xiaohou, his heart began to beat fiercely.

Currently, he really wanted to finish his Star Path in less than a second and directly turn that Dark Beast Monster into dregs. However, his magic casting speed was not that fast.

In the end, Zhang Xiaohou was still somewhat pure. He couldn’t be like Mo Fan, who already had a wariness toward Instructor Bai Yang. If it was any other student, then they also wouldn’t have any bit of suspicion toward their own instructor.

He wasn’t able to cast his Wind Track this time, and when he turned around, he had already discovered that the incredibly ugly black creature had already pounced in front of him...

Am I gonna die like this?

Zhang Xiaohou was unable to believe this.

He had gone through the dreadful three kilometer route of death with Brother Fan, and was close to arriving after overcoming great difficulties. In the end, he was going to die at the hands of his own instructor.

Zhang Xiaohou closed his eyes.


The warm blood suddenly sprinkled over his face, Zhang Xiaohou’s heart felt helpless.

This animal has opened my chest, its speed was so quick that I felt the blood sprinkling on my face before feeling my chest being shredded open.

After one more second, Zhang Xiaohou still didn’t feel any pain. He was puzzled as he opened his eyes.

As he opened his eyes, he had discovered that the ghastly beast that was attacking him had been sent flying away and had slammed heavily into a motorcycle.

I didn’t die?

Then this blood...

Zhang Xiaohou turned his head around, his entire being stunned.

That was a deathly pale face, it was cold and dismal and it made people want to hold her in their arms.

Blood was spurting from her body, it was warm, it was so warm that it caused Zhang Xaiohou’s entire being to burn.

Translator: Tofu

Editor: RED

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