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Chapter 97: Licentious Party

Song Wei listened to the maid’s description and frowned.

Actually, she had also heard of parties that some rich and powerful people held for fun, in search of excitement. It was called the Heavenly Banquet.

Every time, they would gather a large number of men and women who were hungry for money to provide entertainment for the rich and powerful. Both sexes would wear masks and seek pleasure at the parties.

Rich people would use money to entice handsome men and beautiful women to participate in all kinds of immoral sex games.

Because their means of communication would be confiscated during the participation process and their identities would be concealed at the same time, the people participating in such a Heavenly Banquet would basically throw all their self-respect and sense of honor to the back of their minds. They would play very crazily.

Song Wei turned around and looked at the maid. “Did your young lady keep me here just to let me attend this party?”

The maid’s gaze was somewhat evasive. “Not really either… Miss said that she would give you a choice.”


Under Song Wei’s intense gaze, the maid finally stammered out, “Miss said that… if you choose to attend the party, then after the party ends, everything that happened before will be written off.”

“What if I don’t?”

“If you refuse to participate, then…” The maid’s voice grew softer and softer. “She… she will kill you.”

Song Wei finally understood that this was the method Zhou Huiqian had thought of to deal with her.

Everyone would be wearing masks at the Heavenly Banquet. Those rich and powerful people did not know whether she was beautiful or ugly. As long as she participated, there was a possibility that something would happen.

However, if she didn’t participate, that would mean that she was a boring toy that could be disposed of casually.

Zhou Huiqian was indeed sick enough. Everything she did was outrageous.

Song Wei thought for a moment and suddenly had an idea. She turned around and said to the maid, “Your mistress only said to let me attend the party, but she didn’t say that I had to follow the party rules. She also didn’t say what appearance I had to participate in either, right?”

The maid thought about it and nodded. “Miss didn’t make that demand… but, what do you mean by that?”

Song Wei turned around and smiled at the maid. “Lend me a set of your clothes. I’ll be your colleague tonight.”

The maid was stunned. “No! Miss will kill me!”

“It’s all right. This is because she didn’t set the rules carefully herself. If she asks, just say that I stole it.”

“This…” The maid was still a little hesitant and afraid, but under Song Wei’s earnest gaze, she nodded in the end.

The party only truly started at 9 PM.

This party was Zhou Huiqian’s highlight of the month, so everyone was basically busy with security issues and guiding the guests.

Of course, no one paid attention to someone as unimportant as Song Wei at a time like this.

Therefore, Song Wei’s plan was rather successful. She borrowed a set of clothes from the maid and changed into them. Using the information she had inquired, she guided the guests to the banquet hall in the basement.

In the beginning, when the guests entered the venue, they were all looking glamorous. Wearing luxurious clothes and masks, they spoke gracefully like they were attending an ordinary upper-class dinner party.

However, as soon as she walked into the dimly lit and dubious underground banquet hall, the gentlemanly and reserved facade that they had disguised themselves with earlier vanished instantly. In less than two steps, she could see a pair of figures intertwined intimately with each other.

Other than the main banquet hall, there were even six smaller banquet halls of different sizes on both sides. Further in were a few suites.

If they really couldn’t control themselves anymore, the guests could also choose a more private place to play sex games according to their acceptable standards and needs.

Although Song Wei was a person who had died once, she had never seen this type of scene before. She could only bear with the discomfort and strive to maintain a calm appearance while serving wine to the guests.

As she was carrying the tray of drinks into the small banquet hall, a woman in a black tube dress—who was half-drunk—bumped into her tray and spilled all the alcohol on herself.

The woman in the black dress was instantly enraged and was about to slap Song Wei. “Are you blind?!”

Song Wei evaded in time, which caused that woman’s slap to miss her. “I’m sorry. Miss, you seem to be drunk. You bumped into me.”

The woman in the black dress was even more furious. “Who do you think you are?! How dare a maid talk to me like this!”

In her rage, she immediately picked up a bottle of red wine on the table and was about to smash it into Song Wei.

However, her waist was held onto by a man. “You’re not cute anymore if you like to lose your temper so much.”

The woman in the black dress was stunned for a moment. In the man’s gentle voice, her entire body softened instantly. “I-I was just a little drunk and forgot myself for a moment…”

The man’s fingers pinched her chin. “This obedient look is much cuter.”

The woman in the black dress pressed her entire body against the man’s. “Then, can you dote on me…?”

The man turned around and said to Song Wei, “The wine has already been knocked over. Aren’t you going to get a new one?”

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