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Did he lose his mind?

Yun Wu opened her eyes widely and was shocked with astonishment full in her eyes. At the first time, she felt her heart would jump out from her throat.

Almost in the blink of an eye, he caught up with her and held her in his arms.

"What? Have been silly after seeing your husband?" the voice was still alike a kind of evil spirit’s; however, in this moment, it let Yun Wu feel relieved unexpectedly.

Their bodies still continued to fall.

"Are you crazy? The Yun Wu frowned and looked at him.

The Long Qingxie gave a wicked smile, "Yeah, I've been crazy since I met you, and I'm afraid I'll never get over it, so you should be responsible."

Then Yun Wu’s heart fluttered.

However, she also heard such words in the previous life, and the heartbreak due to being betrayed made her dare not to embark on the affection again.

Facing to him, she was in an emotional turmoil.

She couldn't owe him anything anymore.

She raised her left hand that wore and a silkworm thread was fired out of the iron contraption on the wrist in an instant. It swooshed and went up straightly.

It did not wait for Long Qingxie to make a reaction, and their bodies suddenly stopped and immediately swung in midair.

"I can't afford what you want, so now it's a life for a life, and we don't owe each other," Yun Wu indifferently said, withdrew the line of sight, and controlled the speed of the decline of this silkworm thread.

A life for a life?

Long Qingxie raised his eyebrow and looked at Yun Wu, he could recognize she was touched at that moment, but why did she relapse into usual apathy in a twinkling of an eye?

He had investigated all what had happened to her in the last fifteen years. She barely had contact with men, so it was impossible that she fell in love with another man

However, he always felt that her heart was full of a kind of indifference experiencing numerous vicissitudes.

As if her not only froze her heart, but also locked it in the deepest depths of the abyss, not giving anyone the opportunity to touch.

Long Qingxie was surprised by her change.

But he had said that he was going to make her fall in love with him.

"You, little girl, really make your husband sad," Long Qingxie whispered as a touch of tenderness and love slowly flashed across his eyes.

At that time, the slowly falling two bodies stopped again.

The silkworm thread was not long enough.

Yun Wu knitted her eyebrows and looked up at Long Qingxie, "Take the swords, use them and climb down along the cliff by yourself."

When she finished her words, two long swords appeared out of nowhere in the right hand of Yun Wu.

"How about you?

"I'll figure it out on my own."

"Still have no way, huh? Then hand over yourself to me and rely on me," Long Qingxie laughed.

Before Yun Wu made any response, she just saw he caught her waist with one hand and grabbed one long sword with the other hand to raise a small wisp of battle spirit and then backhand thrust that sword into the cliff.

The weight of the two bodies was borne by the cliff, and Yun Wu felt the stretching force in her arm was gone.

Yun Wu did not understand what he wanted to do after all, but she still got the silkworm thread back.

"Hold tight," the man said in her ear with a wicked voice.



They fell sharply down.

Yun Wu’s face slightly changed, and she subconsciously held him tightly, "You're out of your mind!

Long Qingxie wore a faint smile and hugged her on waist slightly hard, "Little girl, if you felt afraid, close your eyes."

And when he finished his words, he pushed the cliff with tiptoe, and his body fell down like an eagle and went to the bottom of the cliff.

The strong wind was blowing to his face and the silver hair was flying in the air.

This scene was so beautiful that it was a little suffocating.

The white fog dissipated and the cliff bottom was close at hand.

Landed like an eagle with the foot on the ground, Long Qingxie already stood in that cliff bottom with his arm around Yun Wu’s waist.

But in next second!

No chance for Yun Wu to response.

"Zip..." Yun’s clothes were torn open and made a sound.

Yun Wu felt cold in the chest with shock in her eyes.


"That geezer made the sharp arrow with water element.


"Ah!" Suddenly, a piercing pain let Yun Wu shout inwardly.

She lowered the head to see that Long Qingxie’s palm spread a strong suction that sucked out three sharp arrows inside her body.

A series of movements were fast and neat. The whole process perhaps took less than ten seconds.

"Take a rest and I'll find some animal blood for you." After gathering up her clothes, Long Qingxie let her sit on the ground, then got up and quickly disappeared in the dense jungle.

Yun Wu who looked pale watched his back and couldn’t help frowning, and there was a trace of confusion in the deep of her eyes.

What kind of person was this man?

On the ground, the three arrows with blood unexpectedly began to become a pool of water little by little.

Sizzle! The pool of water, under the sunshine, turned into a wisp of black smoke and disappeared without any trace.

It seemed that those arrows would have really melt in her body if they weren’t sucked out by Long.

When Yun Wu just began to regulate her status, Long Qingxie’s figure, just leaving for a while, unexpectedly came back from the distance.

This speed really let Yun Wu wonder whether he did walk away or not.

"Drink it," Long Qingxie pushed a jade bowl with warm animal blood in it to the side of her mouth.

Yun Wu looked up, met his inscrutable and deep eyes, stretched out her hand to take over, and raised head to drink up that bowl of disgusting animal blood with bad smell.

Perhaps because the body was dead, Yun Wu felt that this small wound not threaten her life.

But the blood was helpful to preserve her present body.

Even it was disgusting, she had to drink it.

"Thank you!" When the bowl was handed back to him, Yun Wu thanked him in a low voice.

Long Qingxie lifted the corner of mouth, sat on the ground beside her and was close to her. "Come here, have a nap and replenish some strength. It will take some strength to get out of this Evil Beast Forest."

Evil Beast Forest?

Yun Wu looked around and found the trees were high, the grass was thick and light was dim, so they should be in the middle of the forest.

It was seemed that they should drop into the Evil Beast Forest.

Because the whole treasure house had been ransacked, the emperor was so angry that he almost vomited blood.

The palace was in unprecedented anger and guard in a sudden.

In particular, when the guards for searching found that the old man was blown up into parts on the edge of the cliff, a storm was set off in the whole palace once again.

Therefore, the emperor immediately called many military generals and courtiers and intended to discuss a plan to chase the thieves.

At the hall, almost every courtier was here, even including the Old Master Yun Qi, who had been called into the palace and was standing in front of the courtiers at that moment.

The emperor, Zhou Batian, was in his fifties and sitting in a high position.

At that time, he had a serious face full of worry, looking at a middle-aged man in a white robe at the hall, and asked in a deep voice, "Imperial Preceptor, about today’s disaster happening to the palace, have you gotten any result from the divination? Do you know who did it?"

Hearing the words of Zhou Batian, many present courtiers naturally put their eyes on the man in a white robe.

The middle-aged man was the Imperial Preceptor of the Zhou Dynasty, known as the "First Prophet of God", and it was said that he had the ability to divine the past and the future.

At the same time, he was also one of the few master practitioners in Zhou Dynasty and even had great talent of blue rank.

Nangong Shui looked at the divination situation on the ground and knitted his eyebrows.

After a long while, he waved his hand and picked up the divinatory symbols on the ground.

"Your majesty, the disaster of today is the effect of a cause that the royal family planted fifteen years ago. According to divination, ransacking the treasure house today is just a beginning, and, from now on, there will be..."

Nangong Shui did not go on telling the next part.

Hearing his words, the ministers present began to whisper.

The Deputy Minister of War said, "Imperial Preceptor, since you can divine those, you should also be able to divine who did it? Now the most important thing is to catch the thief."

"Yeah, whatever the cause and effect is, as long as the thief is caught, all thing will be solved."

But at that time, Yun Qi, standing in the first place, opened his mouth, "Imperial Preceptor unexpectedly predicted this kind of result, which can only show that things are certainly not so easy. You shouldn’t be so hurry. Firstly, let us listen to Imperial Preceptor’s next words."

Yun Qi's words made Nangong Shui have a soft smile.

"Long time no see, dear General Yun!"

Yun Qi saluted by cupping his hands and said in a husky voice, "Cut the crap. Tell us all results of your divination."

Because of Yun Qi's power and identity, it was natural that no one dared to say anything.

"It is the 'unknown divination' that has never appeared before. It is even I that cannot fully understand the meaning of the divination. Therefore, there are no next words," the sagacious eyes of Nangong Shui was full of deep helplessness.

Zhou Batian frowned and put on a sulky face, "Imperial Preceptor, what do you mean about the 'unknown divination'? Is the disaster of palace the price paid for the cause and effect that you said?"

Those words, as if with a force of the invisible majesty, made all the ministers fall silence in a moment and lower their heads.

Obviously, everyone felt the emperor's hidden anger at that time.

In addition to one point, Zhou Batian also had the peak strength of the ninth rank.

In the face of both strength and power, the weak and the courtiers must lower heads and submit.

Nangong Shui was still calm and indifferently said, "Your majesty, I can't understand that divination, but I watched the stars last night and divined that a summoner would show up in our Zhou Dynasty in the near future.

Hearing that it was impossible to figure out the divination, Zhou Batian had a sullen look, but with the words behind, a flash of shock and ecstasy came into his eyes.


The people present all were very surprised in the moment of hearing that.


That hadn't happened in hundreds of years, and it almost became a legend.

However, the Imperial Preceptor’s divination had never been wrong.

So would the Zhou Dynasty really have a summoner soon?

In that case, the Zhou Dynasty would be able to dominate the other two kingdoms or even to annex them, if only the summoner had been roped in.

At the thought of this, the matter that the treasure house was ransacked and the death of the master practitioner seemed unworthy of being mentioned in an instant.

"Imperial Preceptor, where is the summoner you mentioned now?" Zhou Batian asked in a slight hurry.

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