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Episode 69/Chapter 5:  Absolutely Invincible (5)

TL: Tsubak

ED: StellarRain

The flow of the battlefield rapidly increased.

Tae Ho rode on Adenmaha and flew over the heads of the destructive beings from Xindu and Dilmun. Echidna, Rolo and Drakon Ismenios followed Tae Ho as escorts and erased everything in their way.

The 11 beasts felt a sense of crisis. With only 9 beasts remaining, they attempted to merge their  strengths by gathering in one place, but the warriors of Asgard and the Temple didn't allow them. The Commanders and Death Gods were especially obstinate in obstructing the beasts.

The 11 beasts couldn't resist destroyed by Tae Ho one by one. He only needed a few minutes to exterminate them all.

When the last beast, the seven headed horned dragon Musmahhu lost all of its heads and collapsed, the martial artists of the Temple cheered. Despite being completely exhausted, the Shinsoos still thanked Tae Ho and sent their blessings to Tae Ho and his  dragons.

Vedrfolnir asked if Sigurd had recovered, but instead of replying Sigurd grabbed Gram tightly and concentrated.  The dragon killing aura that had been thinning once again surged up .

He could still fight. He had to.

Vedrfolnir heatedly admired Sigurd . She concentrated  on controlling Hraesvelgr to alleviate some pressure.

Jormungand roared and fired poison. Hraesvelgr flew up quickly to dodge the poison, and at that moment the reinforcements finally arrived.

"Jormungand! Enemy of Asgard!"

Tyr yelled while riding on Echidna and released his divine power. Rolo and Drakon Ismenios weren't afraid of Jormungand's size and instead accelerated and fired breaths.

Buy some time.

Even just a few more minutes.

Tae Ho would buy a little more time. Sigurd panted heavily and moved his eyes around to check around him. Adenmaha and Tae Ho were flying up to Nidhogg's head that was holding Tiamat in place.

He would defeat Tiamat and kill Jormungand.

Sigurd understood. He glared at Jormungand and took a breath.

Tae Ho wasn't simply trying to stall for some more time. Sigurd was a dragon killer. No matter how strong his enemy was, if it was a dragon Sigurd always found a way to fight and win.

Sigurd transmitted his thoughts to Vedrfolnir and Vedrfolnir nodded. A faint smile appeared on her face.

Let's go.

Sigurd looked at Jormungand. Hraesvelgr's body turned into a  sword filled with dragon killing intent and flew towards the Space snake.


["Tae Ho master!"]

"Drive her back!"

Nidhogg yelled and Tae Ho replied.


Hraesvelgr bellowed and swung his fists consecutively.

Hraesvelgr's fists mercilessly slammed into Tiamat's head. The barrage was so fast it resembled a shower.

Pieces of Tiamat's body began to crack. This was because her body was also a kind of magic armor, just like that of Nidhogg and Hraesvelgr.

Tiamat couldn't endure anymore, as she had lost the 11 beasts and was no longer able to amplify her strength . Her struggles weakened and her power of destruction also dropped drastically.

Tae Ho and Adenmaha rose up to the sky . It was to deal the last blow to Tiamat.

Dragon Sword Astelone.

The incarnation of the World dragon roared. Tae Ho retrieved the Sword of the round table and Gae Bolg concentrated his strength on Astelone.

Adenmaha stabilized in the air. At some point she took a turn and looked at the sky and Tae Ho activated his 'eyes of the dragon' and looked at Tiamat.

Tiamat was so weak she couldn't obstruct Tae Ho's vision. Tae Ho's eyes could clearly see the location of her Heart room.

He would pierce it with one attack. He would defeat the dragon of destruction from Dilmun.

Adenmaha started to glide down. Hraesvelgr, who was enjoying beating Tiamat, stopped his attacks and raised the body of the black dragon to make a path for Tae Ho to pass.

Lightning and thunder flashed. Adenmaha formed a magic circle made of runes and the aura of a blue dragon covered her.

Dragon cannon - Draconic ballista.

. Tae Ho smashed Tiamat's scales and entered inside of her. He reached the Heart room in an instant and Adenmaha roared and unleashed the blue aura of the dragon.

The explosion obliterated the walls of the Heart room  while Adenmaha gritted her teeth and endured the shock. Tae Ho jumped down from Adenmaha's back and entered the Heart room.

Tiamat's essence extended her hand towards Tae Ho.

Tiamat, whose lower body was connected to the center of the Heart room, looked like he expected. Her hair shone with seven colors in it and her face certainly was beautiful.

But her eyes were revealing. She was an extreme being that couldn't accompany Tae Ho.

Tiamat screamed and released her strength. Tae Ho ruthlessly crushed her attack, raised Atstelone and advanced.

Tiamat unleashed one last scream. Astelone pierced the chest of Tiamat, and the two were so close their breaths reached each other.

Tae Ho looked at Tiamat and Tiamat looked back. It was different from Nyx. They couldn't interact. Tiamat tried to curse Tae Ho but  Tae Ho easily dispersed the curse with an overwhelming dragon killing intent. He twisted Astelone and released his power to destroy Tiamat's essence.

Tiamat died quickly and without pain. Her head dropped and she no longer moved.

Tae Ho sighed but it wasn't over yet. He still had something to do.

Astelone spoke. The spirit of Astelone appeared above the Dragon sword Astelone even though Tae Ho hadn't called her. It wasn't the same woman with eyes half closed as if it was annoying. Astelone's eyes were now shining.

Sigurd wasn't the only one who could increase their strength by fighting against dragons.

Astelone greedily absorbed Tiamat's power.

Absorbing the power of common dragons was a meaningless thing for her as she was already the incarnation of the World dragon, but Tiamat's power was different.

Tiamat was both an ancient dragon and  an ancient God. For Astelone, Tiamat's essence was a delicacy of the highest quality.

Tae Ho also received Tiamat's power through Astelone. It was the moment when the power of the oldest ancient God was added to the new God, Tae Ho.

Astelone's form changed. She became bigger and stronger. At the same time Tae Ho also realized that he was transforming into an ancient God.

Tiamat's power was truly massive. It was so massive that Astelone and Tae Ho could absorb it entirely. As a result, Tae Ho released the power of Tiamat through the wings of a dragon. He also shared Tiamat's power with Adenmaha and Nidhogg.

Adenmaha's rank increased and Nidhogg became stronger.

Delicious! Delicious! I want to eat more!

Astelone released her thoughts with a childlike speech.

Now it was over. Tae Ho pulled out Astelone from Tiamat's essence that was now dissolving and turning to ash.

Adenmaha approached Tae Ho and lowered her posture. Tae Ho answered her eyes that implied to get on her back.

I want to eat. I want to eat.

Astelone continued to speak. Tae Ho touched the scabbard of the Dragon sword trying to appease her and Adenmaha left Tiamat's body with a stroke of her wings.

["Tae Ho master!"]

Nidhogg yelled. She was overflowing with energy perhaps because she had absorbed the power of Tiamat. But she then held her breath and spoke with a teary voice.

["Nidhogg is not tasty. You can't eat me. Don't eat me. I don't like that."]

She felt Astelone's overwhelming hunger.

'Kugh, why is she so cute? I want to scare her a bit more. Increase that vulgar desire!'

Cuchulainn's nonsense was the same as always so Tae Ho was able to regain his composure. He flicked the scabbard of the Dragon sword and then calmed down Nidhogg. After that he turned to look at Jormungand.

Jormungand was trying to escape. Sigurd, Tyr and many others. were joining hands to stop it from escaping but it was hard to stop it when it was trying to escape with all its strength.


Adenmaha spoke through mystical magic. Tae Ho stroked her back and nodded.

Tae Ho had spent so much divine power and stamina that he couldn't recover it all even after eating a golden apple. But he still had strength remaining.

'That really is a cheat. That saga.'

He won't get exhausted even after fighting for a hundred days and nights.

His energy is infinite.

Tae Ho could move like usual. Tae Ho laughed and Adenmaha started to fly again.

"Nidhogg! Grab it!"


Nidhogg, who was facing Tiamat, threw herself at Jormungand. Rolo and Drakon Ismenios were shocked and hurriedly got out of the way. As a result, Jormungand desperately surged up.

But Nidhogg was a bit faster. The two hands of the black holy dragon grabbed the tip of Jormungand's tail.

"Slam it down!"

Hraesvelgr yelled and swung his arms. His actions were recreated through the black dragon that slammed Jormungand into the ground.


Jormungand couldn't even scream properly. Hraesvelgr moved his hands after the aftershock. Jormungand raised its head and fired poison.

The powerful poison that was no different from its last struggle. However, Nidhogg was a poisonous dragon in the first place. Her poison was even stronger than Jormungand.

The black dragon tanked the poison and then grabbed Jormungand's tail again.

At that moment Sigurd Jormungand's body. Jormungand struggled under the sharp pain and Tyr's divine power flashed above Jormungand's head like lightning.

Jormungand couldn't resist. For a moment it fainted and the lapse of consciousness ushered in its end.

Tae Ho raised Astelone on top of Adenmaha's back. He fused his saga into to the Dragon sword.

[Creation ranked saga]

[Sword of creation]

A sword of light that reached dozens of meters appeared. Tae Ho poured all his remaining divine power and stamina to maintain that light.

Adenmaha flew next to Jormungand. Tae Ho swung the Sword of Creation at the neck of the space snake. Jormungand couldn't resist as it had already spent most of its strength in the previous battle.

Jormungand's head fell to the ground. It's body followed and the ground rumbled once again.

Jormungand, the space snake, had been exterminated.

Tae Ho , the master of Asgard, perceived that Thor's restrains had been released. At the same time, he realized that Sigurd's powers were raised by one stage as he surged up to the sky while covered by Jormungand's blood.

It's still eatable.

Tae Ho imagined Astelone, who had absorbed part of Jormungand's power, pout and touch her belly.

Tae Ho laughed,  retrieved Astelone and let out a long sigh. He stroked Adenmaha's back and looked towards the Golden palace.

["We won!"]

Nidhogg yelled and that was a signal. An incredible cheer burst out from the entire Golden palace.

Tae Ho had saved the Golden palace. He had dispersed part of the forces of Dilmun and Xindu that attacked the south of the Temple.

But it wasn't over yet.

Tae Ho looked at another place.

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