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Bai Yunfei’s mother was one of his few sore points, as he allowed no one to disrespect her. Even if it was a mistake, he wouldn’t forgive it!!

And so when Xing Luo made the matters even worse by cursing her out, Bai Yunfei flew into a rage instantly!

With how strong Bai Yunfei was today, he could limit his strength normally, but why would he ‘limit’ his strength for his? He was angry! He had the right to be angry, and the right to use whatever power he wanted!

He wasn’t planning on killing Xing Luo and the others at first. They might not have had the best intentions in mind with them wanting to teach Bai Yunfei a lesson, but now….since they already said they were after Bai Yunfei’s life, then he’d be sure to let them know the feeling!

The explosion of power from Bai Yunfei revealed his strength as a mid-stage Soul Exalt to them. The temperature in the area shot up drastically with the raging fire around them, a spark of purple occasionally flying out from the fire.


Thanks to the connection between the two, Xiao Qi was able to tell why Bai Yunfei was angry, and subsequently grew angry itself. Transforming to the size of a large eagle, it activated the Wind and Lightning Feathers and cloaked itself in its violet and azure light to look like a spirit bird of some kind.


Not really understanding what was going on, the blue-eyes wyrm roared as well and rapidly grew in size along with Xiao Qi. Excited that it could go loose for once, it bathed itself in blue light to grow back to its normally large size to stand behind Bai Yunfei and stare at the ants in front of it.

Now that the three of them revealed their true strength, the other three men were petrified with fear.

Wu Ming had been just twenty steps away from Bai Yunfei before their transformation. His body was washed with orange light to form a draconic claw over his right hand. But now, his eyes were wide open with fear as he stood as still as a statue.

Xing Luo and Xu Shen were both standing equally still, their spirits taking temporary leave from their bodies.

It had only been for a quick moment, however. The wyrm’s roar had been the sound that broke the spell, and Wu Ming had been the first to respond. With a high-pitched scream, he turned tail and fled!

But Bai Yunfei’s actions were even faster than his!

Wu Ming had only taken a small step in retreat when Bai Yunfei disappeared away from sight in a blur of purple light!

And by the point inertia brought him to his second step, Wu Ming was met with Bai Yunfei appearing right in front of him!

The Flash Step!

Wu Ming couldn’t even describe the terror he was feeling right now. He didn’t even see Bai Yunfei move!! They were both mid-stage Soul Exalts, but the equipment Bai Yunfei had granted him far more speed than many thought possible!

Wu Ming’s first instinct was to bring up his right hand in defense when Bai Yunfei appeared out of nowhere. Bolstered by his fear and adrenaline, Wu Ming stabbed his ‘dragon’s claw’ straight forward to attack Bai Yunfei.


His claw could shatter stone and warp metal with his strength, but Bai Yunfei wasn’t afraid to unleash an Eighty-one Fold Fist Force against it!

The elemental earth crumbled away upon contact, Bai Yunfei’s punch breaking the bones in Wu Ming’s hand. Not even another moment later, Wu Ming’s entire right arm was completely pulverized with bone fragments sticking out!! Completely defeated, Wu Ming was thrown away from Bai Yunfei, his body flying even farther when Bai Yunfei kicked him. Blood was spat from his mouth as he flew, but before he could even land, a tail suddenly wrapped around his body!

“Bang!” Flinging him in a completely opposite direction, the blue-eyes wyrm sent the man flying through two huts before coming to a stop in the wall of the third.

Bai Yunfei didn’t even spare a glance at the hindrance. Disappearing again in another flash of light, he came to a stop in front of Xing Luo.

It took only three seconds for Wu Ming to be dealt with.

Xu Shen hadn’t even been able to form a response during the time Wu Ming was being dealt with. By the time the idea occurred to him to flee, Bai Yunfei was already there in front of him to slap him away as he would slap a housefly.

Eyes filled with utter terror, Xu Shen’s body dragged violently across the ground. Each time he slammed against the ground, another mouthful of blood was lost. But before he could even pick himself up, a tornado about ten meters in circumference formed around him. The tornado surrounded him, completely preventing him from moving unless he wanted to be hurt.

In less than a few seconds, Bai Yunfei was already in front of Xing Luo without anyone to protect him….

Of course, Xing Luo by now realized just what was going on. His knees gave out beneath him, causing him to fall to the ground with a plop to stare up at Bai Yunfei as though he was a ghost.

“What did you….say?”

Bai Yunfei asked, his eyes still staring icily at him.

“I….I….” Xing Luo stammered, no other word managing to form in his mouth.


He hadn’t answered fast enough. Bai Yunfei lashed out with a kick across Xing Luo’s chest and sent him flying. He didn’t put all his might behind it, but it was enough to force some blood out from Xing Luo’s mouth.

“What did you just say?!”

Bai Yunfei advanced two steps forward, asking the same question from before with even more emphasis.

“I….don’t…don’t you kill me! I’m…I’m the second son of the Xing! The house of Xing is the strongest family in the Northern Ridge Province! We have a Soul King as our ancestor! You can’t kill me, you can’t! Don’t kill….me….” He was completely cowed by now. The murderous intent in Bai Yunfei’s eyes shook him to his very core and practically brought him to hysteria.

Fear had completely overtaken Xing Luo’s mind now. He was starting to plead with Bai Yunfei.


An agonizing scream from behind Bai Yunfei brought everything to a grinding halt.

Bewildered, Bai Yunfei turned around, only to see the blue-eyes wyrm’s right foot emerge from a pile of rubbish.

Wu Ming’s aura disappeared after that.

He had been stomped to death by the blue-eyes wyrm!

The blue-eyes wyrm wasn’t a benevolent master. Xiao Qi held Xu Shen in contention so that Bai Yunfei could deal with him, but the blue-eyes wyrm didn’t care at all for them. Since they had annoyed Bai Yunfei, they would die. Simple as that.

Bai Yunfei was surprised, he hadn’t expected the wyrm to kill the man just like that.

While Bai Yunfei was preoccupied, Xing Luo saw his chance. In his last moment desperation, he summoned as much as his soulforce as he could and brought out a purple dagger from his ring.

Fear-driven, he threw the dagger as hard as he could at Bai Yunfei!


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