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The fox eyed the bullets Bai Yunfei was firing out one after another, his actions were very strange to the fox. It had never seen such movements before so it was confused at what Bai Yunfei was trying to do.

Then when Bai Yunfei pointed both of whatever soul armaments he held in his hands at the fox, hundreds of little bullets were fired at it!

The move it was so proud of, the Thousand Fox Phantasm, was beaten in just two short moments?!

In disbelief, the fox inhaled sharply. All of the phantasms it had around Bai Yunfei were completely gone now, and the world around it was on fire now. With several banging sounds, the fox’s defenses was rained upon by these hundred bullets.

The strength of the two Desert Eagles were extraordinary, but the fox’s defenses were even stronger.

Availing itself to an opening in the burstfire of bullets, the fox leapt to the right, its eyes flashing strangely with a hallucogenic light. Crying loudly, it gave Bai Yunfei a full dose of its glare!

As it was with human nature, it was inevitable that Bai Yunfei followed the fox when it leapt away from its original position. This meant when the fox glared at Bai Yunfei, their eyes met!


Bai Yunfei averted his eyes as quickly as he could, but it was far too late. The fox’s illusion was already taking effect on his mind by erasing the fox away from his eyesight and soulsense!

The next thing Bai Yunfei heard was the faint chuckling of several young women. Without warning, a fog of mist descended onto the area, and a stunningly beautiful woman stepped out from it. A ribbon was all that covered several parts of her naked body, her eyes enchanting to the pupils as she sauntered over to him.

She drew close enough to Bai Yunfei for him to smell the distinct aroma of orchid and her breathing. Her jade-white hand touched at Bai Yunfei’s cheek, feeling at his warmth.

It felt so real! Bai Yunfei was starting to feel himself burn on in the inside even….

His face refused to show the ecstasy he was feeling, however. His eyes were bloodshot, and his mind knew this was an illusion, but another voice was whispering to him, refuting his mind. “This is real,” it whispered, “lose yourself to your pleasures….”


He bit his tongue.

Roaring furiously, Bai Yunfei’s entire body went ablaze, expelling his soulforce into the surrounding area and dispelling the beautiful woman in front of him into ashes. Still bloodshot in the eyes, Bai Yunfei jabbed his finger forward!

Obeying his actions, the Cataclysmic Seal flashed orange, and then red. Flying forward, it started to grow in size from just a scant ten meters to a kilometer!!

Already some distance away from Bai Yunfei, the brick flew over his head as large as a mountain to swat everything in front of him!

Bai Yunfei had only been stuck in that illusion for three seconds at most. So while the fox had time to move about, it wouldn’t get too far away from the range of the brick for sure! With how vast the brick was now, there was very little the brick wouldn’t hit!

A good three hundred meters away, the fox was floating in the sky to prepare itself to attack. Bai Yunfei’s entrapment into its illusion made it happy, it thought it’d have some time to breathe. As it was preparing its ultimate move to strike Bai Yunfei down, the man had suddenly snapped out from the illusion with a roar! Not even a second after that, the tiny brick had transformed into a mighty mountain to go barreling towards it!

Frightened out of its skin, the fox screeched, summoning several fireballs to pelter the brick with. They slammed against the brick, but to its dismay, the brick didn’t slow down in the slightest!

Its failure to slow down the brick took away the precious time it used to have to run away, and now it was too late! The brick was just an instant away from hitting it!

The brick smashed through the fox’s barrier as if it wasn’t there, swatting the fox as if it would swat a fly. With a bang, the fox was flung away, its bones cracking in several places and blood coming out from many of its orifices!

Instead of chasing after the fox, the brick came to a stop after they made contact. Straight away, it shrunk back to its original size as Bai Yunfei’s soulforce was no longer feeding it.

Bai Yunfei looked deathly pale now, losing so much soulforce so quickly made his head spin. The Violet Soul Ring flashed brightly with light as the 2000 stockpiled soulpoints transferred to his body.

His cheeks flushed with life as the soulforce ran through his body. Renewed, Bai Yunfei hoisted his right hand up to aim the Fire Eagle!

It was time for a Homing Bullet!

A bullet barely the size of a peanut shot out from the barrel of the Fire Eagle. The gun wasn’t aimed directly at the fox, but the bullet swerved unnaturally to follow the fox as it flew through the air!

The only emotion left in the fox now was fear. Not a single thing had gone according to plan ever since it met Bai Yunfei, and after several exchanges, the fox knew it had underestimated the mid-stage Soul Exalt. This man wasn’t a brat, it was an opponent it couldn’t beat!

It had to run! It had to escape as far as possible! Spitting another mouthful of blood, the fox uprighted itself and used the momentum it still had to fly off away from Bai Yunfei.

But no sooner did it upright itself did the fox hear a faint whistling sound. Looking behind, it saw a fiery bullet come chasing after it!

If it was before, the fox would’ve disregarded this bullet and let it hit its shield. But after it was hit with the Cataclysmic Seal, the fox was hardly in a shape to be doing any rapid movements, let alone reallocate its soulforce into a barrier. Before it could even do that, however, the bullet pierced into its injured waist and blew up!


Shrieking with pain when the bullet hit, the fox watched in agony as a relatively large hole was formed on its skin. Blood was pouring out in large amounts now, and its bones could be seen from outside.

Its vision was growing hazy now, but not so hazy that it felt like it’d faint. Adrenaline and its preservation instincts were kicking in to help dull the pain, and with another kick, the fox flew even faster.


A moment after it kicked, the fox heard the furious chirp of a bird. Looking up, it saw a rainbow flash of light in front of it, and then a black disk….

Xiao Qi had returned!


The fox screamed in despair. But it was too late. The Spatial Edge had cut across its neck–decapitating the fox!

Swooping down, Xiao Qi’s claws dug into the fox’s head and tore out its soulgem without remorse. Trilling happily, it sent a message back to Bai Yunfei and returned to him with the soulgem.

“Whew….” Bai Yunfei sighed in relief. His body swayed unsteadily for a moment as he wiped his forehead, cleaning it of the sweat.

In just a brief ten minutes, Bai Yunfei had experienced yet another bout of danger. This was the very first time he had fought against an illusionist, and his heart was still trying to calm itself down from the terrifying ordeal.

Luckily for him, the fox hadn’t been very strong and his equipment made up for the difference. The +12 ring was especially useful its resistance against the fox’s Mesmerization. Without it, he wouldn’t have been able to snap out from the illusions or finish the battle as quickly as he did.

He forwent the Dual Flame Arts so that the fireseed in the Cataclysmic Seal wouldn’t be removed from it. That way, the brick would be a lot stronger.

All in all, Bai Yunfei wasn’t physically injured, but he had used a lot of soulforce and his soul was quite fatigued.

So he was happy for Xiao Qi and the thunderfire wolf returning. Sitting down, he tried to catch his breath.

The night was quiet once again now. Any indications that a fierce battle had taken place here was masked by the night, and not a living being was stirring. All that was left to see was Bai Yunfei and his body with the occasional burst of red light.

Daylight came soon enough. The rising of the sun was accompanied by a drawn out sigh from Bai Yunfei. Cheeks rosy with life, Bai Yunfei opened his eyes.

“Chirp chirp~!”

Standing guard loyally on the side, Xiao Qi chirped happily. It flew into the air and circled around his head twice before coming to a descent onto his shoulder.

Bai Yunfei smiled, taking the pink soulgem from Xiao Qi’s claw. “Haha, thank you,” he scratched the bird’s head, “I’m fine now.”

Before he could study the soulgem, Bai Yunfei was interrupted by another few chirps from Xiao Qi. Confused, he looked up, “What?”

Xiao Qi nodded its head.

Still confused, Bai Yunfei turned his head to look a hundred meters away where the thunderfire wolf was still standing guard.

The reason why he was confused was because Xiao Qi had told him that something strange had happened to the thunderfire wolf….

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