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A battle between beings of the Soul King level wasn’t a battle Bai Yunfei could hope to take part of. With his current strength, a stray elemental ‘grenade’ from the fight would be enough to turn him into a bloody smear on the ground. He wanted to run away, but he was also worried that Xing Yuan would notice and try to kill him.

So Bai Yunfei decided to wait for when everyone was too busy on fighting while he continued to recover from his wounds.

By relying on the effects of his armor and the ambient energy around him, Bai Yunfei enjoyed a brief moment of accelerated recovery to a point where Bai Yunfei felt comfortable enough to try and make his escape.

It went without saying that this battle was wonderful to watch and invaluable to learn from, but the battlefield was getting bigger and bigger, and Bai Yunfei could not longer guarantee his own safety if he stayed. Leaving now rather than later would be a wise choice, especially now that the Two Winged Kings were here.

Bai Yunfei sensed from Xiao Qi that the Two Winged Kings knew that they were here, so them leaving shouldn’t be a problem to the Two Winged Kings.

Furthermore, if the Two Winged Kings were so inclined to show their ‘consideration’ for them, all the Two Winged Kings had to do was exert some semblance of pressure onto Xing Yuan so that even if he realized Bai Yunfei was there, there’d be nothing to do besides being blown up by the two jian for being a bothersome ‘ant’.

This line of thought was dashed when the Black Dragon King tossed away the Nephrite Throne, causing Xing Yuan to chase after it. To make his decision even harder to make, Bai Yunfei realizing what the Nephrite Throne gave rise to a third option….

In all fairness, this was an extremely auspicious opportunity! If everyone but Xing Yuan wasn’t willing to leave, then Bai Yunfei had a chance to partake!

Every reward had its dangers, but Bai Yunfei was more than willing to risk it! The soulgem of a late-stage class seven soulbeast, revenge, or justification for the death of the many inhabitants of the continent wasn’t something Bai Yunfei had the right to talk about. But if it was chasing after the ‘unwanted’ treasure, then Bai Yunfei had no problems in doing!

So, with every single new development taken into consideration, Bai Yunfei came to a decision. Once the Black Dragon King revealed its final form, he’d make use of the reveal to beat a hasty escape!

As soon as Bai Yunfei leapt out from his hiding spot, Xiao Qi followed suit. Transforming in size, Xiao Qi grew large enough to catch Bai Yunfei in its claws before taking off towards the west like a shooting star!

Bai Yunfei and Xiao Qi’s sudden was noticed by each of the Soul Kings fighting, but not a single one of them cared. Only Liang Xing cared enough to give both of the two a slight glance, but when he realized how weak they were, he snorted and looked back to the fight at hand.

Yi Rou had looked at Xiao Qi with concern, but a warning from Yi Gang pulled her glance away from the bird. Pressing their hands together, Yi Gang and Yi Rou had an extremely long strand of elemental energy fly down onto the Black Dragon King like a hammer!


Down below, the Black Dragon King snarled and took a step back. Though it was only a step, over a hundred meters of ground was covered by that one step alone, and the ground trembled when his foot came smashing back down onto it, leaving a giant footprint in its place.

Opening his maw up wide, the Black Dragon King snapped at the bolt of energy!


There was a clang as his fangs met with the bolt of energy, but with the black miasma increasing the strength of his bite, the bolt of energy was ultimately broken into several pieces! As for the other half of the bolt still left intact, the Black Dragon King redirected it towards the glacial roc. Upon contact with the bolt, the glacial roc let loose a pain-filled screech.

Shifting its body slightly, the Black Dragon King lashed out with his tail to slam it into the three bolts of golden energy from Ma Wu. Pinging loudly with each bolt hit, he redirected the bolt towards the wind squaller a kilometer away!

A figure cloaked in golden light suddenly appeared right behind the Black Dragon King’s head at that moment, a giant blade ten meters tall and two meters wide in his hands and ready to give deliverance onto his head!

It was Wu Tianling!

A few meters up in the air, Bai Yunfei was now riding on the back of Xiao Qi as they made their escape. Looking back just in time to see a series of explosions rock the earth, Bai Yunfei was pleased to see that no one looked like they’d be coming after him. Sighing in relief, Bai Yunfei wiped off the sweat from his forehead.

His hand reached down towards the Beast Taming Ring in Xiao Qi’s mouth. Touching at the empty ring, Bai Yunfei looked back towards the tree they left behind.

“Xiao Lan, this is where we’ll be saying goodbye. We can’t take you with us from here on out….” He sighed, shaking his head in sadness.

The blue-eyes wyrm just had to go. It wasn’t as though Xiao Qi couldn’t carry the wyrm, but that Bai Yunfei needed the Beast Taming Ring back. And without the Beast Taming Ring to control the wyrm, there’d be no way that the wyrm would be willing enough to follow Bai Yunfei.

After traveling with the wyrm for so long, Bai Yunfei had a sense of attachment to it. The wyrm was a rather cool mount, but although it pained him to do so, Bai Yunfei had no other choice.

Back in the tree Xiao Qi flew out from, Xiao Lan stood on one of the tree branches, staring at the two companions it had previously traveled with. In its eyes, a humanistic-like look of contemplation could be seen. With how its eyes flashed strangely with light, a myriad of emotions could be seen with each flash of light.

Surprise, bewilderment, joy, and even a little bit of….reluctance….

It shook its head wildly before turning back to look at the awe-inspiring battle with the Black Dragon King. Shivering slightly at the sight, the blue-eyes wyrm then leapt down from the tree before making a careful, but quick beeline towards the south away from the area.

Since it was only an insignificant class six soulbeast, the people battling in the opposite direction wouldn’t bat an eyelid at it….

Rain was pouring down in heavy amounts, the skies being especially dark at the moment with lightning bolt crashing down from the skies. At this moment, Bai Yunfei sat on the top of Xiao Qi’s back, his Cataclysmic Seal hovering in front of him with its barrier protecting him and Xiao Qi from the chilling gale and the rain.

They were traveling in the direction of where the Nephrite Throne was tossed, but not so far in that direction that they could be spotted by Xing Yuan. But with such a speed like that, Bai Yunfei was starting to feel uncertain if he’d be able to catch up in time….

“The Black Dragon King has a strong throwing arm. Even with all that elemental energy protecting it, he was able to throw it unbelievably far. I wonder just how far he threw it though….”

With his soulsense as his guide, Bai Yunfei made sure to think about what he thought about the Black Dragon King. “It would’ve been better to run a little earlier, but good thing there weren’t any other experts nearby, otherwise they would’ve joined the fight earlier. If they weren’t strong enough, then they would’ve been hidden far away like I was. If they were hidden far away though, the chances of me meeting them would’ve been pretty high if they’re going after the throne.”

“Xing Yuan….” Bai Yunfei looked up, “he has the advantage over me. But Xiao Qi is a lot faster than he is, so I should be able to catch up soon. Hopefully, he’ll have the Nephrite Throne in hand so I can take it from him.”

His first encounter with Xing Yuan had left him in a quandary where only escape was possible, but things were different now. Thanks to the elevation of strength he got with Xiao Qi, and the ‘tide-changing treasure’ he got, his chances of winning against Xing Yuan was even higher now!

“I could beat Xing Yuan, and even if someone else comes for it, I don’t really need the throne, so I can just leave after that.”

He nodded in satisfaction of his plan.

“Xiao Qi,” he affectionately patted Xiao Qi on the back of its neck, “you just need to fly straight, if we don’t, we’ll never find the treasure.”


As if to reassure him, Xiao Qi chirped once before flapping its wings to fly even faster….

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