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The feeling Bai Yunfei felt from the Nephrite Throne was slightly familiar to him. He couldn’t explain the feeling, but he just couldn’t put his finger on it…..

He had of course, never seen the Nephrite Throne before, so it went without saying that this Nephrite Throne was a stranger to him. But the feeling of familiarity was there, albeit very weak. Such a sensation was vexing to say the least, and Bai Yunfei couldn’t help but try to think of why this could be the case.

“Hold on! This feeling, it feels a bit like the….” The missing gear suddenly popped inside his head, “the Upgrade Stone?!”

The final piece of the puzzle was finally there for him to place. This feeling he was getting from the Nephrite Throne was extremely similar to the feeling from the Upgrade Stone! It wasn’t an identical match, but the similarity between them was far greater than the differences!

Many a times, Bai Yunfei had tried his best to experiment and study the precious item that was known as the Upgrade Stone. He had been loathed to use the first one given to him by Hai Dongqing first and used it to study every so often whenever he was bored. For that reason, he was pretty familiar with what the stone felt like, and thus why he was able to sense the Upgrade Stone hidden away in the nest of the prisma oriole.

“So that thing is the Nephrite Throne, and a Great Regalia….” Bai Yunfei ruminated on what the Black Dragon King said to everyone. “I’ve never heard it before, but it has to pretty precious if the Black Dragon King had to throw it away like that. Everyone wants it, but unfortunately for him, the only one to go after it was Xing Yuan, who didn’t even matter in the fight….”

Author Note: Regalia was once used as equipment tier, specifically for heaven tier soul armaments before I decided to revamp the equipment tier system. I hope no reader will misunderstand the situation and realize that Regalia now has a new meaning in this novel.

“Even I was able to tell how unique it was even after it was thrown. Clearly this throne is many times better than the Upgrade Stones I came across!!” Bai Yunfei’s eyes lit up with the utmost glee as he realized the significance of the item.

“Doesn’t this mean the ‘Nephrite Throne’ is made from….a lot of Upgrade Stones?!!”

His heart skipped a beat just thinking about that possibility, and the light in his eyes intensified in sharpness. Temporarily forgetting about the battle taking place, Bai Yunfei stared off towards the Nephrite Throne and the chasing figure of Xing Yuan with a great deal of uncertainty….

The attack the Two Winged Kings announced onto the Black Dragon King, the ‘Featherfall’, had already plenty of feathers see to striking down at the shield of his, exploding with terrifying vigor whenever contact was had.

Just a single feather wasn’t very strong, but tens of thousands of them was a force to be reckoned with. With all of them exploding at once, the Black Dragon King was unable to move anywhere without being hit by one of them!

Each explosion forced the Black Dragon King down towards the ground, and the black shield of his having a small dent on its face. Though a different explosion would erupt with each feather touching it, the shield would still have a black light relight on its surface afterwards.

“Is this the strength of the Two Winged Kings? A soulbeast at the limits of a late-stage class seven would be killed by such an attack, let alone a mid-stage class seven like they are!!”

The Two Winged Kings was a new opponent for him to fight, but already did their fighting prowess blow his expectations out from the waters. Just the Featherfall move alone was enough for him to feel completely convinced that they were many times stronger than the Azure Snake King he once fought before!

“And….why haven’t any of them run after the Nephrite Throne?!” His ire grew even stronger at that. It pained him so much to throw the item away, and yet not a single one of the Soul Kings went after it!

Xing Yuan was of no consequence to him, of course.

“Do they not care about the Nephrite Throne?!” he screamed mentally, “This can’t be! It’s a Regalia any being in the world would drool over! How are they not swayed by it?!”

He couldn’t accept this resolution. Throwing away the Nephrite Throne was something he didn’t want to do at all, and yet not a single person had taken the bait!

Several dozen years ago, he was stuck in a situation very much like this one. In order to escape with his life, the Black Dragon King had used the Nephrite Throne as bait.

Much to his glee, the people there took the bait and chased after it, allowing him to kill the ones that stayed behind and then kill the ones that went after the throne.

That way, he was able to make it out with his life and take back the Nephrite Throne.

That had also been his closest brush with death barring today.

As long as he could avoid it, the Black Dragon King didn’t want to resort to using the Nephrite Throne. It came under his possession several hundred years ago, and he was extremely fond of it.

But to come under fire like this today with people such as the Two Winged Kings and Wu Tianling gave him no other choice. They weren’t many in numbers, but their strength made up for that.

Actually, the Black Dragon King had the feeling that there were several hidden foes lying in wait. It was only a feeling, or intuition, as he’d like to call it, but it was with this intuition that he was able to live for so long. That was another reason why he was so willing to throw away the Nephrite Throne!

True as it was that it was his most precious treasure, he had to be alive in order to even use it.


One explosion later, the Black Dragon King impacted against the ground!

“Grab him alive! If not, then at least get his soulgem and corpse!” Liang Xing cried out to Lin Hefan, the two moving in with their soulbeast puppets to attack.

Though things were going awry with the arrival of the Two Winged Kings, their chances of capturing the Black Dragon King alive became very slim. But even then, they had to try their best for the sake of the Beast Taming School to earn a profit somehow!

Pausing briefly for a moment, Ma Wu waved his golden sword to attack. Due to the injuries he sustained from the Black Dragon King in their fight before, Ma Wu was afraid to attack him from up close, so he choose to stay behind and wait for the best time to attack.

Standing in the air, Wu Lingtian had a grim expression on his face, though his soulforce was fluctuating in movement as he prepared himself to attack….

The attack of the Two Winged Kings was finally at its end, and no more dust was being kicked up from the ground now.

Fractured all over, the black shield in the Black Dragon King’s hand managed to stop one more explosion before finally crumbling to pieces in his hand!

In the end, the low-heaven tier soul armament had been utterly destroyed by the Two Winged Kings!

As soon as the shield fell apart, the Black Dragon King immediately found himself besieged by the strongest attacks his opponents had to offer….

The Black Dragon King’s body began to quiver all over. His eyes were bloodshot due to the stress of fighting for his life, and his heart was filled with hatred. He tilted his head up to look at the Two Winged Kings, the pupils of his eyes already given way to his berserk fury!


Extending his jaw wide open, an earth-shaking roar erupted from it along with a dense miasma of black light. It first enveloped his body in it before then spreading out to cover the surrounding area!

From ten meters, a hundred meters, three hundred meters, and then five hundred meters…..

The black miasma billowed outwards to eight hundred meters in the blink of an eye. A frightful aura manifested itself from within the miasma before it shot straight out into the skies!

Another dragon’s roar was heard again, seemingly calling for the clouds above to darken in color ominously.

As the clouds grew darker and denser, droplets of rain began to fall before ultimately giving way to a downpour!

A figure nearly a kilometer long in length slowly descended down from the clouds. Scales as dark as the night adorned its body, giant claws capable of shredding the earth at its hands, and a tail a hundred meters long hung at the very end of the dragon-like body before it let loose another roar that shook the hearts of everyone that heard it!

This was….the true form of the Black Dragon!

At the same time of its appearance, Bai Yunfei’s eyes lit up with opportunity, “Now!”

Flying straight out like a bullet from the canopus of the tree he was hiding in, Bai Yunfei made a beeline for the west without any hesitation to his step!

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