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The object the Black Dragon King took out wasn’t a weapon to be used against his enemies. Instead, it was used as a distraction by….throwing it to the west!

It had only remained in his hand for barely even a second before it was tossed, but the people gathered here had eyesight that could easily perceived the item as if it was completely still!

Before the object was too far gone, they all saw it–a tremendous-looking seat completely white in color!

At a glance, this three meter tall and two meter wide throne was sculpted entirely from pure-white jade. The armrests were sculpted to resemble dragons in shape, and the backrest of the throne had openwork done on it so that mysterious runic lines and stripes ran through the back very clearly. Rather than have four legs to stand upon, the bottom half of the throne was an entire slab of jade with even more runic script than the upper half. Even more mysteriously, the runic script emanated a soft glow of white that added to the illumination of the surrounding area by a tiny amount.

Despite that light, no elemental energy could be felt from it, making it seem more like a ordinary throne made from mutton-fat jade rather than something special.

But nonetheless, everyone who saw the throne immediately blanched at the sight.

“Could….could that be the rumored….” Lin Hefan gulped in anticipation, “the legendary Nephrite Throne!!”

The others didn’t cry out in shock like he did, but their expressions were all the same.

Having the Black Dragon King’s miasma protect the throne, the Black Dragon King was free to toss it with all his might. With his throwing strength, the throne became merely a speck in the distance to everyone there!

“Correct! It’s the Nephrite Throne, one of the Ten Great Regalia! It’s yours to have, so if you want it, you’d better chase after it! There are many strong individuals here in the forest, if you take your time, someone else will take it before you!!”

With that shout, the Black Dragon King rushed off towards the north!

Because of his sudden action with the Nephrite Throne, Ma Wu, Liang Xing, and the others were all distracted by it enough to pay attention only to the throne and not his running. Of the entire group, Wu Tianling was the most prominent person to have greed show in his eyes, but there was also hesitation.

But all in all, the Black Dragon King’s quick actions allowed him to fully distract two of the three parties. The only group that hadn’t been swayed by the Nephrite Throne was….the Two Winged Kings!

True, they had been slightly surprised when the Black Dragon King took out the Nephrite Throne, but that wasn’t their true objective at hand. Looking away from the throne as soon as it was thrown, the two immediately gave chase to him!

Yi Gang was the first to move. Grunting, he shot forth like an arrow, violet light radiating from his back to become a pair of translucent violet wings.

As soon as they formed, the wings flapped in tandem with his movements, further accelerating his speed to the point where he was able to outstrip the Black Dragon King by a kilometer, blocking him from getting anywhere!

Surprise filled the Black Dragon King’s eyes. This was a first. He had never fought against either of the Two Winged Kings before, so he hadn’t the foggiest that either of the two could be capable of such a speed!

And to add to his surprise even more, a multitude of violet feathers were fluttering down over his head!

At some point when Yi Gang overtook him, the feathers from his wings began to flutter down in surprising numbers. Each feather was only as thick as a tree leaf, but they were well over ten thousand of them!

Yi Rou’s back had an identical pair of wings as Yi Gang, though her wings were colored in a greenish-blue rather than violet. But even more noticeably, feathers were molting from her wings to mix in with the ones from Yi Gang!

With several tens of thousands of feathers sprinkling the area, the Black Dragon King was deeply and truly without a path of escape. Not a single gap was to be had within this area!


As one, Yi Gang and Yi Rou glared at the Black Dragon King and pointed a finger at him!

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh….”

Moving with one another, the feathers shot towards the Black Dragon King with speeds that enabled them to be as fast as an arrow!

Bellowing in anger, the Black Dragon King took out his black shield once more and had it grow in size to protect his overhead!


One after another, the Black Dragon King was assaulted by violet and azure colored feathers….

Only five seconds had transpired when the Black Dragon King tried to make his escape to when the Two Winged Kings assaulted him. That was enough time for the other two parties to recompose themselves and make a decision.

Within those five seconds, Ma Wu was the first to make a break for the Nephrite Throne. Thinking about it for a split-second, he turned back around, his eyes completely devoid of any greed, to continue chasing after the Black Dragon King again.

Like him, Liang Xing and Lin Hefan were also staring avariciously at the Nephrite Throne. Their heats pounded loudly with desire to chase after it, their minds thinking back to the legends surrounding the item. But when the Black Dragon King moved to flee, the two of them reshifted their focus to pay attention to him once more.

“Xing Yuan, bring back the Nephrite Throne no matter what!” Liang Xing spat to Xing Yuan before moving to join the fray.

Not expecting to have been called, it took Xing Yuan a moment to respond to him. But without hesitation, he immediately took off to the west!

Out of the entire group there, he was the only one that had bothered to go after the Nephrite Throne!

Like Ma Wu, Wu Lingtian’s eyes had sparkled when he saw the throne. He had in fact been the first to step towards it, but in the end, he stopped himself.

It wasn’t as though he didn’t want to go after the Nephrite Throne, but he had already planned on fighting the Black Dragon King.

The Black Dragon King was not allowed to leave this place alive, and Wu Lingtian had planned on dragging its corpse back to Praestia Pass to boot.

The Nephrite Throne was a must have item to everyone, but the amount of individuals here made it a little less enticing. It didn’t really matter to him if the Beast Taming School had it since he could just make a report to the Tianhun School, and with their power, they’d be able to force the other school to hand over the throne as simple as that!

The Nephrite Throne, after all, belonged to the Imperial Family!

It was said that the founder of the empire, Wu Tianhun, once possessed this item two millenniums ago! To be even more specific, it was said that the Nephrite Throne was responsible for him having such a mindblowing talent for cultivation!

After his time, the item became a treasured heirloom passed down within the Imperial Family. But at some point within the last millenia, an extremely powerful wandering cultivator had taken the item and vanished into thin air.

From there, not a single trace was to be seen until the Black Dragon King descended upon the earth.

The Nephrite Throne was said to have an ability that any soul cultivator would froth at the mouth to have.

It could elevate the rate of cultivation by several magnitudes over!!

Once that got out, the Nephrite Throne soon became known to the entire world and ushered into the ranks as one of the Ten Great Regalia!

From far away, Bai Yunfei watched the Nephrite Throne get thrown off into the distance. His eyes were shining brightly, though what he was thinking about was yet to be known.

He didn’t know what the Nephrite Throne was, and neither did he even know about the ‘Ten Great Regalia’, but he could at the very least understand that the item was of great importance to everyone.

Furthermore, the Nephrite Throne had a mysterious aura that seemed to peak his interest in some way…..

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