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Like a three-eyed bloodlion, a thunderfire wolf was a rare strain of soulbeast. Aside from its large size, it didn’t differ too much in appearance than from any regular wolf, but its unique factor was its ability in being able to train in elemental lightning and fire; the two elements that most soul cultivators usually had trouble pairing together.

Unlike those soul cultivators, this wolf was capable of using both elements at the same time in battle!

With even training and dedication, the average soul cultivator could probably switch in between elements; but not at the same time. This feat alone was hard enough to do for most, so to use two elements simultaneously was a definite advantage over anyone else in battle.

To use two elements simultaneously required reaching a state of ‘harmony’ with both elements. A fusion of the two elements without losing control was practically impossible, and out of ten thousand soul cultivators, not a single one would be able to achieve said state.

Soulbeasts were of a different scenario. Those gifted by the heavens could attain strengths that soul cultivators could only long for–this thunderfire wolf was one of them!

Within the pyres of fire was the bolt of lightning, and with the lightning came the fire!!

It was the beast tamer’s strongest soulbeast puppet. He first received it when it was a late-stage class five, but with enough training, he was able to bring it up to its current level. He actually liked to fight with a second soulbeast, as per usual with how beast tamers usually fought, but the second soulbeast he normally used was already dead after serving as his meat shield….

That thought made the man even angrier. Coming to the Soulbeast Forest was just for business at first, so he counted himself lucky for coming across the three-eyed bloodlion. But before he could even capture it, Bai Yunfei and his group came along, costing him both it and his mid-stage class six twinheaded vulture.

But the bloodlion was still alive. If he could just kill Bai Yunfei, he’d be able to recoup his losses. And if he killed Bai Yunfei, he’d able to seize all of the soul armaments on him.

That’d be enough to make him more than happy!

He formed a seal with his left hand, commanding the thunderfire wolf to start with its most powerful attack. With his right, he summoned seven eagle-sized birds to his side, screeching as they followed the thunderfire wolves!

Early-stage class five soulbeast, dreamwind hawks!

They weren’t very strong, but what they lacked in quality, they made up for in quantity. With the beast tamer controlling them, they’d be able to attack as a cohesive unit and make use of their strongest combinational attack, the ‘Great Whirlwind Wall’.

Neither the seven dreamwind hawks or the thunderfire wolves had any emotions in their eyes, except for the apathetic sense to kill.

There was only a roar from the wolf before its entire body was basked in purple light. Elemental lightning sparked this way and that to make it seem about half as big as it was before, and within the elemental lightning was a tinge of fire. Circling around the wolf, its presence made the purple shadows of the wolf slightly more intimidating.

With fire acting as a supplementary to lightning, the thunderfire wolf was able to increase its speed several times over to come snapping down onto Bai Yunfei in a matter of moments!

The pervading elemental lightning was already making his body numb before the wolf’s jaws could connect. He had been wary of its speed and was prepared for it. Stepping out of the way by using the Flash Step, he was able to move to the right of the wolf!


Stone and rubble shot everywhere when the thunderfire wolf landed on the ground where Bai Yunfei once stood. In its place was a crater nearly a hundred meters in circumference! But the wolf didn’t stop there. No sooner did it land on the ground did it immediately leap towards where Bai Yunfei was!

Bai Yunfei’s Flash Step took him well over a hundred meters away from the wolf, so he was unharmed by the initial crater. Even when the wolf missed, Bai Yunfei didn’t move to attack it. Instead, he leapt several meters into the air and began to skywalk into the opposite direction to get away from the wolf.

In his hands wasn’t the Fire-tipped Spear, but both of his Desert Eagles! Turning around, he began to attack not at the thunderfire wolf, but….the beast tamer!

He paused his momentum so that he could fire accurately. With both guns lifted up, he adopted a strange posture to fire at the beast tamer.

This was….his gun fu!!

“Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang…..”

Following the rapid sounds of gunfire, several bullets were fired at the beast tamer in large amounts. Whether it be in the quantity of the bullets or how fast it was going, the beast tamer could hardly understand what was being fired at him!

“Bang! Bang! Bang! Boom! Boom…..”

Seven distinct explosions were heard following the gunfire, with seven different bursts of blood.

After that, seven objects suddenly dropped down from the skies!

Despite how scattered apart the birds were, all seven of the dreamwind hawks were completely killed already!!

Each of the seven hawks were riddled with bullets, but the ones that really mattered were the ones that hit them directly in the beak or its eyes. There simply hadn’t been enough time for the beast tamer to command them to dodge before he lost connection with them, and that in itself lied one of the biggest shortcomings of soulbeast puppetry. Any puppet below a class six in strength lacked self-preservational skills, so without any directions, they’d be easily killed in this bullet storm.

“Im–impossible!!” The beast tamer exclaimed. Bai Yunfei hadn’t used this way of attacking before when fighting the bloodlion, but the beast tamer didn’t think that Bai Yunfei would actually have even more secrets up his sleeves!

It took three seconds for Bai Yunfei to rid him of the seven deamwind hawks, and after they fell, Bai Yunfei was free to move forward again. Simultaneously moving out of the way to dodge the thunderfire wolf’s attack, he aimed his two pistols at the beast tamer and pulled the trigger!

“Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Four bullets were fired, two fire ones and two lightning ones. Of the two, the lightning bullets were faster, and one of the lightning bullets in particular was two times faster than the other three!

The beast tamer widened his eyes in surprise. His seven dreamwind hawks dying to the bullets was already more than enough to tell him that these bullets were dangerous and shouldn’t be touched. Moving his head, he was able to dodge the first lightning bullet before he pushed himself completely out of the way to dodge the other three.

When the three bullets passed by him, one of the fire bullets began to curve towards him, as if attracted somehow.

Without warning, it turned around when the beast tamer dodged and shot for his right eye!


There was a collision between bullet and flesh, with blood and bits of flesh flying out. Instead of the eye, the bullet had instead smashed against the beast tamer’s palm! A late-stage Soul Exalt had skin and flesh strong enough to withstand this bullet, but the bullet would still be strong enough to tear out some flesh!

“Gods….f*cking damnit!!” Hissing, the beast tamer whipped his hand over to examine the scorched area of his palm.

This was the second time now. The second time that Bai Yunfei had caught him off guard and suffered from it!

“Die!!” He roared. The sinister look on his face somehow grew even more malevolent.

The wound on his right palm didn’t even matter to him anymore as he whipped through several hand seals before they melded into one last hand seal. Upon the last hand seal, his soulforce began to fluctuate strangely; but it wasn’t his own body that a change was happening in, but the thunderfire wolf!


The thunderfire wolf was mid-stride when it roared again, but the soulforce in its body was starting to fluctuate more and more! With each cycle it made around its body, the soulforce grew rapidly, and within several moments, it was already at the levels of a late-stage class six!

Before, it wasn’t at the peak levels of a late-stage, but the beast tamer had made it so now. He couldn’t allow it to go any farther than that, since forcibly making the thunderfire wolf a class seven wouldn’t end well.


From when the thunderfire wolf stepped off from the ground, a sonic boom was heard as it came for Bai Yunfei’s head with its claws and jaws ready to tear and bite!

The Cataclysmic Seal moved into action first. Erecting a barrier over Bai Yunfei, he heard a thud as the wolf slammed against the barrier with its fire-enhanced claws.


Rather than the wolf being stopped by the barrier, the barrier trembled slightly before its claws began to tear half an inch through it!


The claw hadn’t even made its way completely through the barrier when the barrier…..disintegrated!

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