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“How is he able to use the Laws of Fire?!”

The amount of power held within the flames behind Bai Yunfei was beyond the level of what elemental fire could hold. Paradoxically to the flames that were in front of him, Song Qing was frozen in place with shock and fear.

Twenty years had passed since he failed to become a Soul Emperor. Rather than languish in his despair, the man instead decided to pour himself into his studies of the Planar Laws. Though unable to understand the truth behind them, he was still able to gleam enough information due to his status as being a Half-emperor. He would at the very least be able to recognize them if he saw it.

And right now he was a hundred percent confident that the flames Bai Yunfei was using were from the Laws of Fire! This terrifying power; this all-burning flame; this was an attack he had no hope of fighting back against!

“It’s…it’s because this is the Core World! The Core World can control the energy in here, so he can in turn use the Planar Laws!”

The shock lasted only for a moment before Song Qing forced himself to calm down.


The elemental darkness around Song Qing’s body exploded in intensity. It was getting to a point where his soulforce was struggling to keep up with the darkness as he fed it more and more power. Already the skies around him were starting to dim as multiple demonic-shaped entities appeared from the mass of darkness!

The Soul-eater Swarm!

He was using this soul skill again!

Song Qing looked almost deranged with how much power he was putting into the soul skill. Stepping off against the air, he transformed into a streak of black light to fly towards Bai Yunfei!

The black swarm of entities followed closely behind him. As if charging into battle with Qing Song as their leader. The demons snarled and howled as they advanced!

It was a terrifying sight. Countless demons were rallying behind their commander in an area so large that it was a veritable wave of darkness to swallow up Bai Yunfei!

So the fact that Bai Yunfei was so calm at the sight was slightly astounding. He waved his hands, but it wasn’t to prepare for a Dual Dragon Burst like before. The giant entity of fire stepped forward in his stead to meet on the dark army head-to-head!

“Boom boom boom boom boom…”

The Core World shook as the red and black light clashed against one another. The skies were split into two segments of light as the flames began to vie with the darkness for supremacy!

A swarm of demons was still no match for the Laws of Fire. They were utterly decimated and turned into black smoke.

The indomitable power of the Laws of Fire was nearly enough to make Bai Yunfei let out a blissful groan, but he managed to abstain from it. It just felt ever-so intoxicating to see how powerful it was.

How he wished to make use of such a power in the real world! To be able to do so would be a wish come true for him.

But he wasn’t so drunk on power that he didn’t feel slightly suspicious about something. Song Qing didn’t look like he was giving up his assault in the slightest. If anything, he was charging towards him even faster now. If he didn’t slow down or turn around, he’d be killed by the Laws of Fire.

“What’s he playing at…?” It took a moment for Bai Yunfei to realize what Song Qing was trying to do, “Wait a moment!”

“Haha!! You self-deluded youngster…let us die together!!”

Song Qing was within a hundred steps of Bai Yunfei and was still rapidly approaching!

The soulforce within his body was circulating in ways that weren’t at all meant to happen normally. It was destabilizing around his originseed meaning…he was about to self-destruct!

He was planning on killing himself to kill Bai Yunfei!

This had to be his goal all along. Knowing that death was inevitable for him, Song Qing wanted to take Bai Yunfei down with him!

His talks of telling Bai Yunfei how to escape the Lost Swamp was just a ploy. The deal was so Bai Yunfei wouldn’t figure out Song Qing was planning on self-destructing!

Song Qing knew that he would die regardless of anything. It was only fitting that he choose this path—there’d be no helping the enemy!

“Damn!!!” Bai Yunfei cursed aloud the moment he realized Song Qing’s plan. Without even enough time to use the Soul Anchoring Technique, Bai Yunfei swept his right hand forward!


The fire diety fell apart to revert back to its original ocean form and surged forward to stop Song Qing!


An explosion rocked the Core World at that moment!

Needless to be said, the power brought by the self-destruction of a Half-emperor would be terrifying beyond belief. The outside world definitely would’ve had the surrounding five kilometers easily rendered into a disaster zone, but this was the Core World. It wouldn’t be destroyed beyond repair. Neither the Core World or Bai Yunfei had been injured too heavily in fact… 

The entirety of Song Qing’s self-destruction had been enveloped by the Laws of Fire and distorted within a millisecond. All that devastating power had simply disappeared into thin air so that the Core World was looking as calm as ever, as if nothing even happened to begin with…. 

Not even a ripple of energy from Song Qing’s last attack was felt by Bai Yunfei. Had Song Qing known what the result was, how would he react?


“Tsk tsk…didn’t think he’d just up and kill himself, what a brave guy.” Xiao Fang tutted to Bai Yunfei from its spot in the air.

“Sigh…” Bai Yunfei sighed. While unexpected, Song Qing’s course of action wasn’t entirely unreasonable. Killing himself to kill the enemy was a smart thing to do, all things considered. But the fact that a Half-emperor would die in a place like this felt almost regretful to Bai Yunfei.

“Xiao Fang, did you isolate that Half-emperor’s self-destruction in a different dimension? Will there be any problems?”

It was a little worrisome that the man self-destructed here in the Core World. While Bai Yunfei knew Xiao Fang was in control of this world, he didn’t really know if something of that magnitude would cause a problem. It was one thing for Xiao Fang to control the energy native to the Core World, but energy that wasn’t native to it was something else.

What it meant to be ‘not native’ to the Core World was simple. If it was a type of energy resulted by an outsider, just like the energy from Song Qing’s self-destruction, then Xiao Fang wouldn’t be able to control it. At most, he’d be able to ‘suppress’ and ‘shift’ it. The amount of power needed to do either of the two Song Qing’s self-destruction was worrisome, and Bai Yunfei couldn’t help but be concerned for Xiao Fang.

“You underestimate me. He’s just a Half-emperor, what kind of power could he even have that’d compare to the Planar Laws? The Core World is safe. Any energy I can’t use will be gone, so don’t worry. I’ll throw out all that remaining energy later, you can see how powerful the self-destruct was then.”

“Throw it out?!” Bai Yunfei inhaled sharply, “What do you mean by that? You can throw energy out?”

“What’s wrong with that? It’s just like taking an object out of the Core World.

“It’s a shame though,” Xiao Fang’s next words were spoken with a sadder tone, “If only we were back in the Soul Refining School’s school grounds. I’d like to throw this energy at the mountains there. We’d have killed the entire lot of them if I had this energy a while ago.”


This was the first Bai Yunfei had heard of such a tactic, and he wasn’t quite sure how to react to it.

Was the energy from Song Qing’s self-destruction now some kind of weapon of mass destruction?

It seemed like a shame then that Xiao Fang said the energy would dissipate in time. To throw this type of energy in the middle of the Lost Swamp for Bai Yunfei to ‘experience’ seemed like a bit of a waste… 

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