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“Someone stopped him!! Who is it?!”

“The intruder’s hurt! He can’t run away now!”

“Look at that aura! Which elder is it? I’ve never seen this person before?”


It didn’t need to be said that a Half-emperor showing up to stop Bai Yunfei would surprise the students there. They were happy, of course, but none of the students seemed to recognize the Half-emperor.


The Soul Exalts might not have recognized this man, but the Soul Kings surely did. The Late-stage Soul King back with the others let out a cry of joy once he saw the person.

“Master Song! He’s come to help us! There’s no hope for the intruder now!” Another middle-aged Soul King cried out as well.

The Soul Kings were overjoyed. They had been worried that Bai Yunfei would’ve escaped, but that all seemed like a moot point now that the Half-emperor was here.

This Half-emperor was Song Qing, a much older elder of the Soul Refining School. He had isolated himself into training for so long that the entire younger generation of students didn’t even know of his existence. He normally resided within the Soul Tablet Palace to protect it, but upon seeing the massive amount of soul tablets being destroyed—those belonging to Soul Kings included—the man decided to head out to see what was the trouble.

An elder like him was normally a person who wouldn’t mobilize unless the school itself was in danger of perishing. Song Qing feared the worst with so many of the students dying and resolved to come out.

“That’s the Soul-eater Swarm! Master Song is using a super-powerful move straight away! Haha!! That person is dead! He’s a fool for even hoping to fight back!”

Seeing the skies fill up with multiple malevolent figures brought a smile to one of the Soul Kings. His head snapped back as he brayed with laughter. There was no escaping from this, he felt.

The other Soul Kings felt the same way, as they all had a similar gleeful look on them.

None of them moved to help Song Qing, however. With a Half-emperor here, what point was there in the Soul Kings trying to help?

Besides, the Soul-eater Swarm was a soul skill that attacked indiscriminately. None of the Soul Kings wanted to even get close, let alone help the Half-emperor… 

“Will he really finish him off…”

While everyone else was so sure that Bai Yunfei would meet his demise here, there was one person in particular who felt worried. Mo Ni was looking at the distinctly grayish flames around Bai Yunfei with a feeling of apprehension… 

He remembered seeing the Half-emperor patriarch Qin dying at the hands of Bai Yunfei. One could argue that the feat was somewhat diluted due to how tired patriarch Qin was, but the man was surely not so weak that any Soul King could kill him like that so easily. Bai Yunfei managed to kill him with a single blow. That alone was something that proved how powerful his soul skill was. If he were to use the same technique here, Mo Ni had serious doubts about whether or not Song Qing would be able to withstand it… 

Truth be told, Mo Ni was feeling weak in the knees right now. It had been in his belief that Bai Yunfei was basically as trapped as an octopus in a jar with him being on school grounds. It should’ve been a snap for him to be captured and for Mo Ni to carry out his ‘revenge’. Things hadn’t been like what his imagination said it’d be, and Bai Yunfei had carried out a path of devastation that was utterly mind-blowing to think about. But even after seeing all that strength for himself, Mo Ni still wasn’t even sure if that was all Bai Yunfei had to offer…

That apprehension he felt was for the Half-emperor. A Half-emperor was stronger than even a Peak Late-stage Soul King, but not even someone such as Song Qing had Mo Ni’s complete confidence… 


In the middle of the battlefield.

Several seconds passed before Song Qing finally unleashed his soul skill. Brandishing his hand like a baton, he had the countless demons fly forth like a swarm of locusts to sail towards Bai Yunfei!


And at the same time as they approached, Bai Yunfei let out a loud roar and punched both arms forward!

The Dual Dragon Burst!


Two fiery dragons exploded out from his arms to charge straight into the ‘army’ that were the demons!

This was the strongest type of Dual Dragon Burst Bai Yunfei had to offer when he was in Berserk Mode!

The flames of the dragon contained a small sliver of violet electricity, but there was also another element dyed into the flames. A small speck of gray light…chaotic energy!

Bai Yunfei was using the uncontrollable chaotic energy in his attack!

If one were to compare the attacks between Bai Yunfei and Song Qing, one would see that Bai Yunfei’s attack had much more of that gray light!

The two were a thousand steps apart from one another, and yet it took only a moment for their attacks to crossed all that distance to meet in the middle!


The amount of destruction brought from their meeting was unbelievable. The heavens themselves shook as the entire battlefield was washed over with elemental energy. In front of these two dueling combatants, the Soul Kings watching there felt like they were nothing more than minor fledglings. 

As massive as the Dual Dragon Burst was, the two dragons were slightly lacking in size compared to the Soul-eater Swarm. The dragons exploded once they made contact with the opposing attack and transformed into a giant sea of flames to cover the ‘army’ of ‘demons’!


Song Qing had been expecting for his attack to completely wipe out the opposing one. He hadn’t thought that something like this would happen!

All of the demons within his soul skill were being wiped out one after another. Like the melting of snow, his Soul-eater Swarm was being…reduced to nothing!

What a huge discrepancy from his expectations! He couldn’t believe it—the soul skill of a person who boosted himself to the level of a Peak Late-stage Soul King was actually capable of stopping a soul skill of his own!

“Is this power…chaotic energy?! That’s…that’s impossible!!”

It took a second for him to realize something was amiss. Looking again to the Dual Dragon Burst, the elder studied it for a moment before letting out a horrified cry!

He wasn’t one to normally question things; he didn’t even know who Bai Yunfei was or what the context this battle had. The only thing he knew was that from this one move alone, Bai Yunfei had shown him something that filled him with the utmost terror!

This went beyond the normal levels of ‘fear’, or even ‘fright’. The Half-emperor was terrified beyond everything else!

As common as the rule was, everyone below that of a Half-emperor should’ve been like an ant to Song Qing. Not even a Soul King with more power than expected would be trouble for him!

“This person…must die!!”

Song Qing concluded. Whomever this person was, he had to die without a doubt!

“Pah…you’re at the end of your rope, give up and die!!”

His eyes lit up a moment later. His soulsense had told him that Bai Yunfei’s aura had suddenly dropped drastically compared to what it was before!

This person must’ve used up all his strength in order to fight off the Soul-eater Swarm… 

The terror drained away from Song Qing for a moment at that. Raising his hand, he pointed his finger again at Bai Yunfei!

Like his first strike, Song Qing sent out another beam of gray light to zip towards the black and red explosion of light to hit Bai Yunfei!

It looked like a rather simple move, but Song Qing had put his all into this move. In his opinion, there was no way Bai Yunfei was going to be able to avoid this move!


Indeed, it did look like Bai Yunfei wasn’t able to even move right now...

Using the Dual Dragon Burst in his current state had caused him to use up most of his soulforce as well as causing a great deal of harm to his body due to the chaotic energy. It felt almost like thousands of blades were cutting into his body and left his person drenched with pain and sweat. He wouldn’t be able to fight for some time.

It was one thing when he used the Dual Dragon Burst while in Berserk Mode against patriarch Qin. During that time, he canceled out Berserk Mode almost immediately so he could minimize the damage brought onto his body. But he couldn’t do the same thing right now. Canceling out the Berserk Mode right now was the same as killing himself!

He had been relieved for a while after seeing his own attack stop the attack of his enemy. But then a gray beam of light shot forth from it towards him!

Though he was surprised, Bai Yunfei didn’t step away from his spot. He just stood there with a knowing look in his eyes!

Without any warning, a black whirlpool appeared in front of him to immediately engulf the gray beam of light into it!

The beam of light didn’t travel out from the other side of the whirlpool. Instead, it simply disappeared from the world along with the black whirlpool!

This…was the +10 additional effect of the armor he wore. The ability of having an absolute defense against any aimed elemental attack! By using up some of his soulforce, Bai Yunfei could have a whirlpool appear in front of him to swallow up any kind of elemental attack, provided that it was only a single-hit type once every ten minutes.

While that was going on, the flames from the Dual Dragon Burst finally won over the remaining energy of the Soul-eater Swarm and continued to roll forward towards Qing Song!

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