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“Yunfei! The teleportation restriction has been lifted!”

Xiao Fang’s voice called out to Bai Yunfei at the moment before Bai Yunfei was about to activate the +13 additional effect!


Bai Yunfei’s pupil dilated in shock at the news!

The biggest headache of Bai Yunfei’s situation was the fact that he couldn’t teleport. There was some kind of limitation put in place around the school grounds that made it impossible to teleport. Why had they lifted it? 

He pondered that question for a moment before the realization hit him!

If the restriction was gone, that meant teleportation was now possible. And if that was possible, then… 


An overwhelming sense of danger shot up Bai Yunfei’s spine. Without even a millisecond to lose, Bai Yunfei activated the Cataclysmic Seal’s barrier!

At some point while he was busy thinking about this situation, the space in a relatively more quiet area had started to warp—this was the sign of someone about to teleport in!

And…there wasn’t just one point. Bai Yunfei could see five different places start to show the same signs as well!

People with powerful auras were appearing one after another onto the area!

Three people were coming in from the backmost area while the right had four people coming out!

Soul Kings, all of them! And seven of them!

Three were Early-stage Soul Kings, two were Mid-stage Soul Kings, one was a Late-stage Soul King, and…the last one was a Peak Late-stage Soul King!

It was the first elder of the Soul Refining School, Qin Bangjie!

And behind him stood a young man, Mo Ni!

The two Soul Kings standing just barely within Bai Yunfei’s range of detection had been a trap!

The enemies were waiting for Bai Yunfei to be fully committed to killing the two Soul Kings before they’d appear in numbers. And all together, they launched a wave of attacks at him!

Soul attacks!

Seven Soul Kings were attacking Bai Yunfei at once with their own soul attacks!


Bai Yunfei’s pupils were as tiny as needles as he realized the danger he was in. He was well and truly in deep danger!


Faced with the probability of death, Bai Yunfei let out a furious cry for everyone to hear!


The technique exploded outwards from Bai Yunfei to cover every direction in equal proportion and strike down all soul attacks heading his way!

“Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom…!”

The ripples of energy struck one another with a force that could only be heard within the mind. The three Early-stage Soul Kings had been within the explosion zone and paled with pain!

“Hmph!!” Having been caught in the explosion as well, Bai Yunfei trembled on his feet as he tried to withstand the pain. The flames around his body flickered hesitantly as if threatening to be blown out!

Bai Yunfei might’ve been a Late-stage Soul King, but the Soul Anchoring Technique was something that reigned supreme over most techniques. As weakened as it was after hitting the other soul attacks, it was still something that not even a Peak Late-stage Soul King would be able to fend off!


He bit his lips with an angry growl. The Soul Sentinel Scarf had managed to allow him a better level of clarity than without it, but Bai Yunfei was still desperately trying to think of what he should do in the next couple of seconds, but there was nothing. His body wouldn’t be able to respond in time to the danger he was in. he wouldn’t even be able to use his soulforce!

The only thing protecting him was the Cataclysmic Seal’s barrier, but…would it endure the power of a Peak Late-stage Soul King’s attack?

“Of course not!”

“I have to fight!” Bai Yunfei’s eyes glowed crimson. It was time for him to make use of the most powerful technique he had to offer, Berserk Mode!

He might not be able to properly control his soulforce or body movements right now, but the act of having both fireseeds come together didn’t require that. This was the only thing he could do to break free from his confines!


But even while Bai Yunfei’s aura was readily starting to ramp up, he took notice of something strange. The air around him was starting to change!

It wasn’t the sign of an incoming attack. But the air around him was starting to take on a gold and dark hue!

It was as if something had dropped onto him and trapped him inside!


A moment before, the six Soul Kings had only just finished their soul attacks when the seventh, Qin Bangjie waved his right hand with a menacing glare. He wasn’t attacking Bai Yunfei with an elemental attack, he was throwing out a black and gold bell!

This bell grew larger the longer it traveled towards Bai Yunfei, and by the time it reached him it was already several meters tall and slammed into the orange barrier around Bai Yunfei!


It dropped down onto Bai Yunfei with a heavy crash. A loud gong resounded across the area as the gold and black bell completely obscured Bai Yunfei from sight!

“Mission accomplished!”

Qin Bangjie’s eyes brightened with joy at his accomplishment. The other Soul Kings, having known what this meant, all started to smile as well!


Everything…had happened too fast. Bai Yunfei wasn’t even done killing the two Soul Kings when seven more came and trapped him inside a large bell!

The Soul Exalt students standing on the other side of the group hadn’t been able to react to this stunning turn of events until after the deed was done… 

“First elder!”

Someone cried out. It was one of the Soul Kings, the one that had very nearly been killed by Bai Yunfei before he was trapped inside the bell. The fear hadn’t even trickled from his face as he raced up to Qin Bangjie. His life had essentially been forfeit until Qin Bangjie showed up. Were it not for him, the Heaven’s Thunder definitely would’ve pierced straight through him.

Bai Yunfei lost control over the Heaven’s Thunder when the bell dropped around him, so the Soul King had only the side of his throat grazed by it before falling into the forest. 

Without even giving himself any time to gather his mind, the Soul King flew back to regroup with Qin Bangjie and the others.

It was only when he gathered there with the others that he took notice of the giant bell with wide-open eyes.

“The…the King Caging Bell…so this enemy was so strong that the first elder had to use his high-heaven tier soul armament…he won’t be able to run away anymore, will he?”


“It’s…it’s the first elder! The first elder is here!”

“It’s not just him! Elders Zhu, Zhao, and Xue…so many Soul Kings are here!”

“The invader’s been caught! Is it over? Is he really captured?!”

“That’s…that’s the King Caging Bell! It’s the super-strong soul armament of the first elder! The high-heaven tier soul armament! That invader is done for!”

“That damned demon…thank heaven’s he’s caught!”


Now that the trouble was over, all the students still standing there finally began to chatter with excitement!

Everyone had been deathly afraid of Bai Yunfei with his massacre just now. They all thought that Bai Yunfei would definitely kill them all given enough time, so the first elder’s arrival was like an envoy sent from the heavens to finally stop that terrifying person!

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