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“This is an array!!”

Bai Yunfei realized when he saw how the black beams were moving.

Their attacks weren’t just sticking close together for a single large attack. Something was binding their attacks together in a way that amplified the attack!

This was the work of an array of some kind. An array powered by over a hundred people!

The individual attack of a Soul Exalt, even if it was a dozen of them, was nothing in Bai Yunfei’s eyes. But when powered by an array like this, this was no longer something Bai Yunfei could simply ignore!

If hit by the cumulative masses of these attacks, Bai Yunfei was sure that it wouldn’t lose out to the full-power attack of a Mid-stage Soul King!

Bai Yunfei was weakened by using the Dual Dragon Burst and the Cataclysmic Seal at the same time. In his weakened state, these incoming attacks would definitely be trouble.

“Tch!” Clicking his tongue, Bai Yunfei sent the Cataclysmic Seal out!


The Cataclysmic Seal trembled as it flew through the air, enlarging in size before it struck the giant black beam!


A muffled explosion wracked the surface of the Cataclysmic Seal. It forced the brick to fly back to Bai Yunfei’s side in its original size while the black beam of light rebounded up into the skies as if to herald the night.

The entire sky was blotted out by a blanket of darkness, but a single streak of red light flew through it towards the hundred Soul Exalts!

“Ahh!! He’s coming over! Watch out!”

“Hold your positions! Hold it! Surround him!!”

“Watch out on the right! Ahh!!”

“Ah! Ah! Ahhh…!”

Like a chain reaction, fear ran through the crowd of Soul Exalts as they watched Bai Yunfei get close. They had been so confident in their attack earlier. Confident that Bai Yunfei would be stopped by the overwhelming power of their formation. But it didn’t even leave a scratch on him!

Their comrades were yelling for them to hold their positions, but who could possibly do so when faced with this? They all desperately wanted to move as far away from the red beam of light as possible! It was certain death if they stayed too close! Some people who were unfortunately positioned at the front of the group had already died from being pierced straight through, others had a huge crater in their chests, and some had even their heads crushed… 

“Aaahh!! Run away!! Save meee!!!”

One of the students couldn’t hold in their fear any longer. Screaming in absolute terror, he broke position and fled in the opposite direction of Bai Yunfei!

“Don’t panic! Gather at the outside perimeter, I’ll hold him off!”

A voice boomed out to the students from the right before a lightning-type Mid-stage Soul King flew forward!

His aura felt a little familiar. He was the Soul King Bai Yunfei came across outside the Coiling Serpent Mountain after he destroyed it, the one he didn’t bother to fight.

The eyes of the Soul King looked especially forbidding this time. In his hand was a giant blade with a violet edge to it. Roaring loudly, he heaved the blade over his head and delivered a mighty chop down onto Bai Yunfei!

“Get lost, old man!!”

In his fit of anger, Bai Yunfei made use of a curse he had learned from Zheng Kai. Twisting his left hand, he slammed it sideways onto the surface of the blade!


The lightning-type Soul King hadn’t expected that. 

With a clang, his weapon was struck against by Bai Yunfei’s palm and had a shower of sparks fly out from where they met!

This weapon was at best a mid-heaven tier soul armament. In no world would it have enough offensive might to break the defense of the Critical Glove. Still, there was enough of a rebound from the concussive force to have it travel up Bai Yunfei’s arm and force him to grunt. Ignoring the pain, Bai Yunfei grabbed hold of the Fire-tipped Spear with his right hand and thrust it at the Soul King!

This was another unexpected attack from Bai Yunfei. The Soul King wanted to pull his sword back to block the spear, but he couldn’t! No matter how he twisted and pulled at his weapon, it felt like it was stuck to Bai Yunfei’s hand!

The idea of fighting Bai Yunfei over dominance for his weapon was a lost cause. The spear was already far too close for the Soul King to even attempt again. Relinquishing his hold on the weapon, the Soul King leaped away to safety!

The Fire-tipped Spear grazed the tip of his ear, but the Soul King was still very much alive. Tumbling across the sky, he leaped back up to his feet to stare in shock at Bai Yunfei.

In a single exchange, he had his weapon ‘forced’ away from him and nearly lost his life!

Bai Yunfei stored his newly-acquired weapon with a flick of his hand. Emotionlessly, he gave the lightning-type Soul King a brief glance before charging over!

The Soul King felt a little helpless without a weapon in hand to fend off the spear. He moved to dodge the spear thrust, but Bai Yunfei’s left hand came at him in response!

“Damn!” He cursed and brought both arms up to defend his head. The fist slammed into his arms with a sickening crack before he was sent flying away!


The throbbing pain in both of his arms struck a nerve in the Mid-stage Soul King. Ignoring the fact that he was flying backward, the man let out an angry roar before bursting with violet light! Like lightning, both of his hands lashed out to send two bolts of violet light towards Bai Yunfei!

An orange barrier erected itself over Bai Yunfei almost immediately to stop both bolts at once. They splashed over the surface of the barrier, unable to penetrate its surface. 

Knowing that this man wanted to widen the distance between them, Bai Yunfei kicked off against his footing to instead fly towards the soul refiner students!

“Ahh!! He’s coming! Watch out!”

Like a flock of chickens, the students began to flee in every direction. The formation they were in crumbled at once as Bai Yunfei began to cleave through every single person in his way!

Soul Exalts were dying by the sword swing as Bai Yunfei flew. He was making an attempt to kill everyone in his way as he tried to escape!

“Don’t even think about it!!”

The lightning-type Soul King roared in anger. Switching gears, he flew towards Bai Yunfei once again in an attempt to fight him.

But Bai Yunfei had already stopped moving while he himself was flying forward. As if he had run into a coil, Bai Yunfei sprung backward back to the Soul King with devastating force!


Blanching, the Soul King waved both hands to shoot out another two beams of light before dodging to the side again!

“Boom!!” Again, the two beams of light struck the orange barrier around Bai Yunfei. On the inside, Bai Yunfei’s eyes zoned in on the escaping Soul King with a serious light!


The Soul Anchoring Technique!


The Mid-stage Soul King came to a screeching halt as the technique took hold of him!

He froze for only a moment, but that moment was more than enough time for Bai Yunfei to attack. There was a squelching sound as Bai Yunfei’s Fire-tipped Spear pierced into his throat!


A burst of fire swallowed up the Soul King, turning his corpse into ashes! The space ring and other soul armaments of the Soul King fell out from the flames for Bai Yunfei to grab hold of and store away.

Now that this enemy was dead, Bai Yunfei could continue onwards to fly away!

Not even a full minute had passed since Bai Yunfei stumbled across the hundred Soul Exalts to killing the Soul King. And the Soul King had barely even been able to put up a resistance!

“Ah! Ahh!! Ahhh!!!”

The screams renewed from the students as Bai Yunfei flew back into the crowd. Very few of them had managed to make it very far while Bai Yunfei was fighting the Soul King, and now they were paying for it with their life!

He was moving extremely fast, but not even that was enough for him to make a clean getaway. As he was just making his way out from the encirclement, several more streaks of light could be seen heading his way! These streaks of light were already close enough for Bai Yunfei to see even more enemies flying within them!


Bai Yunfei’s head snapped wrathfully in their direction. His killing intent was at an all-time high now and was more than willing to fly towards them!

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