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The Heaven’s Thunder was like the reaper’s scythe as it flew straight through the crowd and reaped the lives of all those it flew through. No elemental barrier was enough to stop the sword as it penetrated through them sprayed a mist of blood through the backs of each person. In a short two seconds, the Heaven’s Thunder had already left the group of over a dozen people with a substantially smaller number than before!

Bai Yunfei was like a tiger pouncing onto a flock of sheep. Fire-tipped Spear in hand, Bai Yunfei brandished it at any person that was unfortunate enough to be nearby. No matter if they were using an elemental barrier or soul armament, none of the soul refiners were able to prevent themselves from being speared straight through and killed!

It was a short moment, but Bai Yunfei managed to kill almost thirty of the sixty people there!!

“You bastard! Die!!”

Bai Yunfei’s ears perked at the sound of a furious howl from his right. A hatchet glowing bright orange and black shot out towards Bai Yunfei to cleave him in two!

He paused in his attempts to kill the Soul Exalts to address this newest issue. It wasn’t an attack he really needed to move out of the way for, so Bai Yunfei opted to use the Cataclysmic Seal. Sending it forward, he watched as the brick expanded to the size of a house to slam into the giant hatchet!


The giant hatchet exploded upon contact with the Cataclysmic Seal and disintegrated back into elemental energy. The students scattered in fear of the shockwave hitting them and also managed to widen the distance between them and Bai Yunfei.


As the Cataclysmic Seal flew back to Bai Yunfei’s side, he heard something else go flying past it with the speed of an arrow. A beam of green light was traveling straight for Bai Yunfei!

This was an attack that managed to withstand the fallout from the previous attack, Bai Yunfei would have to stop this one!


The green beam slammed into his left palm, but rather than do any damage, the all-out attack of the wind-type Early-stage Soul King fizzled out and was reduced to nothing!

“Impossible!!” The Soul King cried out in shock. While he didn’t expect his move to do much damage, he didn’t think that it’d be so totally ineffective like this.

The students of the Soul Refining School were generally all able to train in two elements at once including in elemental darkness. This gave all their attacks an additional boost in strength due to the nature of elemental darkness, but this one attack from the wind-type Soul King was only just a beam of elemental wind. That meant this person wasn’t actually from the Soul Refining School but was actually just a ‘guest elder’.

The two Soul Kings were given a rundown on how strong Bai Yunfei was, but seeing was believing, and neither Soul Kings really believed it for themselves until now. Knowing that this would be a harder battle than expected, the two Soul Kings began to prepare themselves for another powerful attack onto Bai Yunfei!

They were at least understanding of the fact that Bai Yunfei was far too powerful at close-combat. It was within their best interests for a long ranged fight in that case. They’d hopefully be able to stall for time, if not injure or kill Bai Yunfei.

It was a nice plan, but Bai Yunfei wasn’t one to willingly help his foes to make that plan a reality. He didn’t even want to spend a second here longer than he could, and not even an Early-stage and Mid-stage Soul King was enough to impede his way forward!

The Cataclysmic Seal flashed once with red light as the fireseed within it popped out and floated into Bai Yunfei’s chest.


The world was washed over with a powerful outflux of power as Bai Yunfei’s energy began to spike!

Dual Flame Artes: ‘Coil’ Form!

He was already using one of his strongest forms of attacks straight off the bat!

“What?!” The two Soul Kings were taken aback at the sudden explosion of strength. The pressure they were feeling from Bai Yunfei was far beyond what the two of them expected and saw to them both stopping what they were doing. For a moment, they stood still. Then….

They began to retreat!


The attacks of the two Soul Kings exploded half-way on their way towards Bai Yunfei as a light as red as the crimson sun pierced straight through them to fly towards the Soul Kings!



The two Soul Kings let out a cry of astonishment and immediately threw up a barrier of elemental energy. To bolster their defenses, the two Soul Kings had also pulled out a soul armament. The wind-type Soul King pulled out a golden shield while the Mid-stage Soul King pulled out a giant orange hatchet.

Their soul armaments shined brilliantly with a resplendent light as their owners prepared to defend themselves against the incoming attack.


The Soul King with the hatchet had only just been preparing to use a soul skill with his hatchet when Bai Yunfei’s voice exploded into his ears!

The Mid-stage Soul King froze at once! Not even the elemental energy around his person was spared from the effects of Bai Yunfei’s command and dissipated!


The echoes of Bai Yunfei’s command was still ringing loudly through the air by the time Bai Yunfei reached the two Soul Kings and thrust his Fire-tipped Spear straight through the Mid-stage Soul King’s throat!

The ‘Coil’ Form granted Bai Yunfei the powers of a Late-stage Soul King. Using the Soul Anchoring Technique gave Bai Yunfei the unique advantage over the Mid-stage Soul King in that the Mid-stage Soul King wouldn’t even be able to offer up a resistance against him. The man was simply now just a breathing target for Bai Yunfei to attack, and the Fire-tipped Spear was more than capable of piercing the remainder of the Soul King’s defenses and into his throat!


The explosion effect of the Fire-tipped Spear activated, blowing up the Soul King’s person into many charred bits of flesh and killing him without a doubt!

“Ah...ahh!!!” The Early-stage Soul King cried out in fright at the sight of his dead companion. Already he was starting to move further back to try and run.


But there was already something moving through the air faster than the Soul King could. A bolt of violet light shot straight at him before he could make it far!

“Clang!” Something struck the golden shield on the Soul King’s back and bounced off, much to the Soul King’s relief.

“I blocked it!” 

But that relief was short-lived.

The next thing he felt was a sense of numbness in his back before a beam of violet light shot straight through his chest!

He stared at the trailing beam of light as it disappeared into the world. An illusion? But the hole that was in his chest was definitely real… 

The +10 additional effect of the Heaven’s Thunder: Mirror Image!

“Ah?! Ah?!” Elder Li and Jin were both killed?! How?!”

“They were…they were killed instantly! Not even two Soul Kings working together were able to fight this guy off!”

“What kind of terrifying person are we even chasing?! Save me!! I don’t want to die!!”


There was silence for a moment after Bai Yunfei killed the two Soul Kings.

Then, the remaining students all began to scream!

People were having an extremely hard time believing that two Soul Kings could be killed in practically no time at all! Some of the students were so terrified by the sight that they began to flee in every direction, screaming in terror as they went.

“Stand in my way and die!!”

Bai Yunfei barked out loud. He wasn’t planning on chasing anyone since that’d be a waste of time. Kicking off against the air, he flew straight through the crowd to continue on his way out!

The sight of two Soul Kings dying was far too devastating to bear witness. Not a single student was willing to do anything against Bai Yunfei, and even just those six words alone from him were enough to cause them to turn gray with fear. Who could possibly stand in his way?!

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