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It was an art Bai Yunfei invented. By using two Desert Eagles in conjunction with one another, Bai Yunfei was capable of using a ‘soul skill’ capable of attacking multiple enemies at once. This was something he hadn’t used in a long time since he hadn’t the need for it. It was useless against Soul Kings, so there wasn’t much of a point for Bai Yunfei to show off his Gun-Fu, much less bring out the Desert Eagles to begin with.

But right now was a good example of when to use it. He was in a fragile state right now with how much soulforce he had used up, but his enemies were all Early-stage Soul Exalts or Soul Ancestors. There was no point in wasting time or energy using the Fire-tipped Spear or Cataclysmic Seal on them. The Desert Eagles had ‘ammunition’ created from primal stones, so there was no usage of soulforce in their usage. Gun-Fu was the most optimal and fastest strategy against these foes.

“Ah! Ah! Ah…”

As proof of that, several of Bai Yunfei’s enemies had already fallen prey to the bullets!

The bullets were exceedingly fast, no student would be able to escape it. The farthest student from Bai Yunfei had only a moment to think before he was faced with a screen of bullets with no way out!

Every single student so far had been met with at least a dozen bullets tearing through their flesh!

Any attack the students launched were equivocatingly met with a similar demise. Any student that rushed at Bai Yunfei was dropped with the utmost speed and fell to the ground like drops of rain. Only a few had managed to pull up a barrier of elemental energy to protect themselves, but that only allowed them to fend off a few bullets. Their defenses fell before long and were struck by thrice as many bullets as they defended from and had more holes in them than a wicker basket… 


Not even five seconds had passed since the one named Qi gave the order to capture Bai Yunfei. His right hand was still pointing at Bai Yunfei while his juniors were all mowed down by Bai Yunfei’s bullets. At this, the only thing he could do was just stare in horror at the scene.

Not even five seconds and thirty of his fellow students were all dead on the ground! Many of them had at least a dozen holes in their body! He was the only student left alive!

His breathing became staggered. He was hyperventilating now as the weight of the situation began to push onto him. “What…” He gaped at Bai Yunfei as he was a ghost, “What are y—”


A violet bullet exploded between his eyes before he could finish his sentence and exited out from the back of his head!


Emotionless, Bai Yunfei stored the two Desert Eagles back into their space rings before making a run for the stone path to his right.

He didn’t want to try and teleport away from this place. It was a waste of whatever meager soulforce he had left and could possibly alert the others of his whereabouts… 

Bai Yunfei’s biggest priority right now was finding a safe place. Somewhere where he could recover his soulforce and then teleport away. The Yun’s Soul Ring was already working overtime to replenish his reserves along with the other soul armaments on his person. It’d take perhaps another ten minutes or so before he could be back at full health.

But safety wasn’t meant to be his. Another hundred meters later, Bai Yunfei’s eyes narrowed as he felt something pop up into his soulsense!

“Damn! How are they this fast?!”

He raised his head to the skies to see a beam of orange light come flying at him as if locked onto target!

A Soul King!

It was only an Early-stage Soul King. Given ordinary circumstances, Bai Yunfei probably could’ve killed the man with ease. But now was a different story. He was so weak that a single exchange of blows with a Mid-stage Soul Exalt was enough to make him stagger a bit without doing much damage. Fighting an Early-stage Soul King right now would mean he’d only be killed without much trouble… 

A battle was unavoidable. Using the Core Stone to teleport would only be enough to bring him another few kilometers away, but that would still definitely be within the Soul King’s range of detection. So it was useless… 

Was he…doomed?!


Bai Yunfei cursed to himself. He really didn’t want to fight, but there was no other choice!

“I just need to hold out for a minute. Just a minute! Or else…!!”

He snarled. Things weren’t going the way he wanted it to go, but Bai Yunfei wasn’t about to lie over and let himself go without a fight. Raising both hands up, he began to go through a series of complicated hand seals!

The remaining soulforce within his body began to bubble violently within his body. A red hue emanated from his body to stain the air around him. Then a large amount of elemental fire began to materialize in the air to be pulled into his body!

Like a snowball rolling down a hill, the amount of soulforce was taking on more and more power with each passing moment!


His soulforce reached a boiling point the moment when Bai Yunfei’s hands finished off the last seal and he slammed a palm against his chest with enough force to expel some blood!

Pain erupted across his face as he gritted his teeth. Though as pained as he felt, the soulforce in his body was already exploding with the renewed power of a Mid-stage Soul King!

In several passing moments, Bai Yunfei was back to the most optimal mode for battle!

This was…Soul Ignition!!

An art he obtained not too long ago meant for last-resort fighting!

The art of Soul Ignition allowed its user to seal up whatever injuries they had for a while and return to their strongest state by burning up the soul and originseed!

It was a move as powerful as it was taxing. Burning up the originseed was something tantamount to the gradual self-destruction of it and would most definitely have a severe backlash to it. To use it multiple times would only mean causing irreversible damage to the soul!

But Bai Yunfei was at the end of his rope. He had to make use of this double-edged sword!


The Soul King flying at Bai Yunfei was a middle-aged man in yellow robes. His face was yellowed like a candle and his eyes were beadily sharp. A sliver of black light was present in the orange light around his person to further emphasize the killing intent in him!

The sudden disappearance of dozens of the students here had alarmed the man. He flew over to this area to see what was going on and was horrified to see the corpse of his students!

It was almost enough to make him faint. These students had been the cream of the crop of their school, an investment of more than twenty to thirty years to ensure their growth—all gone!

It went without saying he wanted to capture Bai Yunfei. He knew straight away Bai Yunfei was the ‘murderer’ and was filled with indignation. Like a meteor, the Soul King descended onto Bai Yunfei with killing intent equal to his anger!


He didn’t even bother to try and figure out who Bai Yunfei was. All he wanted to do was capture this killer!

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