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A tear in space opened up in the area nearby Mo Ni moments after Bai Yunfei disappeared. From the tear, three different figures came flying out!

“Whoosh! Whoosh!!”

Another two figures shot into the area from the left and right afterward to appear   Mo Ni!

“Junior headmaster? What is the matter?!”

The one that appeared in front of Mo Ni was a white-haired elder in gray robes. He was surprised to see Mo Ni here and was the one to ask the question. There were four other elders with him, each with different-colored robes. Each one of them had powerful auras and were very clearly Soul Kings.

“Elder Xu…” Mo Ni was back on his feet now, though his face had still an astringent expression on it. “I used the transporting jade to come back…”


The five elders inhaled sharply at the news of that. “You used the final transporting jade?! What kind of danger were you in? And…shouldn’t you have been transported to the training grounds? What reason have you to be transported to the Black Bamboo Temple?”

“I was a bit rushed prior to being transported, so I deviated a bit from the destination…” Mo Ni explained, “We can talk about the details later, elder Xu. We need to hurry ot and have some people capture that person just now. He’s Bai Yunfei from the Crafting School, he can’t be allowed to escape!”

“What?!” Elder Xu gasped again, “Another person was transported here with you? And…Bai Yunfei of all people?! Where is he now?!”

“He’s the one who teleported away just now. I don’t know how far he might’ve gone, but he’s very weak. We need to take this opportunity to capture him now! He’s beyond powerful with his soul armaments and has the Core Stone on him. He was able to kill three Late-stage Soul King at his strongest, he can’t be given the time to recover!”

“The Core Stone!!”

It was one bombshell after another. The elders were already having a hard enough time understanding one sentence before Mo Ni said another, but his description of Bai Yunfei’s strength was the ultimate finisher.

Still, these elders were all hardened veterans with over a hundred years of experience. They were strong in their own right and managed to calm down quickly enough. “There’s no time to lose if that’s the case then. Notify the entire school to be on high alert!”

“Yes!” A magentrobed elder on his right replied at once before moving to give the alert.

At that moment… 


A tremendous explosion rocked the entire area with such magnitude that the ground beneath everyone’s feet shook!

“What’s all this?!”

An elder cried out in surprise. He was already scanning the area for anything suspicious but was coming up with nothing. That meant this explosion was coming from an area beyond his range.

“It came from the direction of the Coiling Serpent Mountain!”

“It has to be Bai Yunfei!” Mo Ni exclaimed, “He ran that way! Elder Xu, hurry!”

“Let’s go!!” Elder Xu responded at once.

His hand created a tear in space for everyone to walk through. Leading the group, the five of them disappeared into the tear.


A moment ago.

Bai Yunfei had only just used the Core Stone’s additional effect to teleport far away from Mo Ni.

Everything was a blur for him. He was in a strange new place now, and it seemed like there were only buildings around him.

“Who are you?!”

He hadn’t even fully situated himself with this new place when a voice called out from behind him. A powerful aura burst out with vigor before Bai Yunfei felt a sinisterly cold force come flying at the back of his head!

Bai Yunfei whirled around. His left hand lashed out to strike at the incoming palm!


There was a muffled sound of collision before his mysterious assailant was flung away from him. He wasn’t the only one, Bai Yunfei had to leap back several steps too.

“Soul Refining Palm!!”

The exchange just now made Bai Yunfei realize just who he was dealing with.

A trace of something toxic to his system had trailed from his assailant’s palm to his left hand. Bai Yunfei could feel it worming into his body like a parasite even after the two had split apart. This was most definitely the Soul Refining Palm!

He raised his head to look at his opponent. It was a square-faced young man wearing robes as black as the night. He was currently cradling his left hand in pain while giving Bai Yunfei a look of fear.

“Senior Qi! What’s going o—ah!! Who are you?!”

A skinny youth came flying over to the square-faced man’s side a moment later. He had been startled by the roar of his elder and came to investigate, only to jump in surprise when he realized Bai Yunfei was standing there.

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh…”

He wasn’t the only person to come running here. Multiple bursts of wind could be heard as all sorts of people started to appear onto the scene. Nearly thirty youths surrounded Bai Yunfei as if to prevent him from running away. Judging from their auras, most of them were Soul Ancestors, though there were about a dozen of them that were Soul Exalts. Each one of them were equally surprised to see Bai Yunfei there, but most of them were already in the process of drawing out their soul armaments in preparation to defend or attack.

“He’s an intruder! Capture him!” Exclaimed the man who saw Bai Yunfei first.


A calculative light entered Bai Yunfei’s eyes as his mind raced to figure out what to do next. He was starting to have a bad feeling about where he was… 

The person just now had clearly used the Soul Refining Palm. That was already a big hint on where he was. All these newcomers were all dressed the same, so they were clearly students of the same rank. And multiple sources of aura were popping up in his soul sense, meaning this was a place of relatively high population. Connecting the dots one by one, Bai Yunfei came to one conclusion. He was in…the Soul Refining School!?

“Capture him!”

While Bai Yunfei was in shock over that, the one called Qi was already urging his comrades to act!

The people surrounding Bai Yunfei immediately exploded with black light at once. They all had the same sinister aura as the one next to them! That was the final proof for what Bai Yunfei needed!

Knowing that he was about to be attacked, Bai Yunfei knew he had to act now. Releasing the Fire-tipped Spear, he freed up both hands to bring out two guns identical in everything but shape!

The Desert Eagles!

He took a half-step back with his right foot and crooked his back slightly to allow his left hand to extend further outwards and his right hand closer to his chest. To the students around him, this was a very strange posture to take.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh…”

None of the students were willing to let Bai Yunfei do whatever it was he was planning to do, much to their credit. Exploding forward in streaks of black light, the students launched a simultaneous attack onto Bai Yunfei!

The killing intent in Bai Yunfei’s eyes sharpened. Glowing red in light, he began to rotate in place faster and faster before his body was practically a blur!

“Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!!”

Multiple popping sounds exploded from the two soul armaments in his hand as red and violet balls of light flew off into every direction!

Bai Yunfei was using his Gun-Fu!!

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