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The Black Dragon King took only a moment to soak in his resurgence as a mid-stage class seven soulbeast. Raising his head up to look above him, he raised his right hand in front of him and swished. A ripple formed from where his hand traveled and allowed him to step into it to disappear!

He would reappear in another tunnel completely separate from the cave he had been in earlier. He swished his right hand out to travel through another ripple!

In general, the act of teleportation would not be done in rapid succession like this. Most would use it a few times at most before flying in between intervals, else they risk using up more soulforce than one would like. For the Black Dragon King to do this one after another meant that he was very unwilling to remain here in the tunnels for even a second longer than possible.


On the surface.

“What was that, Long Lan? What Black Dragon King?”

Several people had turned to look at Long Lan when he spoke. It was Xiao Nan who asked him for clarification, however.

“The Black Dragon King?! One of the Eight Soulbeast Rulers?! Didn’t he die a few years ago? I heard they even brought back his corpse!”

Hu Sha exclaimed from the sidelines.

Long Lan’s eyes were narrowed as he thought. “This is definitely the Black Dragon King. He’s not truly dead. Yunfei and I were there when he was cornered, but we were too weak to do anything then but watch from a distance. We even had to flee before it was over, so we didn’t see the ending, but the Black Dragon King was definitely not dead. Whatever he did to survive must’ve dropped his power levels since he became an early-stage class seven soulbeast. But…he’s Mo Ni’s soulbeast partner now!”

“What?! Is that true?!”

Xiao Nan, Zhao Jie, and Hu Sha all had wide-opened eyes at what Long Lan said. None of them had thought there could be more to the story.

Tang Xinyun was comparatively less surprised since she had heard Bai Yunfei mention something along the same lines of that to her before. “But the Black Dragon King is here? Then wouldn’t that mean…that person just now was Mo Ni?! Yunfei said before the Qin brothers death was strange—could Mo Ni be the one responsible for that?!”

“It’s very likely!” Long Lan nodded.

“Mo Ni? Who’s that?”

Xiao Nan was utterly mystified by the conclusion Tang Xinyun and Long Lan were reaching.

“Mo Ni is from the Soul Refining School!” Tang Xinyun was looking frantic now, “It’s possible he’s one of the disciples of their headmaster! He’s already tried to kill Yunfei multiple times before…oh no, what if Yunfei was taken to a place with multiple soul refiners!!”

Tears formed in her eyes as she began to worry about the grim possibilities.

“The headmaster’s disciple?!”

Again, Xiao Nan gasped out loud in shock. He never imagined meeting such an individual here of all places, but it all made sense now. If any one person were to have such an antique soul armament like that, it would definitely be someone like Mo Ni…

“Damn!!” Long Lan swore. He had been silent at first as if trying to sense for something. “The Black Dragon King’s aura is gone, I can’t find him! We might’ve been able to find where Yunfei was if we followed him!!”

Tang Xinyun fell into despair at that. She had been hoping they’d be able to capture the Black Dragon King and possibly interrogate him on where Bai Yunfei might’ve been, but now that hope had gone up into smoke. It was enough to make her legs feel weak.

“Yunfei…please come back safe and sound…”

She wished to herself as she looked to the skies, her eyes blinking rapidly as if trying to hold back the tears… 


Now then, where in the world had Mo Ni transported himself and Bai Yunfei to?

Soul armaments that could transport people were especially rare in the modern-day soul cultivator world as Xiao Nan said. Soul armaments that could transport over a very long distance was even moreso, and ones that could bring people to a ‘pre-determined’ location was something that’d most likely be seen from soul armaments of the ancient past. So, Xiao Nan had to guess that Mo Ni used a soul armament that could only transport people to a random location.

Unfortunately, Xiao Nan was wrong.

Mo Ni had in fact three soul armaments capable of transportation. The three jadeite disks that he normally used as defensive soul armaments. They belonged to a set and had power far beyond what would be normally assumed.

The first disk was used when he first fought against Bai Yunfei during the struggle for the pills. It was what allowed Mo Ni to escape the fatal blow and had only transported him a few hundred meters away.

The second was used during the battle outside of Mo City when Bai Yunfei was coming after him. That one had brought him a greater distance away and allowed him to escape the Core Stone’s range of detection.

Those two disks were only capable of random transportation.

But the last one Mo Ni used…was not one that’d randomly transport people! It belonged to the type Xiao Nan explained last, the type that was almost like a treasure even in the ancient past…a soul armament that could transport people to a pre-determined location!

And the location was a place no one would ever expect to think of…a place of extreme danger!



Bai Yunfei felt like the whole world was being forcibly thrown for a loop with how his head was slammed. The nausea he felt was making him so sick that he wanted to puke.


It was Mo Ni’s scream that snapped Bai Yunfei out from his thoughts. Whirling around, he saw Mo Ni just barely avoid being stabbed straight through by the Fire-tipped Spear before falling to the ground onto his behind!

A flash of cold light entered Bai Yunfei’s eyes. He was about to attack again when he suddenly realized the place he was in and gasped!

He could see where he was now now that the white mist was gone. The floors he stepped on shined with light rather than being dull like the stony ground from before, and the area around him…

He was in a large palace hall!

While he was in shock at the sudden change of scenery, five powerful auras suddenly sprung into Bai Yunfei’s senses to alert them of their rapid convergence to this area!

“Ha…ha…hahaha!! You actually came here! Here!! Hahahaha!! You’re…you’re dead for sure now! Hahaha!!!”

The loud braying of laughter from Mo Ni had Bai Yunfei turning back his way. It was strange to see that Mo Ni, who had previously been so terrified of him that he fell onto his behind, was now laughing madly with glee at Bai Yunfei!

It was foreboding to say the least, and Bai Yunfei couldn’t help but feel panicked a little. Without anything else to be said, he immediately began to prepare his soulforce for an attack!

Fearing that Bai Yunfei was about to attack him, Mo Ni moved to dodge, but he wasn’t the target! Bai Yunfei was still standing in the same place!

Mo Ni was surprised, but he hadn’t the foggiest idea on what Bai Yunfei was doing. He watched as several near-transparent ripples undulated from his person before…he suddenly disappeared from sight!

He gaped for a moment. This wasn’t something he expected.

But then a mocking snarl appeared on his face next!

“Teleportation, is it? The Core Stone? Giving up on trying to kill me and get the Soul Sealing Mandate, I’ll give him points for that, but…

“It’s useless! Bai Yunfei…today, you die here!!”

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