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“Watch out!!”


“Don’t touch those black moons, that’s a spatial tear!”

“Ah! Ah! Ahh!!!”

Screams began to ring out through the mountain one after another!

Bursts of light expanded across the mountain as Xiao Qi’s attacks started to explode onto the ground. Plenty of people had been unable to get away in time and were either struck in two by the spatial edges or died from the elemental attacks, regardless if they put a defense or not!

This was the power of a furious mid-stage class seven soulbeast, how could any Soul Ancestor or Soul Exalt defend against it?

More than a dozen people had already died within the blink of an eye!

“Ah! What are you doing?! Ahh!!”

Several more people began to scream, but not because of Xiao Qi. After one of the people had somehow survived one of Xiao Qi’s attacks, he began to go out of control and attack his clansmen as if he had gone crazy!

This was the additional effect of one of Xiao Qi’s attack: Confusion!

Author Note: For those who might’ve forgotten, the egg Xiao Qi was in had a few effects applied to it after it was upgraded. The ability to confuse someone was one of these abilities, and Xiao Qi is capable of such effects.

“Die! Die!! Everyone should die!!”

Xiao Qi chirped in anger. His wings were beating non-stop as he sent wave after wave of elemental attacks out towards the flustered Qin!

Another dozen people were killed soon after!

“Great grand-father, run away! We can’t hold them off!!”

In another area of the battlefield—one that was comparatively more peaceful—five Peak Late-stage Soul Exalts were gathered there with their hands up to erect a barrier. They were trying to overlay their defenses together for a better chance of survival against Xiao Qi’s elemental attacks. In the center of the five Soul Exalts was a figure that glowed gold and red. It was Qin He.

The one who spoke out was a middle-aged man in purple robes. Qin He’s face twitched in sorrow at his words as if he knew the man was right but was unwilling to listen. 

“Has Qin Long been found yet?”

He asked rather than say anything about the previous question.

“We are still looking, but the lord isn’t within a few kilometers of our current search…”

“Is that so?” Despite not having confirmed where Qin Long was, Qin He looked a little happy to hear that. It was better to hear him missing than his corpse being found. “Very well then, things will be fine if even one of you escape…”

“Great-grandfather, what are you planning to do?!”

The strange tone of voice Qin He had sounded strange to the purple-robed man.

“You all should…flee this place. A person that makes it out alive is a person more than before. Only death awaits if you stay here…”

Qin He spoke melancholically. He raised his head up to stare at the skies and then exploded with a powerful burst of killing intent!


And just like that, Qin He flew off into the skies!

Even as injured as he was, Qin He was still fully capable of showing just how strong he was! Beams of gold and red light exploded from his body as he began to stop each of Xiao Qi’s elemental attacks!

“There are no words that could possibly be enough to apologize to my forebearers for the annihilation of the Qin under my generation…Death is the only atonement I have, but I will not die alone. Enemies of the Qin, you will fall with me!”

The sorrow drained away from Qin He’s eyes as determined anger and hatred filled them in its place!


He howled out loud and flew straight for Xiao Qi in a beam of red and gold light!

This was the final action of Qin He. He would follow his patriarch in his attempt and…self-destruct!



The seemingly deranged actions of Qin He didn’t faze Xiao Qi at all. If anything, it only served to anger Xiao Qi even more before he sent out a black ball of light forward!

Every other color of energy was fading away from his body as Xiao Qi prepared himself for a stronger-than-normal attack. The space around him started to twist and turn into the black light so it could expand!

A flower of black light blossomed across the skies as twenty spatial edges formed right in front of Xiao Qi ready to strike!

At his command, the twenty spatial edges flew out at once towards Qin He!

They flew at Qin He with the coverage of a wide net. One by one, they moved in to hopefully split the man and kill him!


The spatial edges moved silently but the audience could almost swear that they could hear some the air being displaced as the spatial edges traveled forward. They trembled with each passing second as if terrified of the power behind Xiao Qi’s attack!

The most terrifying thing was how Qin He’s aura had immediately disappeared following when the spatial edges had converged onto him…

Not only was his aura gone, so was his body!

All twenty of the spatial edges had utterly devoured at Qin He’s body so that not even a piece of him remained!

And as if to add salt to injury, several of the spatial edges fell against the ground to eat away at several of the other members of the Qin!

Wails of despair rang out as the Qin found themselves besieged by the terrifying attacks. In no less than a few seconds, another dozen members saw to their own lives being ended!


A loud shrill echoed through the air as Xiao Qi dove down towards the ground!


“Wha—no f*cking way?! A Late-stage Soul King’s self-destruction was stopped that f*cking easily?!”

“How can a soulbeast like this even exist?! How can it use so many spatial tears?!”

“It’s aura feels stronger than before! How!? It should’ve been the opposite after the fight! It should’ve been tired beyond belief, not stronger than ever! This soulbeast is even crazier than his master, Bai Yunfei!”

“It’s over…this is just a one-way slaughter now. The Qin is finished…why hasn’t lord Yan intervened yet?!”

“Intervene? What’s the point? The Qin’s gone as you said, there’s no point in saving the remnants. I’m sure the Tianhun School won’t want to try and pursue the matter in fear of Bai Yunfei and the Crafting School. To the victor, the spoils! The Qin…will most likely die out from the world of soul cultivators now…”

The sight of Xiao Qi killing Qin He was too much for the audience to bear. His death marked the end of the battle and the end of time. The Qin was dead!



A large tremor shook the earth underneath everyone’s feet. Then another tremor!

“N—no way?! It’s not over?! What’s going on now?!”

Multiple people cried out in shock as they looked down underneath their feet.

It was strange that the earth shook only once before returning to a normal calm. But in that one tremor, several people noticed a sliver of energy come from deep underground… 

Long Lan had been watching Xiao Qi vent to the Qin in silence, wondering if he should interfere or not. The moment when he felt the earth shake, Long Lan’s eyes widened in surprise!

“This aura…it’s the Black Dragon King!!”

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