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The first reaction Bai Yunfei had about the white fog around him and Mo Ni was to have the Cataclysmic Seal erect a barrer right away. The endless amount of power he was feeling from the mist was making his head buzz with a slight throbbing pain!

“Crap! This is the sign of teleportation! I can’t stop it!!”

Xiao Fang’s panicked voice called out to Bai Yunfei a moment after… 

From the outside, Mo Ni and Bai Yunfei were completely covered by the white mist. A few ripples could be seen pulsating out from the mist, and in time, the ripples soon began to warp the entire area a hundred steps from Mo Ni!


A panicked voice cried out to Bai Yunfei from within a streak of green and violet light. It was Xiao Qi!!

But it was too late. By the time he rushed into the white mist, Bai Yunfei and Mo Ni were nowhere to be found!


Xiao Qi chirped again in panic. His head looked this way and that in search for Bai Yunfei. The white mist was already dissipating into the air, but Bai Yunfei was nowhere to be found. Everything was returning back to normal as if nothing had happened to begin with!

He was standing where Bai Yunfei and Mo Ni was previously standing, but…where had the two gone?!

The both of them had gone up into thin air just like the mist had!


“Wha—what’s happening? Where’s Bai Yunfei?!”

“He’s gone…but how?! Teleportation? That ripple of energy—how could it have an effect like that?”

“Who was the person that appeared just now? He’s willing to fight Bai Yunfei even after seeing that fight just now? But why would he go after the patriarch’s space ring then? What’s the point?”

“I don’t see them! They’re not within even half a dozen kilometers of us! Where in the world could they have gone?!”


Xiao Qi was flying fruitlessly everywhere in search of Bai Yunfei, but the person was just nowhere to be found. Everyone else could only watch him fly everywhere in shock. Where could Bai Yunfei have gone if everywhere had been looked?

This battle had so many twists, but no one had ever thought that the ending would be what it was now!

The victor and ‘main character’, Bai Yunfei, was nowhere to be found! 


“Xiao Qi, where is Yunfei? Where is Yunfei?!”

Several streaks of light appeared nearby Xiao Qi as Tang Xinyun, Long Lan, Xiao Nan, Zhao Jie, and Hu Sha reached where he was. Tang Xinyun was the first one to ask Xiao Qi about what was going on.

But Xiao Qi was right now far too agitated to even give Tang Xinyun an answer. He was flying everywhere in a panic in hopes that Bai Yunfei might be hiding somewhere. When he couldn’t, Xiao Qi turned to give Tang Xinyun a panicked look, “I…I don’t know! He’s just gone! I don’t know where he is!”

Looking relatively more calm than Xiao Qi and Tang Xinyun, Xiao Nan coughed once. “Let’s calm down first and think. Don’t you have a bond with Yunfei, Xiao Qi? Can you sense him from that?”

“I tried but…I still can’t sense him! I don’t know where Yunfei might be…our connection is really weak. That has to be mean he’s very very far away, far enough that we can’t reach each other!”

“Far away?” Xiao Nan replied, “So it’s because he’s so far away that it’s affecting your bond with him? That has to be well over thousands of kilometers then…how in the world could Bai Yunfei be transported that far so qui—”

His eyebrows flew up as if realizing the answer. “Could it be? A transporting soul armament?!”

He studied the area where Bai Yunfei and Mo Ni had been moments before. “There’s traces of spatial energy here! This has to be it…this has to be the work of a transporting soul armament! That person with Bai Yunfei definitely used a transporting soul armament! He probably wanted to run away and then Bai Yunfei got caught up in its range so he was taken with him!

“But…a soul armament capable of transporting people that far away was something only the ancient past had. How likely would it be to have one of those items in this day and age?!”

His answer only made Xiao Qi and Tang Xinyun even more worried. “Thousands of kilometers? That’s…just what do we do then? How will we find Yunfei then?”

“If Xiao Qi can’t sense Yunfei, then we’re out of luck. From what I know, most of the transporting soul armaments teleport their users to a random location. Fixed-location transportation soul armament were rarities even back then in the ancient past. We have no way of knowing where they could’ve gone in that case…

“But don’t worry. Xiao Qi might not be able to sense where Yunfei might be, but we can at least say that he’s alive still. Yunfei is strong, he should be able to make his way out of wherever he is and come back to us soon.”

His reassurances did little to pacify the worries Xiao Qi and Tang Xinyun had, not even he felt reassured at that. Bai Yunfei hadn’t been looking well before he was transported, and he was surely fatigued from the battle just now. To be teleported to who-knows-where in such a state was definitely bad if he were to come across any danger…


Everyone fell silent for a moment as they thought about the ramifications of Bai Yunfei’s disappearance. No one knew what to do, and no one knew what could even be done. A helpless feeling descended upon them all.

“Damn…damn! Damn it all!!!”

Xiao Qi was the first to break the silence. Soaring into the air, he immediately began to go crazy as energy started to pour out from him!

“Give…give Yunfei back to me right now!!”

Red, violet, green, and blue light poured out from him like a kaleidoscopic river as Xiao Qi chirped furiously to the world around him!

“It’s…it’s all because of you!! You all…you all deserve to die! Give Yunfei back to me!! And die while you’re at it!!”

Xiao Qi was almost beyond reasoning now. His anger was reaching levels of heat that seemed to scorch the sky almost as he flew straight for…the mountain Qin He had crashed on!

There weren’t many people on that select mountain, but those who were still there were from the Qin. Most of them were either Soul Ancestors or Soul Exalts, but at the center of that group was Qin He!

Not much time had gone by since Qin He first crashed there. Most of the remaining members of the Qin were here since they hurried over as soon as it felt safe. Needless to say, they were all stunned at the fact that their patriarch was dead, the one they had all previously believed to be invincible. Some of them were still just standing there and taking in that fact… 

They were in for a rude awakening when Xiao Qi’s fury reached the parts of the land they were at. Shuddering from the blast of aura, the group all looked up at the bird in awe. 

Xiao Qi didn’t even say anything to them, he wasn’t in the right mood for that. Rains of fireballs, lightning bolts, blades of wind, and even spatial edges soon came pouring down from the skies onto them!

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