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The giant tidal wave of fire collided with the two dragons as everyone expected, but the results on the other hand… 

There wasn’t an explosion as people expected to see or hear. Rather than that, everyone simply watched as the two dragons ‘penetrate’ the tidal wave and simply go through it!

The dragons had simply gone through the attack rather than be stopped by it! And it was still heading for the patriarch!

No one saw it coming. No one thought it was even possible. They all thought the dragons would be split apart by the tidal wave, and who could blame them? It was completely logical to think that way! 

And yet, the situation was what it was. Though there was a hole in the middle of the wave, it was still going onwards to slam into Bai Yunfei!

It was as if the hole in the center didn’t have anything to do with the tidal wave as a whole!

The majority of the audience stood there in mute silence. They couldn’t figure out how this was possible. A few of the audience had a clue on how this might’ve been, but there was perhaps only a single person that knew the answer.

The power of the two flames…weren’t at all on the same level as each other!

For the sake of a simplistic analogy, this situation could be equivalated to when a fire-type Soul Exalt summoned his elemental fire to him. If he were to use it on a regular campfire, the flames would simply go straight through it. That was the difference in quality between the two flames. The flames of a soul cultivator held an essence to it that was purer and more powerful than a natural fire.

So that meant in this case that the flames of the Dual Dragon Burst were on a higher ‘level’ than the tidal wave! There was such a huge difference in ‘quality’ that the waves didn’t even have the ‘right’ to stop the Dual Dragon Burst!

Coincidentally, Bai Yunfei was standing in the area where the hole was, so he could allow the tidal wave to simply go around him. The tidal wave continued onwards to where a group of spectators was watching, causing them to yelp in fear and try to run. But fortunately for them, the tidal wave dissipated into after traveling another kilometer.

But the Dual Dragon Burst, on the other hand, was still going strong on its path for the patriarch!


The patriarch screamed out loud. A protective layering of fire covered his body and immediately solidified into a piece of armor to protect him from the incoming attack.


Without even a second to spare, the Dual Dragon Burst crashed into the patriarch and engulfed him!

The dragons exploded this time to show everyone just how powerful they were!


Two different types of fire fought against one another for supremacy. The Dual Dragon Burst was trying its best to scatter the fire armor the patriarch wore, but aside from the ripples of light over its surface, the armor was holding.

Such a sight was astounding to the patriarch. His defenses right now could hold off a high-heaven tier soul armament, but right now it was on the verge of collapsing!


No—! It wasn’t on the ‘verge’ of collapsing, it was already starting to collapse!

The moment a chink of his armor was revealed, countless tongues of lightning-infused fire started to sneak in to assault the patriarch!

Something within the flames caught the patriarch’s eyes. Within the flames—aside from the weak tinge of lightning—there was something gray mixed in there!

It felt extremely familiar to him, he had felt this energy before. It was just a sliver of it, but he knew of it! 

And then when he realized it, his face slackened in horror!!

“This…this is…this is chaotic energy!! Impossible! This is impossible!!”

He couldn’t hold in his horror any longer. He screamed out loud as soon as he realized what it was as if he was going crazy! 

Chaotic energy!!

A hint of chaotic energy could be felt within the Dual Dragon Burst! When training deep down underground, he felt a terrifying energy emanate from the depths multiple times before. He knew it to be chaotic energy, and only an insignificant wisp of it each time it surfaced. But even diluted to just a hundredth of its original strength, chaotic energy was still something to be feared! 

And today, the patriarch could feel this strand of chaotic energy was a hundred times purer than any other source he felt before!

In other words…this was definitely and truly chaotic energy!

A mere strand it was, but only a strand was needed to be put within the Dual Dragon Burst to render any other of the patriarch’s attacks useless!

“How can a mere Mid-stage Soul King be capable of possessing chaotic energy? It’s…it’s impossible! I refuse to believe this!!!”

To say the patriarch was losing his calm was an understatement. The fear of death mixed with his disbelief was causing him to rant and rave in both disbelief and horror.

But no matter how much he wanted to struggle, no matter how much he didn’t ‘believe’, he couldn’t change what was happening around him. Countless strands of fire were already wrapped around him and latching onto his armor to dissolve it away like ice… 

“Ah! Ah!! Ahh!!!!”

A wail of despair erupted from amidst the sea of flames, prickling at the ears of everyone that heard it and causing many of them to be elevated to new heights of disbelief!

Fear spread through the audience immediately. Who could’ve predicted such a surprising turn like this!?


“Whew…good thing that energy didn’t disappoint me…”

Stooped over, Bai Yunfei wiped the beads of sweat off his face. He was like a towel that had just been soaked in water with how much sweat he had dripping off of him. He could tell from the weakening aura of patriarch Qin that his attack was doing its job. That made him happy.

Him going into ‘Berserk’ Mode and unleashing that Dual Dragon Burst took the rest of his soulforce to use. It also brought onto him a new level of pain he found almost impossible to endure.

The reason behind that was because of the wisp of chaotic energy!

The same strand of chaotic energy he got from the darkwind meteorite, though he still hadn’t fully ‘completed’ the process. Even though he tried so hard to get the chaotic energy to fuse with his fireseed, Bai Yunfei realized something…he couldn’t control it! 

Chaotic energy can be said to be the amalgamation of all the elemental energies. It possessed the natures of all the elements and was all-devouring. Though the strand Bai Yunfei refined wasn’t at all a good representation of its true strength, it was still something a Soul King could be able to control.

What Bai Yunfei did to help push his limits was to make use of the energy ‘Berserk’ Mode gave him to refine the chaotic energy. While he was in that elevated level of strength, Bai Yunfei had the chaotic energy try and fuse with the fireseeds. Because of that, Bai Yunfei was able to ‘use’ the sliver of energy whenever he went into ‘Berserk’ Mode.

But that was also a good thing for Bai Yunfei. If he undid ‘Berserk’ Mode, then the slive of energy would detach from the fireseeds and go dormant. So there wasn’t a danger of Bai Yunfei losing total control over the chaotic energy.

He already experimented with the chaotic energy before to see how powerful it’d make his attacks. That experiment resulted in a great deal of shock and regret for Bai Yunfei as he learned just how big of a burden using the energy meant. Because of that, Bai Yunfei resolved to only use the ‘Coil’ Form to battle. The ‘Berserk’ Mode couldn’t be used unless as a last resort.

But he had to use that mode to defeat the patriarch. And fortunately for him, the results were at a satisfactory level.

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